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dorsetpennt Thu 12-Apr-12 23:10:41

Had coffee with a friend today who has put her flat up for sale. She usually tries to be out when the Estate Agent bring prospective buyers in to view. However, there are times when this has not been possible, and she has been amazed by some viewers' behaviour. One lady agent came in, knowing my friend was in the flat, and said ' take no notice of the awful decor you can re-decorate'. Another occasion the viewers arrived mob-handed, with friends and relatives amounting to about 10 people. People have opened desk drawers and wardrobes - these aren't being sold with the flat. Viewers have used the loo without asking, have even had a glass of water. So what the hell happens when she's not there? Does anyone in Gransnet world have similar or God forbid worse stories.? shock

glammanana Fri 13-Apr-12 11:01:37

dorsetpennt Is it not possible for you friend to be present at viewing rather than the agent this way she can control the behaviour of the viewers and make sure that her home is not abused in any way,I would definatly speak to the agent and emind her that she (the agent) is working for your friend and that she should not be giving any negative remarks to viewers at any time,i would not allow anyone to view if they where not in a position to proceed straight away as so many people just come on viewings because they have nothing better to do,when we sold our old family home prior to moving abroad I did not allow any viewing unless the prospective buyers had exchanged contracts and could give an estimated completion date,but I was lucky enough to have been in homes sales for over 25yrs and knew all the pitfalls.

HildaW Fri 13-Apr-12 12:00:04

Ruddy 'ell, I'd be tempted to change agents, ones that have a more professional attitude - they are after all working for the vendor (your friend). We have sold two houses in the last 3 years and on both occasions had highly professional agents (different ones).

HildaW Fri 13-Apr-12 12:04:31

P.S. it is a good idea to de-personalize and de-clutter if you can when you are trying to sell. If you dont have the storage space, get a friend to lend garage or similar. I've heard of folks even using a bit of paid-for storage to get stuff out of the way - then prospective buyers can get a better feel for space etc.