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Elizabeth Taylor, novelist

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hollysteers Sun 12-Apr-20 12:07:19

I am reading A View from the Harbour during lockdown and am working my way through all her books. Only discovered her recently as Mrs, Palfrey at the Claremont was set for our Bookgroup. Also read a biography about her,
As I love her writing so much, I feel she has been rather underrated and her name didn’t help. Anyone else read her?

Ilovecheese Sun 12-Apr-20 12:14:12

Yes, I love her books I have recently re read "The Soul of Kindness".
My absolute favourite though is Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont.

SueDonim Sun 12-Apr-20 12:18:19

I recently read A View from the Harbour and was entranced! Why did I not know about this author before now? It’s the only one I’ve read so far but I have another on my kindle. smile

Ealdemodor Wed 15-Apr-20 17:17:47

Oh good, glad to see this thread!
I have recently read A Game of Hide and Seek, her books are great.
Also enjoy Barbara Pym.

Witzend Wed 15-Apr-20 17:21:50

Yes, I really enjoy her books, I have several.
Ditto Barbara Pym.

grandMattie Wed 15-Apr-20 17:24:55

me too, Ilove Elizabet Taylor. Shame most of her books are no longer available at the library [when it reopens].

Busybee37 Mon 20-Apr-20 08:05:52

I love Elizabeth Taylor too! Currently rereading At Mrs Lippincote's.
Has anyone else read any Elizabeth Bowen? Her books are darker/more complicated than Elizabeth Taylor but well worth reading, especially The Last September, The Death of the Heart and the (very scary) short story The Demon Lover.

Teetime Mon 20-Apr-20 10:14:23

I loved Mrs Palfrey and it was made into a short film for TV. Mrs Lippincotes was a delight I must re read those. I juts reading Joanna Trollope and Mary Wesley - such comforting stuff.