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And the vote for the worst customer services goes to..........

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gillybob Wed 20-Nov-13 08:11:24


Cutting a very long story short. I have been trying to help sort a problem for my sister, with some faulty wardrobes purchased from IKEA. Telephoning customer services you are warned that you are in a queue and that your estimated wait will be 60 minutes ! I was in hold for 75 minutes before they eventually answered. My sister was on hold for 90! During my long wait I decided to email them with the problem and was greeted with a message saying "your query will be answered in an estimated 9 days" . Unbelievable.

NfkDumpling Wed 20-Nov-13 08:16:44

That must mean they believe their wardrobes are such good quality no one will complain so there's only one person employed in customer services!

Marelli Wed 20-Nov-13 08:24:21

And second on the list is:

PDSA Pet Insurance.

Having made a claim last year for Daisy the Cat, they didn't credit me the full amount due, as they interpreted 'not eating' as 'listlessness', even though medication was given for stomach infection by the vet. Repeated calls (waiting for ages in queue) and being passed on to this one and that one, then being told the 'right one' hmm to speak to was on days off, but would get back to me (No...), I gave up. I have changed to another provider, and have now been sent an email saying thank you for accepting Premium something-or-other as a method of collecting my direct debits for PDSA Pet, no, no!! angry

bikergran Wed 20-Nov-13 09:32:24

toys r us!

Brendawymms Wed 20-Nov-13 09:40:38

Vodafone gets my vote closely followed by my local double glazing company who supplied windows for my extension but as the builders fitted them they will not replace the blown glass! The frames came with the glass in place the builders just installed them.

sunseeker Wed 20-Nov-13 09:54:21

Currys/PC World - not even a pretence of after sales service, once they have your money they couldn't care less. I now won't even set foot in any of their stores now - I don't care how much cheaper they claim to be!

whenim64 Wed 20-Nov-13 09:55:18

British Gas! After repeated problems getting them to accept I had dual fuel, meter readers arriving to read only the electricity meter (right next to the gas meter), assurances at every level that they would sort it out (they didn't), a SmartMeter that only told me what I was using and not them (not replaced).......I gave up. I switched to SSE, who are fine. Two months on, I still get emails from British Gas, asking me to send a meter reading, and this week they told me the 9p I owe them has been waived as a gesture of good will! Given that I don't owe them 9p, that's laughable!

BAnanas Wed 20-Nov-13 09:56:44

Santander where my son banks. A while ago, I went with him to his branch to draw out £300 in cash that he owed me and went round to my bank Barclays to pay it in to my account. This money was in £50 notes, the teller at Barclays told us one of the notes was fraudulent and a very bad copy at that. We went back to Santander and the bank clerk there swore blind that she would have known instantly that she would know the feel of a fake note and it seems that once you leave the bank that they can wash their hands of accepting any responsibility. Barclays told me they were obliged to hand this note on to the police, but gave me a receipt. I did contact Santander's Complaints Department kind of knowing that I didn't have a leg to stand on, they sent me an initial email saying the matter would be investigated. Weeks and weeks later I got another two line email said the matter had been resolved satisfactorily, not to me it hadn't, and it seems that was that. I haven't pursued it further, guess that's what they were banking on, no pun intended.

They sure as hell deserve their accolade of "most complained out bank" they are shite!

glammanana Wed 20-Nov-13 10:01:04

I must second Currys/PC World after my DD went with her DS1 to choose a washing machine for his new flat she called me to ask my advice from the store and when I told her not to listern to the advice from the 20ish salesperson and go for the cheaper model she was told it would affect his commission !! unbelieveable.

Nonnie Wed 20-Nov-13 10:41:45

Santander every time. Eventually to sort out their mistake I had to do the sums because they kept getting it wrong! Vodafone a close second.

BG have been OK for us as has Currys/PCW.

tiggypiro Wed 20-Nov-13 10:48:27

Johnson's Cleaners. A few years ago I had made completly by hand a Durham strippy quilt as a wedding present for DS and his wife. It was pale cream and had taken over 100 hours of work. I took it to the cleaners to be washed as it had become a bit grubby in the making. They said it needed specialist treatment and would send it to their specialists to be cleaned. One week before the wedding I got it back to find it much darker and with the addition of brown spots and also blue marks. The shop returned it to the 'specialists' and over the next few days tried to remedy the situation. The last straw was when 2 days before the wedding they rang me to say there was still a bit of blue on the edge and if I would like to send them some fabric they would repair it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When they could not even put it into a cool wash successfully they now wanted to put scissors to it. I refused their 'kind' offer, and demanded that it be returned directly to me by courier immediately as I was flying out to Spain the next day for the wedding.
I asked for compensation and at first all they offered was the cleaning cost returned. Eventually after threatening them with court action they paid £400. I gave DS and DIL the quilt, told them the story and the small blue mark is still there.
Everytime I go past a Johnson's cleaners shop I want to put a brick through the window.

Anniebach Wed 20-Nov-13 11:43:15

Not really customer services but HMRC are a nightmare , what can one if one rings a number only to be told - after waiting 40 minutes - you need to dial xxxx number, and it is the number you are ringing . Or their help line if their site has problems and cannot be accessed , a recording tells you all the information can be found on their site , just go to www. They have now brought in voice recognition , I will say no more of that except if you have to ring them make sure you have a couple of hours free time

gillybob Wed 20-Nov-13 11:48:58

I am going to add B&Q , Cooke and Lewis to be more precise.

