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GrannyTracey Mon 21-Feb-22 12:32:55

On reading the post yesterday Laughing till we cry
By Serendipity22. Not on the book page .
Can I ask for any recommendations for Happy books to read . I do need something to make me laugh & cheer me up . Lately I can’t seem to enjoy any book I pick up

poshpaws Mon 21-Feb-22 12:50:04

There are, so far as I know, 28 books in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovitch. My wonderful late husband and I almost used to come to fisticuffs over who got to read the latest release first! They're laugh-out-loud romantic/detective/just-plain-fun books.

Here's a link to the first one:]]

I'll try and think of more, but might be helpful if you could say what genre you used to prefer.

paddyann54 Mon 21-Feb-22 12:57:51

The Commitments a laugh a page ,Roddy Doyle 's trilogy is a joy,as long as you undestand Irish humour .I love his childrens books too

Sarnia Mon 21-Feb-22 12:59:19

Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior is very good.

poshpaws Mon 21-Feb-22 13:04:49

p.s. if you use, or would be able to open an account on Facebook, you'll certainly laugh many times if you join the group "Writers, Readers and General Tomfoolery" . It has more serious stuff too, but loads of fun memes and people's tales, and some great comments.

If you're a horsey person but don't take yourself too seriously, Facebook group "shiteventersunite" is crack-up funny, but a non horsey person just wouldn't get it.

If you have any knowledge of farming, then the irreplaceable Henry Brewis's part story, part cartoon books will have you helpless with laughter. Here's a link to one of his earliest offerings.

Cs783 Mon 21-Feb-22 13:09:22

What have you liked in the past? Rereading can be worth it.

Aveline Mon 21-Feb-22 13:10:26

Bill Bryson?

Grandmabatty Mon 21-Feb-22 13:11:46

Cold Comfort Farm is funny. Bertie Wooster.

Doodledog Mon 21-Feb-22 13:18:57

I was going to suggest Bill Bryson and Cold Comfort Farm, too ?

I read Notes on a Small Island on a bus, and it made me laugh so much that people asked if I was ok. My sister and I still crack up at the bit where the men try to outdo one another by recounting car journeys:

'Oh! you took the A17? Really? That's an interesting choice. I much prefer the B74, particularly if you turn off at the third exit of the roundabout near the Red Lion.'

It sounds so much like our husbands, we think he must have met them both ?.

MerylStreep Mon 21-Feb-22 13:25:39

For laugh out loud it has to be Tom Sharpe particularly Indecent Exposure.

catladyuk Mon 21-Feb-22 13:46:39


Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior is very good.

i agree sarnia, i'm currently reading it!

PinkCosmos Mon 21-Feb-22 14:07:56

Paul Magr's Brenda and Effie series made me chuckle.

They are set in Whitby and have a gothic/detective twist to them.

Blurb from Amazon, 'Brenda has had a long and eventful life, and she has come to Whitby to run a B&B and enjoy some peace and quiet. She and her best friend Effie like nothing better than going out for tea and keeping their eyes open for mysterious goings on in town.

And what with satanic beauty salons, roving psychic investigators and the frankly terrifying owner of the Christmas Hotel there's plenty to watch. But the oddest thing in Whitby may well be Brenda herself. With her terrible scars, her strange lack of a surname and the fact that she takes two different shoe sizes, Brenda should know that people as, well, unique as she is just aren't destined for a quiet life.'

There are seven or eight in the series. I keep waiting for French and Saunders to make it into a series!!

Susie42 Sat 26-Feb-22 15:44:52

A classic funny book is Diary of a Nobody by George & Weedon Grossmith

midgey Sat 26-Feb-22 15:54:54

Three Men in a Boat is old but really funny!

nadateturbe Sat 26-Feb-22 17:00:34

I too recommend Roddy Doyle. My favourite is The Snapper.
Also Diary of a Nobody.
Calling Major Tom.
Wipe Your Feet Please by Marie Sever. About a B&B. I found it hilarious.

Coastpath Sat 26-Feb-22 17:34:27

I read Shaun Bythell's book Diary of a Bookseller and immediately read his second book Confessions of a Bookseller. Very dry and funny and a great insight into the world of second hand bookshops and the people who go into them seemingly with the sole purpose of irritating the book seller.

A great cast of hilarious supporting characters all set in a fabulous old shop in a beautiful landscape.

Gin Sat 26-Feb-22 17:46:39

Just finished 100 years of Lenni and Margot. Humorous, well written, sad and poignant. I liked it a lot.

JackyB Sat 26-Feb-22 19:22:37

I love Roddy Doyle, although I've never thought of him as funny. He writes women amazingly well (the woman who walked into doors)

If you don't mind the swearing, my current favourite is also Irish, Caimh McDonnell. He writes about crime in Dublin. The stories are quite serious, but the people are hilarious. Start with "A man with one of those faces"

humptydumpty Sat 26-Feb-22 19:32:54

The Discworld books. Terry Pratchett RIP.

MayBee70 Sat 26-Feb-22 19:35:50

The Queen and I. I reread it recently and still found it funny.

Clawdy Sun 15-May-22 18:35:06

Another vote for Diary Of A Nobody. Hilarious.

AreWeThereYet Sun 15-May-22 19:37:38

I read McCarthy's Bar on a late evening flight. Lights were down, most people were dozing/sleeping. I had my earphones in with my iPod on, in my own little world, oblivious of the fact that I was screeching with laughter and tears ran down my face. When we landed the woman beside me asked me what I had been reading that made me laugh so much. It wasn't till I got home that I realised my mascara had run down my face and I looked like a red-eyed panda.

M0nica Sun 15-May-22 19:56:42

Definitely Diary of a Nobody

I had just written that and then realised several other people had recommened it as well.

Also period (1924) and similar is 'Augustus Carp, Esq., By Himself: Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man'

TerriBull Sun 15-May-22 20:14:18

Somewhere amongst the achingly and unremittingly bleak Angela's Ashes I do remember there were moments of humour that made me laugh. I love Irish humour so maybe should read some Roddy Doyle. In our house we both adored the film of The Commitments, in fact, after moaning at me for my choice of Blockbuster (remember them) video rental for the week end, with mutterings of "not sure it'll be my cup of tea" my husband loved it and would put it in his top ten of all time favourite films, we saw the stage play too having liked the film so much.

I will admit to laughing out loud to --very lightweight--Bridge Jones when I first read it, a long time ago now.

grandMattie Sun 15-May-22 20:33:59

I love Terry Pratchett’s Ankh Morpork series. Very silly indeed, as are Tom Holt’s books, in a similar vein.