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The Christmas Chronicles by Nigel Slater

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NotAGran55 Sun 23-Oct-22 07:39:38

For any Nigel fans there is a lovely read-along / listen-along thread just starting on Mumsnet.

Hiraeth Thu 03-Nov-22 05:06:33

Thanks for the „tip“ its absolutely wonderful. It brings back so many memories

tickingbird Thu 03-Nov-22 07:25:27

Mine arrived yesterday and I’m loving it.

Prentice Thu 03-Nov-22 09:36:59

I read Toast a few years ago, so would like to read more by him.I remember feeling sorry for him as a boy, but also sorry for his stepmother who tried so hard to win his affection, she sounded a nice woman to me, and he only saw this when he was grown up.I thought he had a good natural style of writing.