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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

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Blossoming Sat 20-Feb-21 22:22:43

I bought this ages ago, but have put off reading it after negative reviews. Well, I started reading it yesterday and loving it. It took me a little while to get into it.but I’m glad I persevered.

Sara1954 Sat 20-Feb-21 22:26:36

Every one I know who has read it has loved it, don’t be put off.

Kate1949 Sat 20-Feb-21 22:29:54

I thought it was great. I passed it to my sister and she agreed.

NotAGran55 Sat 20-Feb-21 22:30:49

I absolutely loved it , and included it in my top 10 books that I read last year .

FannyCornforth Sun 21-Feb-21 07:07:34

I didn't enjoy it at all, and only read the first couple of chapters. But I'm glad that you are enjoying it!
I think that it's a good thing when books divide opinion and elicit strong responses.
I'd rather chance reading a book that I might dislike rather than read one that's just 'meh'.

J52 Sun 21-Feb-21 07:33:02

I loved this book, as did my book club. Glad you enjoyed it. We also liked The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan, which although different somehow had a similar feeling in the writing.

Visgir1 Sun 21-Feb-21 08:29:04

It's great, stick with it.
I believe the rights have been bought for a film version.

Georgesgran Sun 21-Feb-21 08:34:38

Loved it too. In fact I read it on two separate occasions before passing the book on.

TerriBull Sun 21-Feb-21 08:37:16

I thought Elinor Oliphant was quite good, without being fantastic, I read it a couple of years ago. It's one of quite a few books that have an incredible amount of hype around them and don't quite live up to that imo. However, sometimes such books lends themselves well to being dramatised and in some cases those prove to be much better than the book. Normal People and Elizabeth is Missing, spring to mind, maybe down to the outstanding performances by the actors cast in the leading roles.

kissngate Sun 21-Feb-21 08:52:19

Loved this book couldnt put it down after first couple of chapters. Started reading on a Saturday finished on Sunday. Her style of writing was different to anything I'd read before.

Froglady Sun 21-Feb-21 08:53:47

I loved it as well; in fact I haven't met anybody who doesn't like the book.

Susan56 Sun 21-Feb-21 08:55:38

I really enjoyed it as well?

mumofmadboys Sun 21-Feb-21 09:38:15

I am just reading The Keeper of lost things but haven't really enjoyed it much at all. Now near the end so I will finish it but found it rather boring and twee.

joannapiano Sun 21-Feb-21 09:38:35

I also loved it. Like nothing else I have read, a really quirky novel.

Oldbat1 Sun 21-Feb-21 09:50:30

I really enjoyed this book too.

Greeneyedgirl Sun 21-Feb-21 09:59:18

I loved this book too.

My book group has just read a really quirky short Japanese novel, “The Convenience Store Woman” which was written first person through the eyes of someone clearly on the autistic spectrum. A great insight about how someone who sees the world differently navigates their life. It’s a very short unusual book and causes you think about what makes a contented fulfilled life.

Sara1954 Sun 21-Feb-21 11:03:33


The Convenience Store Women
But an unusual book, really enjoyed it, she reminds me is someone I know!

Sara1954 Sun 21-Feb-21 11:03:53

What an unusual book

NotAGran55 Sun 21-Feb-21 11:05:26

Thank you Greeneyedgirl I have just downloaded your recommendation.

Luckylegs Sun 21-Feb-21 11:30:14

I read it but had to grit my teeth to finish it, it was very underwhelming.

GillT57 Sun 21-Feb-21 11:37:39

I enjoyed it, and The Keeper of Lost Things. I am really missing my book club, what better way to spend an evening than in the corner of the village pub, gathered around a table with a glass of wine and the eager anticipation of the next book. Sigh

travelnan Sun 21-Feb-21 16:30:47

Sorry I did not enjoy it at all, could not understand what the hype was all about. Perhaps its just me. Am reading Kate Atkinson, Transcription, I am not enjoying this as much as her other books. I think the problem is I am reading too much, 76 books last year. Think I had better return to my craftwork.

joannapiano Sun 21-Feb-21 17:14:02

I also love Kate Atkinson books. Life After Life is a masterpiece in my opinion. Will look out for Transcription, thanks travelnan.

TerriBull Sun 21-Feb-21 17:37:27

I also loved Life After Life, my favourite of hers along with Behind the Scenes at the Museum, I'm a Kate Atkinson fan, but really didn't like Transcription at all I found it very tedious.

Sara1954 Sun 21-Feb-21 17:49:10

Life after Life is a masterpiece, I agree. I never read Transcription because I never heard anyone say a good word about it.