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TerriBull Fri 01-Jan-21 08:09:40

Welcome contributors to a new reading year! Some of us may achieve the 50 book bench mark, even surpass it, some may not, I didn't last year, that really isn't important. This is a thread for those who would like to keep a running tally of their reads over the year. Please come and share your thoughts, recommendations and even dislikes of the books you are reading.

As in previous years, all types of reading and listening matter can be included, fiction, non fiction, audio, biographies, memoirs even children's books if a trip down memory lane is your preference.

Here's wishing all those who wish to partake enjoyable reading for the coming year.

TerriBull Fri 01-Jan-21 08:12:43

I'll kick off with my first read of the year which I'd already started, just!

1 Mum and Dad - Joanna Trollope

Whitewavemark2 Fri 01-Jan-21 08:13:36

Well, I am reading Obama’s The Promised Land- just started and it is a big read so will, almost certainly read it alongside other books.

But so far and I’m only up to his marriage it echoes his voice exactly🙂. It is eminently readable.

Ashcombe Fri 01-Jan-21 08:36:33

Coincidentally, I’ve been reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama and she has a most engaging style. A while back, extracts were read on Woman's Hour which sparked my interest.

Riverwalk Fri 01-Jan-21 08:37:31

I've got Obama's book as an Audible on my new Echo Dot - he's narrating and has such a mellifluous voice that you could listen to all day.

Gransey Fri 01-Jan-21 08:54:24

I’m aiming to be very frugal this year having recently retired from the NHS. I’m planning on using the Libby and Overdrive apps to source books I want using my library card or reading from my Kindle unlimited app (technically not free I know) Starting with “Be amazing - an inspiring guide to being your own champion” by Chris Hoy, looking for a bit of New Years motivation to exercise.

Gransey Fri 01-Jan-21 09:42:17

Oh dear! Just found out it’s a children’s/ teen book. Only 145 pages, I will plod through it though.

FannyCornforth Fri 01-Jan-21 09:45:44

Great thread and idea Terri, thank you.
I definitely need to up my reading this year. I've been dreadful.
I started reading Tom Bower's biography of Johnson when it came out, but haven't really made headway.
I listen to books on Audible a lot, but I don't really pay much attention, it's more of a background / relaxation thing.
I look forward to seeing everyone's recommendations, and, fingers crossed, hope to add my own contributions.

Anannymous Fri 01-Jan-21 10:13:04

Can I join please, I managed 42 books last year. I am starting with The Glasshouse by Eve Chase.

Greyduster Fri 01-Jan-21 10:23:10

Didn’t manage 50 last year, and doubt I will this year. I am close to finishing both ‘War Lord’ which I will pass on to my GS, and Pandora’s Jar, but my new read to kick off this year will be ‘Shuggie Bain’.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 01-Jan-21 10:34:23

I definitely won’t manage 50 books though😲😲

ClaraB Fri 01-Jan-21 10:50:24

I read the most books ever in 2020 but only 43, I'm a slow reader! I'm currently reading Mike Gayle's The Man I Think I Know which is very good. I'm in an online book club which has introduced me to many new authors which I wouldn't have found otherwise. Books have kept me sane this past year.

Fernhillnana Fri 01-Jan-21 10:52:31

Ooo it’s a great book, enjoy.

granjan66 Fri 01-Jan-21 10:54:44

I am starting with The Happiest Man on Earth, a Christmas gift from my daughter.

Ailidh Fri 01-Jan-21 10:55:00

Please may I join? I've got 2 on the go, The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer in the loo, and Bones Under The Beach Hut by Simon Brett in the bedroom.

I always have either Emma or Pride and Prejudice on the go as back ups. 🌸

Fernhillnana Fri 01-Jan-21 10:56:25

I’d like to join too. I finished The Angel’ Mark yesterday and started on The Serpent’s Mark this morning as I enjoyed it so much. Both by S W Perry. If you like Sansom’s books, you’ll like these.

Jeanlang Fri 01-Jan-21 10:59:00

My first book is Four blind mice by James patterson. I only started to read his books in lock down now can't read them fast enough.

henetha Fri 01-Jan-21 11:01:55

I've got three books waiting to be read. One is the Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. Another is Because of You by Dawn French, then A Higher Loyalty by James Comey.

AliBeeee Fri 01-Jan-21 11:03:12

I am currently reading The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. She’s not an author I have read before (I always though she would be too chick lit for my taste), but OH bought it for my Christmas after reading a review in Saga magazine hmm.
I’m halfway through and it’s been very readable so far.

I have never kept track of how many books I read in a year, but I will try to keep track this year. I don’t think I will reach 50 though might get close.

GrammarGrandma Fri 01-Jan-21 11:06:33

I tend to read really long books so usually closer to 40 than 50. I am coming to the end of "Brought up of Nought" by Lynda Pigeopn, about the Woodville family but took a break to read "Hamnet" by Maggie O'Farrell, which I got for Christmas. I also got David Olusoga's "Black and British," the short version. And Natalie Haynes' "Pandora's Jar" is on its way for me to review on my blog, The History Girls.

Roxie62 Fri 01-Jan-21 11:07:10

I could probably hit 50 books. I read quickly. I have just read All I want for Christmas is You by Milly Johnson. Great read as are books by Lisa Hall, Jane Fallon, Victoria Hislop. Oh Thursday Murder club is excellent.

SueEH Fri 01-Jan-21 11:07:16

I tend to read very long fantasy fiction books ... 1000+ pages ... so get through the words but not the books! I also use audible for when I’m walking or crocheting and am just starting Barack Obama’s autobiography. Loved Michelle Obama’s book last year... an inspirational woman.

LinkyPinky Fri 01-Jan-21 11:10:33

I’m reading the latest Robert Galbraith, ‘Troubled Blood’. It should keep me going for a bit, and also improve the definition of my arm muscles. It’s 927 pages.

TerriBull Fri 01-Jan-21 11:14:31

A hello to all those joining this thread for the first time, you are most welcome. Initially this topic tends to start off with a flurry and then dwindles a bit as the year progresses, I was just as bad myself at coming back to it, it would be nice to keep the momentum going though especially with recommendations.

Once again, the thread, which I lifted from MN, is really just a personal challenge, anyone contemplating joining in, please don't be deterred by the "50" number, of course that's not always achievable depending on what's going on in our personal lives. Someone on MN, got through 200 books in 2020, which makes me wonder if that person had time to eat and sleep shock

Cambia Fri 01-Jan-21 11:16:22

I read 38 last year. The latest Robert Galbraith did slow me down a bit but I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favourite was Where the Crawdads Sing. Now reading The Greek Isles by Lawrence Durrell, Tina Turner’s book on Buddhism and The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver. One of my New Years resolutions is to read for an hour a day and put this bl***y ipad down more often!!