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annodomini Mon 03-May-21 23:30:27

Is anyone else 'hooked' on Lucinda Riley's satisfyingly escapist series about a 'family' of young women, adopted by a very rich man who is lost at sea but leaves messages for each daughter enabling her to to trace her roots and in the process find out more about herself as a person. So far six books have been published and 'The Missing Sister is out on May 27th. I can hardly wait!

Sunlover Tue 04-May-21 00:27:07

I have loved all six books so far. Can’t wait for the next one.

Alima Tue 04-May-21 05:40:04

I have been meaning to try the first one as so many have recommended the series. Am a bit put off as they look a bit like a Mills and Boom novel, definitely a case of you can’t (shouldn’t) tell a book by its cover.
If you like them annodomini that is a good sign as I have read several of your crime recommendations.

Calendargirl Tue 04-May-21 07:08:36

I’ve read two of them, and have another two to read from the library, after recommendations on here and from a couple of friends.

To me, they are a bit ‘Mills and Boon’, but ok when you get in to them. They are all very long books, with the heroines all beautiful of course, and the male love interest all very handsome. It’s easy to spot who each will end up with.

Does anyone else think it odd that a chap on his own would adopt several baby girls though? As I said, have only read two books so far, so all will no doubt be revealed.

Sar53 Tue 04-May-21 07:11:44

I have read them all and I'm looking forward to the next two. Lucinda Riley recently decided that the next one will be The Missing Sister and then the last one will be about Pa Salt. Well worth reading and not at all Mills and Boon. Give them a try.

TerriBull Tue 04-May-21 07:30:57

Yes read them all, particularly liked the ones set in Australia and the sister who was somehow linked to Beatrix Potter, sorry their names elude me. I guess most readers anticipated there would be a concluding story that would relate to the missing sister, and tie up the loose ends, personally I don't think Pa Salt died, there were many hints he had been sighted. We shall see! Yes I too thought it a strange premise Calendar Girl that a single man would want to adopt all these girls from such different backgrounds, but maybe we will learn some more as to why in this book.

Lucinda Riley writes a good yarn, I like books that have two time frames and the stories eventually cantilever together in the conclusion. Kate Morton writes in a similar vein, for me she has the edge over Lucinda Riley I really love her books, but I have enjoyed The Seven Sisters series and look forward to the revelations in the final book.

Anyone who gets to read it right away, no spoilers please!

wildswan16 Tue 04-May-21 08:05:30

I just discovered this series and am currently listening to the audio version of the first one - free from our library. They are very easy to read (or listen) to and I like her writing style. Its lovely to know there are at least six more to enjoy!

Urmstongran Tue 04-May-21 08:49:56

My sister read them avidly and is waiting for the last one to come out. She did say though that as the series progressed she found them a bit ‘samey’ in parts and some a bit boring. I don’t fancy them. Good job we’re all different!

Sago Tue 04-May-21 09:05:49

I loved them, a great holiday read!
I did learn a lot about the world, particularly the one set in Brazil.
I will look forward to the final book, however this one won’t be read on a plane or beach.

shysal Tue 04-May-21 09:37:15

Thank you for the recommendtion. I have just ordered a pre-loved copy of the first book.

annodomini Tue 04-May-21 09:58:51

Thanks Alima, I'm glad you've enjoyed reading some of my favourites. smile

Alegrias1 Tue 04-May-21 11:16:09

I read the one set in Australia and the one set in Spain because I like those countries! I loved that in the Australian one she met an Aboriginal artist who really existed, whose work I knew. So I didn't really benefit from knowing all the background stories of the sisters and Pa Salt. My own fault smile.

I'll look out for the final 2 books as they might fill in some gaps for me.

Callistemon Tue 04-May-21 11:53:36

I read the first one set in Brazil and France which I enjoyed and learned more about the Christ the Redeemer statue as a result.
The second one about Star was enjoyable.

Then I read the Australian one which I liked too (I love books set in Australia, past and present).

Because the sisters' stories overlap I haven't read the ones in between but am reading the last one about Electra which I confess I'm not enjoying much as I find her very annoying.

Bakingmad0203 Tue 04-May-21 18:17:31

I love these books! Easy to read and very descriptive of the countries in which they are set. I could feel the heat of Brazil and the cold of Norway and they made me want to visit those countries.
I didn’t read the books in any particular order, which was OK though I agree with you Callistemon that Electra was very annoying and not very nice, so I’m glad I read some of the other Sisters before her.

Bridie22 Tue 04-May-21 18:19:41

I have just been given The Sun Sister book, are they readable as separate novels or should I try to start from the beginning of the series.?

Callistemon Tue 04-May-21 18:20:03

I'm only partway through the Sun Sister but finding it a struggle after The Pearl Sister

Callistemon Tue 04-May-21 18:21:25


I have just been given The Sun Sister book, are they readable as separate novels or should I try to start from the beginning of the series.?

You could, but that one could put you off; I'd try another one first

Bridie22 Tue 04-May-21 18:24:39

OK thanks, it is a weighty book to plough through if its not the best !

Callistemon Tue 04-May-21 18:25:54

It may get better, I'm only a third through!

But I did think the others I read were better.

TerriBull Wed 05-May-21 08:23:12

Depending on the reader's point of view, not all the stories in the series are as enjoyable. Personally, I didn't like the second one (Norway) anything like as much as the first one set in Rio de Janeiro. I loved that one because I'd been to Rio and visited Christ The Redeemer monument, the head part covered in cloud when I was there. I very much enjoyed the back story about the French engineers involved in its construction that was cleverly woven into the book.

I suppose they could all be read as stand alone novels, but there are many references to the other sisters and various sub plots that continue throughout.

The Australia one is really very, very good, I think it's the 4th sister. I didn't think the last one was as good as some of the others either.

Nevertheless looking forward to The Missing Sister with some anticipation

Lillian40 Thu 20-May-21 16:27:10

I have just started reading the Pearl sister by Lucinda Riley. I am enjoying it so much, it is constantly changing and I am learning so much about Aborigines and the terrible unbelievable cruelty they suffered at the hands of white people. There are two stories running through this book which makes it even more intriguing. Modern day and the past ,which link up to make an extremely interesting book. I am definitely going to read The Seven Sister. Now I have sampled this book.

MagicWand Thu 20-May-21 20:01:46

I approached The Sun Sister with the same misgivings, not liking what you already know about the central character is a severe disadvantage! All I'll say is stick with it, it's a fascinating read. I'm now 92% through and not wanting it to finish!

I'm also extremely glad I read them in order and, as they're weighty books, that I read them on my kindle!

Aveline Thu 20-May-21 20:05:42

Oh dear. I'm afraid I really didn't like the one I read (set in Brazil) and definitely didn't want to read the others. It just felt too silly to me. Sorry

Maggiemaybe Thu 20-May-21 20:29:39

I felt the same, Aveline, even though our last proper holiday was to Rio and I thought I'd enjoy it if only for the setting.

We're obviously in the minority, though - I read it for my reading group and all the other members loved it. Apparently I'll be reading more of the books in the near future.....

Oldbat1 Thu 20-May-21 20:59:22

I just didn’t take to the one I tried to read. Perhaps I will try again one day.