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JessM Thu 27-Jun-13 15:22:19

Bear in mind I have been driving around the roundabouts of MK for over 15 years without incident. Well I think I got beeped at just the once.
DH is a nervous/queasy passenger so I normally let him drive.
He has hayfever so I said I'd drive across the city today.
Going round the 13th roundabout (or thereabouts) and he suddenly says "There's somebody on your inside!!!" - a tad distracting as I am sure you will agree.
I carried on in my lane... as there did not seem to be someone on my inside.
Turns out he meant my outside. As in the inside of the roundabout. So in case you were not aware, as I was not, dear reader, inside means outside if you are on a roundabout.
Got that.

tanith Thu 27-Jun-13 15:28:24

JessM you need to be a second guesser it seems.. but I'll bear it in mind next time I'm in MK , hate those roundabouts.

Deedaa Thu 27-Jun-13 16:51:47

It took my American SiL years to get used to roundabouts. Even after 17 years he still has a tendency to go round them the wrong way!

janeainsworth Thu 27-Jun-13 16:56:20

Jess total sympathy grin
I hate those 'look out!! No it's alright! As you were!!' moments too.

ninathenana Thu 27-Jun-13 17:14:31

SIL is the worlds worst passenger ! Nobody is good enough for him. Even his dad who used to drive car transporters for a living. No recommendation I know but you see my point grin

Poor DD only passed her test in March. He does a lot of teeth sucking on the rare occasion he's her passenger !

Oldgreymare Thu 27-Jun-13 17:16:16

The OG doesn't know left from right so I always have to double check instructions, sometimes I have signalled so have to carry out the manoeuvre. I have become expert at 3 point turns in all sorts of places! Trouble is I get the funny looks whilst he gets the sympathetic ones....grrrr!

Notso Thu 27-Jun-13 17:23:07

I remember driving DH somewhere and at a tricky junction where I needed to turn right, he checked out oncoming traffic on the left. As car after car sped past he eventually said...OK to go ... if you're quick!

I changed the indicator and turned left instead.

Bez Thu 27-Jun-13 17:27:11

DH often moans when we are doing a long journey that he does all the driving but he is the most dreadful passenger. He criticises all the time so now if I am driving I start off by telling home that if he starts I shall stop the car and he can walk - usually worksgrin.

Ariadne Thu 27-Jun-13 18:00:38

When Theseua had just had THE HIP done - three weeks in - I had to drive him to The NEC. In his big car. Two things that I avoid doing. Anyway, the journey was fine, but at the start, he got into the car, settled down, and after about 10 minutes of fidgeting, said plaintively "God, this is boring! What do passengers do?"

I leave you to imagine my response...

merlotgran Thu 27-Jun-13 18:08:11

I have to be careful not to mutter or talk to myself when DH is in the passenger seat because he sometimes gets hold of the wrong end of the stick. On the way back from Sussex three weeks ago I muttered that I would need to get cash from the garage ATM to pay the dog minder. DH suddenly starts shouting, 'YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE OFF THERE'.

What I meant, of course, was I intended to stop at the garage just down the road from the dog minder - not Stansted services. confused

gracesmum Thu 27-Jun-13 18:22:43

Since DH gave up driving he has had to get used to me and I am happy to say he has stopped the sharp intake of breath, well mostly, but there have been occasions when I have been this close to pulling over and inviting him to find his own way to wherever.
He is better at navigating than me (well, even Grace is probably better at that) so it is his responsibility to advise on directions which seems a fair distribution of labour.
It is hard to be a passenger when you are used to doing most of the driving and funnily (as Frank would say) he wasn't as bad when I was driving my little car as he was when I was driving his, but I can understand that. Now that we have sold both and I drive our car, things are easier (but I always seem to buy the petrol - why is that? confused )

annodomini Thu 27-Jun-13 18:38:24

DS1 always was a dreadful passenger, partly because he was car-sick until he learnt to drive. I hope for his wife's sake that the day never comes when he is unable to drive. His father, my x, was always happy for me to drive, even to tow the caravan. But if we got lost when I was driving it was my fault and the same if he was driving. I feel sure he would have quarrelled with a sat nav.

