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Gally Sun 24-Mar-13 03:18:07

I've just bitten the bullet, grabbed the whatnot by its horns, taken a deep breath and booked a single ticket to see Eric Whitacre conduct the Sydney Philharmonia Symphony Chorus playing his music at the Opera House next Saturday. DD couldn't join me and my desire to hear this wonderful music outweighed my fear of going on my own. The last time I went to a concert on my own was to see the Barber of Seville in Paris in 1968! Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and will make me brave enough to do it again............shock

absent Sun 24-Mar-13 07:06:15

I feel sure that you will have an inspiring evening and really enjoy yourself. Well done Gally. smile

Grannyknot Sun 24-Mar-13 07:48:27

Gally sounds like you will lose yourself for those hours. Enjoy!

Grannyknot Sun 24-Mar-13 07:48:44

... in the music that is!

Sook Sun 24-Mar-13 07:53:03

Good for you. Enjoy smile

baubles Sun 24-Mar-13 07:54:51

Gally I'm sure you'll have a fabulous evening, enjoy smile

Greatnan Sun 24-Mar-13 08:30:03

Well done, Gally. It will get easier every time you do it. flowers

nightowl Sun 24-Mar-13 09:02:21

Good for you Gally. I am far from the most outgoing person but I have been to a few concerts by myself (like you my desire to see and hear these people was greater than my fear of going alone) and I found it very liberating. I found that I enjoyed the opportunity to immerse myself in the experience with no thought for anyone else. Have a wonderful time!

Movedalot Sun 24-Mar-13 10:03:43

Go Gallysmile Not so different from going with someone esle as you can't talk during any show. Beforehand and during the interval you could look for somewhere where there is just one seat and you will find yourself talking to the people near you. Enjoy.

Maniac Sun 24-Mar-13 10:11:06

nightowl I've been going to concerts on my own for years.I so agree with your words - ' I enjoyed the opportunity to immerse myself in the experience with no thought for anyone else'-

glammanana Sun 24-Mar-13 10:15:47

Gally how wonderful for you enjoy the music and the

annodomini Sun 24-Mar-13 10:18:15

Enjoy the concert, Gally. I've started going to opera on my own - don't think my friends would enjoy them much. You will get so wrapped up in the music that you won't notice that you're on your own.

Ella46 Sun 24-Mar-13 10:41:16

Gally, I go to see the Halle orchestra quite often, and lots of people go alone.
Most people are very friendly and chatty, so I'm sure it won't be the last time you go on your own.
Have a wonderful evening flowers

Mishap Sun 24-Mar-13 11:13:23

Eric Whitacre - what can I say? I am deeply deeply jealous!

I am absolutely sure that the joy and inspiration of his wonderfful music will help you to forget that you have had to go on your own - music is so inclusive, that you just feel a part of everything that is going on and have a shared emotion with all those around you. It draws you in - especially Eric's compositions.

I always go to concerts on my own as my OH, who is a great music lover, is sadly unable to go to concerts because he becomes so anxious in that situation that he has panic attacks and his PD symptoms worsen. I have always found that opening a conversation with those around me is very easy - we all share a love of music and I have never felt alone - just surrounded my like-minded people.

Have a truly wonerful time and get lost in the music.

harrigran Sun 24-Mar-13 11:42:49

Well done Gally I am sure it will be a night to remember envy

grannyactivist Sun 24-Mar-13 11:45:56

Gally I hope your experience is sufficiently wonderful that it builds your confidence to do more of the same. My mother in law is a conductor/musical director and I've been to many of her productions alone, but because I spend so much time with others I love it and always feel it's slightly indulgent. smile

sunflowersuffolk Sun 24-Mar-13 12:52:09

Well done Gally, I admire your courage in "going for it" and am sure you will have a wonderful evening. It is nice to have something to look forward to, a special treat for you. We look forward to hearing how you got on.

Greatnan Sun 24-Mar-13 20:25:05

Gally's post, and those from other widows/widowers, make me once again aware of how different it is for those who, like me, have chosen to live alone and those who have it thrust upon them. I send my heartfelt good wishes to all of them. I am sure you will never stop missing your life partners, but I hope that you will eventually do as Gally has bravely done, and step out on your own. flowers

Marelli Sun 24-Mar-13 20:40:06

Well done, Gally. I can see you in my mind. Full of enthusiasm and excitement when you take your seat.....and it will be wonderful! flowers

Galen Sun 24-Mar-13 20:49:17


susannah2b Mon 25-Mar-13 07:52:53

I'm sure you'll love it:-) It's wonderful to find an event you would really enjoy, and know you couldn't have done with husband/child/friend since they wouldn't share your taste, and go alone.

However I've just joined this group (hate the name though .... do we have value only as a grandparent?) and am hoping to find shoulders to share experiences and sadnesses with ..
I'm 69, live alone, no longer working, do several voluntary jobs including Hospice home support, but have lived abroad and don't have close friends where I live. I've joined various classes, etc., but fail to make friends; they almost always seem to be in couples, & fully committed with golf, etc. Don't want to impose on my son too much, see his family probably weekly, and my daughter lives in Australia. I probably need to move to a smaller house, find more people, but no longer have the energy for major changes on my own. Help!! Which forum on this site could I contribute to?

Sending all good wishes and warmth to you all, hoping the never ending winter isn't creating negativity,


flowerfriend Mon 25-Mar-13 08:55:24

Gally Well done and have a wonderful time.

My first solo venture was to the Manet exhibition in Paris seven months after DH had died. The exhibition was magnificent and I fell in love with the Musée d'Orsay.

susannah2b There are plenty of us femails around who are either widows, or indeed, living alone through choice. There are also a lot of women who are married to partners who don't wish to go very far but who wish to continue living life to the full, whether socially or culturally. Some of us have met up because of GN.

Grannylin Mon 25-Mar-13 09:15:53

You'll be fine Gally and have a great time.My niece has just come back from a short US tour, singing with Eric Whitacre.She had to sing sitting on a stool as she is 31 weeks pregnant!Somehow don't think she'll be going to

celebgran Mon 25-Mar-13 09:18:11

Just read this thread! Gally have wonderful time an acquaintance of mine does this too well done for having courage and you will be absolutely fine ! Enjoy!

matson Mon 25-Mar-13 09:19:00

well done Gally, i hope you enjoy the concert, very brave, i hope to be as brave as you very soon . x