After seeing an advert for interest free credit, my son and DiL ordered a (much needed) new kitchen from them and paid a deposit. The estimator came out, measured up and gave them a date of two weeks. Two days before the date of delivery my son received a text to say all was okay for and delivery would be in two days. My son has recently had an operation on his right hand and had to rely on friends to remove the old kitchen, which they did. On the promised date of delivery, no kitchen. My son contacted the store only to be told there was a mix up and his kitchen was running a week late. The following week, no kitchen, the week after no kitchen and this went on for another 8 weeks. Finally after around 30 phone calls, store visits and contacting both the finance company and trading standards, B&Q have finally admitted that they had sold him a kitchen they neither have or will have until at least after christmas. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr angry

gillybob Wed 20-Nov-13 11:49:36

Don't get me started on HMRC Anniebach angry

Reddevil3 Wed 20-Nov-13 12:12:15

ZARA at Westfield Centre, Hammersmith. I was shopping there with DD who wanted to buy a jacket of which there was only one in her size, but on close examination had a small hole. We found a salesgirl who eventually finished her conversation with her Spanish colleague, asked if they would reduce it, and she said "no, how do I know you didn't do that yourself?"
She then continued her conversation in Spanish, slagging off customers who will try anything to get a reduction. I wish I had pointed out to her that she should be aware that her rude comments may be understood even in her own language.

glammanana Wed 20-Nov-13 12:27:18

Reddevil3 sounds like she went to the same "charm school" for customer care as the salespeople in the Zara I used to go to in Spain I am of the opinion they all seem to think we can only converse in one language.

Elegran Wed 20-Nov-13 12:41:51

Cojones, senorita.

Anniebach Wed 20-Nov-13 12:50:59

Gillybob, I detect another victim of HMRC, poor you , I have now become so well known for my rants about them if I answer my telephone to family or friends ,perhaps in a rush or tired they say ' not HMRC again? '

Aka Wed 20-Nov-13 13:15:15

The mirror on my son's IKEA wardrobe exploded showering his bedroom with glass. Luckily only he was in the room at the time and not his two babies.

Did IKEA want to know? No way! So I'm glad of the opportunity to tell others just how crap awful their customer services are too.

gillybob Wed 20-Nov-13 13:22:14

Yes Anniebach I am famous for my "tax man" rants too!

I agree with you Aka their customer services are almost non-existant as most people probably give up after being on hold for over an hour and why does it take 9 days to reply to an email? As NfkDumpling said earlier on, they must only have one person in the customer (non) service department.

AlieOxon Wed 20-Nov-13 13:52:00

Walton's, where I got my greenhouse.

First prob - the base didn't fit. And I could NOT get them to understand why. They sent me some other parts which also didn't fit. Finally, I bought some drill bits for metal, and put the holes where they should have been.

Second - when I got to the last diagonal supportive struts, I could not
get them all in, and if I had, there wasn't room on the bolts to fit them on
as well as the previous struts, which is what they intended. I left two off, which hasn't mattered much.....

Third - in spite of apparently fitting ok, the top left corner of the roof leaked. Never found out why. Don't think it was me.

Last, and most serious, after only four years the polycarb roof panels have gone in holes. Only on the outside. So I wrote, and they said:
- a) you're out of warranty b) you probably put them on the wrong way round and c) we can sell you some new ones.
If it was one, I might agree, but it's all of them. They were, after all, all labelled carefully which way to put them!
My gardener rang them inquiring about new panels, they were to ring back, but guess what, they haven't.
And just to round things off, the only people who seem to supply the right thickness of polycarb are in I have a greenhouse (no plants in) with a blue tarpaulin over the roof for the winter.
Then what?

Sorry about the rant!

gillybob Wed 20-Nov-13 13:56:39

No problem, rant away AlieOxon I find it helps to get it off your chest !

bluebirdwsm Wed 20-Nov-13 15:32:11

EDF. When I moved house already signed up to EDF they were practically impossible to get hold of by phone. I used to give up after waiting 20 minutes each time. If I did get through someone would cut me they didn't have to find the correct department or deal with the problem.

E mails were ignored, or then passed to the wrong department.

In the end [long story], when the meter reader came I begged him to help me and he could see I was close to tears. He did. It all got sorted then.

Basically I had 2 accounts running side by side, so was constantly bombarded for money even after I'd put in a reading. Because some idiot somewhere didn't sign off an old meter.

Charleygirl Wed 20-Nov-13 16:03:33

WH Smith- I have just returned from my local one wanting to change a 2014 diary insert. Not rocket science but I needed help as the display was confusing. The man I spoke to said he knew nothing about diaries, pointed me in the general direction and said I would be better off looking on my own.

In the meantime a man interrupted, asking where the travel clocks were displayed. The assistant said he did not know, I said they do not sell them as it was a paper and book shop mainly. The fellow left and the WH Smith assistant said that I should be employed there as I knew more than him. That would not have been difficult!

I will return tomorrow, hoping that someone else is on the floor who can actually help me.

harrigran Wed 20-Nov-13 19:27:04

DH has turned into Victor Meldrew but doesn't leave it at ranting, he writes, phones and e-mails the people who get it wrong, funnily enough we seem to be getting action so it works grin