Sook Thu 27-Jun-13 19:14:47

My youngest DS. He feels the need to give me directions locally?

Addresses me as Mother,

Tells me what the speed limit is and then orders me to keep up with it.

Honestly giving him a lift is like reliving my driving test, first left, second right fourth exit on the roundabout.

I am a bag of nerves until he gets out of the car (safe, sound and on time) and I might add financially in pocket unlike me confused

Nelliemoser Thu 27-Jun-13 19:17:45

My DH is a dreadful passenger. Talks all the time anyway and is a passenger seat driver. The sort of stuff is "get in that lane!" "No! that lane." which when there are three on a roundabout is less than helpful.

Grannylin Thu 27-Jun-13 20:07:37

I am an equally bad passenger with OH. I grab at the door all the time because. 1)he drives too fast 2) hugs bumpers 3) calls everyone an idiot. We are going to Manchester on Saturday and he insists on taking his estate because we need to take a bike in the back.I don't drive his automatic but can't face a 500 mile round trip with him driving. Have just spent an hour forcing the dreaded bike to get in the back of my manual car so we can share the driving. (i think its's stuck) He is away til Friday pm so doesn't know about my cunning plan...I see blue air on the horizon grin....just realised I could buy a bike rack blush

Nonu Thu 27-Jun-13 20:49:39

Deeda, however there are more more of them about nowadays, so eventually guess they will get used to them.

Deedaa Thu 27-Jun-13 20:56:16

Are you sure you haven't been living with my DH Nelliemoser ? I get that all the time. If I am negotiating a complicated junction he will tell me to follow the silver Ford - I can see three silver cars in front of me - which one is the Ford? The ensuing argument when I've followed the wrong car can last for the rest of the journey.And I just make so many stupid mistakes when he's sitting next to me, sighing! It just doesn't happen when I'm on my own.

Enviousamerican Thu 27-Jun-13 21:28:28

I always drive since OH has totaled two of my cars. He's lucky he is still here. grinand also not as good a driver. I've been driving since I was 15 and OH marvels at my ability to avoid other cars when they seem to be about to hit me.He jerks me hard is it to come to a smooth stop? confused

glammanana Thu 27-Jun-13 21:44:03

I am still trying to fathom out the way of turning right to go left when I used to drive on the Spanish Roads so a roundabout here is a doddle for me grin

Bags Fri 28-Jun-13 06:05:32

MrBags goes to sleep or does stuff on his iPhone when I'm driving. Minibags says "good" when I say I'm driving. Like you, envious, I manage to drive the car without making the passengers feel as if they are in a centrifugal force machine.

nanamacatj Fri 28-Jun-13 06:42:34

My DH chooses to do most of the driving when we go anywhere, so I [graciously] let him. On the rare occasions when he is the passenger he fiddles with the radio/air cond/etc. So annoying!! hmm

ginny Fri 28-Jun-13 08:45:20

I'm not keen on driving when DH is in the car. He doesn't say much but I can 'feel' him thinking 'She could have gone then' and 'why doesn't she put her foot down on this clear road' hmm
The worst thing is that he will fiddle with the radio, the windows, the heater and he can always hear a rattle somewhere.

Greatnan Fri 28-Jun-13 08:46:59

My ex would always insist on driving, even in my car, and if I objected to his speeding he would go faster. Just another reason why he is an ex.

I was told by a Rolls Royce trained chauffeur that they were taught to drive so the passengers were not aware of the car going around bends or braking.
My sister cannot drive or map read, so whilst I have to do all the navigating, at least she is completely uncritical.
I had one friend who was like Hyacinth Bucket - 'Watch that tree, the road bends here......'

Anno is a wonderful passenger and shows no fear!

moomin Fri 28-Jun-13 08:47:42

I'm a better driver than my OH and he just has to accept it grin

tanith Fri 28-Jun-13 09:06:18

We mostly share the driving but I find I'm getting lazy and if its just a short hop I jump in the passenger seat grin, we have both been professional drivers so don't comment one way or another on the others abilities and are comfortable with each others driving. It would annoy the hell out of me if my OH was commenting all the time. I did drive my brother to the airport once and noticed his white knuckles.. don't know what that was all about but he did have the good grace to keep his mouth SHUT! grin