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Whiff Sun 28-Jan-24 13:14:56

Anyone reading Richard Osman's books have a tissue ready for page 80 when reading the 4th one. It's not a spoiler alert . But I am floods here ..😢

shysal Sun 28-Jan-24 13:47:22

I didn't enjoy the first book, so will not be reading the subsequent ones. However I am pleased for those who get pleasure from them.

NotAGran55 Sun 28-Jan-24 13:55:42

I gave up on the first one very quickly as it was so dull, unlike The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood which I thought was highly entertaining.

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Jan-24 14:17:06

I read it a couple of weeks ago, didn’t need tissues though, it’s fiction.

Oreo Sun 28-Jan-24 14:19:32

I love the books, having read the first three am just about to start the last one, I usually have a tissue handy but thanks for the heads up Whiff I have them all in hardback and like the coloured dust jackets too😁

sodapop Sun 28-Jan-24 15:28:00

Same here shysal I didn't enjoy it either. I do tend to avoid fiction written by 'celebs' as it usually disappoints.

YorkLady Sun 28-Jan-24 16:40:58

Quite like the first three books but this latest one was just padding and waffle!
It was like Richard Osman had to hit the target of number of words to complete the book.
I didn’t need a tissue as I thought it was very predictable.
Doubt I will buy anymore of the books, maybe try the next one when it his my local library shelves.

M0nica Sun 28-Jan-24 18:04:17

Read the first one, haven't bothered to read any of the others. I found the first one boring and unengageable with.

Curlywhirly Sun 28-Jan-24 19:20:59

Read the 1st one - didn't enjoy it and couldn't understand all the hype surrounding it. Tried the 2nd, but that was just more of the same, so gave up after the 1st few chapters.

Gingster Sun 28-Jan-24 19:23:58

I tried the first one but didn’t like it and gave up .
So many people I know love all of the books. 🤔

Maggiemaybe Sun 28-Jan-24 19:32:19

Of course they do - it would be a funny old world if we all liked the same thing. I wouldn’t say I “love” them, but I’ve read and enjoyed each one, and like the characters and gentle humour. Oddly enough, YorkLady, I thought this latest book was the best of the series.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 28-Jan-24 19:40:38

I’ve read all of them, easy reads and likeable characters.

Labradora Sun 28-Jan-24 19:57:03

Bought my first one , the fourth book (oops sounds like a mistake), on holiday recently and am struggling to get into it. Surprised and disappointed as Richard O so likeable and clever
will battle on for a few chapters for Richard's sake.......;
I take Sodapop's point re celeb books but thought Richard O would be different. We'll see....

Maggiemaybe Mon 29-Jan-24 09:15:45

It’s a series though, and the core characters are introduced in the first book. We then learn more about their back history and their relationships to each other in books 2 and 3. I don’t think I’d have got into the fourth book at all without having read any of the others.

Susan56 Mon 29-Jan-24 09:45:08

I’ve really enjoyed them all and controversial maybe but preferred them to the Marlow Murder Club😉They are lightweight but sometimes lightweight is what you need.

Callistemon21 Mon 29-Jan-24 10:32:26

I've enjoyed the first three but yes, it's best to read them in order.

They're a light-hearted change from too much grimness.

Calendargirl Mon 29-Jan-24 11:04:21

Haven’t read the latest one, still way down the library waiting list.

They are ‘ok’, but nothing special. Don’t take to any of the characters actually, they don’t feel at all real or particularly likeable.

Give me the ‘Strike’ books anyday. Characters you feel you know and care about.

AGAA4 Mon 29-Jan-24 11:37:49

I read the first book but not for me. I couldn't find any humour in it as promised in the blurb and some of the characters were irritating.
I also like the Strike books.

Labradora Mon 29-Jan-24 13:44:37

MaggieMaybe and others have certainly got a point re reading a series of books in series order. I should explain that I was on holiday in France when I bought it and it was the only one of the series in English that they had for sale. Probably ought to stow criticism until I've read at least the first one.

HousePlantQueen Mon 29-Jan-24 13:51:03

well I am enjoying it! I agree about the sad part, it hits home to those of us who have been through similar and I thought it a sensitive way of telling the story. They are not great works of literature, but enjoyable books and as I read each book, I feel as if I am reunited with the characters.

Whiff Mon 29-Jan-24 19:25:06

HousePlantQueen my mom lived with me the last 18 months of her life she had cancer and dementia. The way he wrote about Stephen ,Richard must have first hand knowledge of a close relative or friend with it. As it was told in such a caring and loving way.

Joyce writes like I do never getting to the point and rambles on. Loved all the characters.

My daughter and I have different tastes in books but she is enjoyed the first 2.

Books like girl on a train,gone girl and time travellers wife I hated. And yet people raved about them .

I have read all the classics but my favourite genre is fantasy which I started to read after my husband died nearly 20 years ago. But I do like Ian Rankin and James Herbert books..

rowyn Tue 30-Jan-24 11:17:28

I'm with the "Read the first book, didn't enjoy it" crowd. Sadly, he's yet another so called celebrity who sells his name, rather than the books' content.

Good and successful authors who have had to work hard to achieve popularity and sales must curse all these (often rubbish) books , purported to be written by well known names.

missdeke Tue 30-Jan-24 11:17:45

My usual read is Historical Fiction based on real people. Every now and again I like something lighter, especially after a heavier tome. I find Richard Osman's books very entertaining and have enjoyed every one I've read.

Tattooedfidelma Tue 30-Jan-24 11:28:38

The first book was ok but not enjoyable enough to buy the others. Lots of holes in the story! There are many far superior authors who don’t get anywhere near the publicity that Richard Osman gets.

Petal1 Tue 30-Jan-24 11:34:06

In your opinion rowyn I presume.

In my opinion, I think they are great escapist novels. Maybe people read the first book because it was written by Richard Osman, however, I doubt all four would consistently be at the top of the best seller list if people didn't enjoy them.

The book I read before this one was Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver ( which I highly recommend), so I don't think good (IMO) writers need worry too much about him.