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Sunday roast

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ninathenana Sun 11-May-14 16:46:29

DH feels deprived if he doesn't have a Sunday roast. I have cooked one almost every week all my married life. DD hardly ever cooks a roast. Although she loves it.
If your a meat eater, do you still have a Sunday roast or am I old fashioned?

sorry this is in the wrong place.

janeainsworth Sun 11-May-14 16:51:55

No, only if DD and DSiL are coming round.
I don't like having to think of things to do with the left-overs for the rest of the week.
If I'm feeling very domesticated and inventive and am planning a week of making stock and soup I might get a chicken to roast.
Can't your DH make do with a nice casserole with roast potatoes ?

Gagagran Sun 11-May-14 16:56:06

We only have a roast when family or other visitors come. DH is not bothered - he prefers fish anyway. I like meat and always choose it when we dine out but it's not worth doing it for the two of us when himself is underwhelmed! It's fishcakes tonight!

tanith Sun 11-May-14 17:01:32

I cook one maybe once or twice a month in the Summer even less as OH plays bowls on Sunday most weeks. Today we had a pie and vegs if OH is out I generally just have a salad. I gradually weaned OH off roast every week thankfully.

janeainsworth Sun 11-May-14 17:10:47

I am definitely in CBA mode today and it's spag bol tonight.

KatyK Sun 11-May-14 17:26:10

I rarely cook one. DH loves them so it's a shame really. It's the meal I used to be really good at (not that it's very difficult). Last time I did one I was so out of practice it was a disaster. Today we've had salmon, jacket potato and salad. smile And I am a person who is always whingeing about traditions being lost blush

numberplease Sun 11-May-14 17:34:48

I occasionally cook a small roast for daughter and myself, hubby won`t eat roast meat, always complains it`s too tough or too fatty. But he`ll eat the frozen ready meal roast beef in gravy! The only roasts he`ll eat are chicken and turkey.

glammanana Sun 11-May-14 17:40:07

I always do a Sunday Roast in fact I have just put the potatoes in to roast now this week it is Duck Crown with fresh veg & jersey royals I will make up 3 plates one is for DSs lunch to-morrow when he calls in during his lunch hour his partner never makes a Roast so only way he has one is to come here once a week.

Nonu Sun 11-May-14 17:41:03

I don"t cook a Sunday lunch anymore when we are on our own!

We have sandwiches as usual , then a cooked meal in the evening
However, when the family come to visit I am knocking them out like a whirling dervish , it is a proper cook-a thon, and I enjoy every minute !


merlotgran Sun 11-May-14 17:41:56

I roast a joint if DD and the boys are coming for Sunday lunch. If not, I cheat and do pork chops or chicken portions with roast potatoes, veg (prepared by DH) and gravy made from good old granules. It can be shoved in the small oven and there's not a lot of washing up. I always have frozen home-made yorkies in the freezer so two of them sit on top of the roast potatoes for the last ten minutes......Sorted!

Mamie Sun 11-May-14 17:42:04

Yes we do, but always in the evening. Have just cooked roast chicken with roast potatoes and the last of the ruby chard from the garden. Tomorrow will be cold chicken with spelt salad and there will be chicken sandwiches too. We don't do beef or pork very often, but chicken, pot-roast veal and lamb are regulars. On Friday we did the Persiana loin of pork with quince paste and pomegranate which was fabulous.

harrigran Sun 11-May-14 17:48:23

No I do not cook a roast joint on a Sunday. This is a day for visiting GC so the meal is a simple one and does not involve spending ages in the kitchen.

Nonu Sun 11-May-14 17:50:09

Glam you are a proper " Jewish Moma" , you are !



POGS Sun 11-May-14 17:52:47

We usually have a Sunday roast and another mid week. We love our roasts.

DD doesn't bother so much but she never turns mum's dinner down.

DGD asks Nan if 'we can have a gravy dinner'.

ninathenana Sun 11-May-14 18:01:24

DS still lives at home, so there are no left overs from a small chicken a small piece of pork usually leaves enough for sarnies but certainly not another meal.
jane I'm not complaining about cooking a roast, to me it's a meal that cooks itself. I was just curious as to how many others stuck with the tradition smile We have it in the evening too.

JessM Sun 11-May-14 18:11:03

One mans Sunday roast is another woman's Sunday.
Do you really cook a roast for 2 every Sunday, even though you don't want to ninathenana?
Is there something he regularly does to please you, even though he does not want to?

annsixty Sun 11-May-14 18:15:17

Yes I do and my leg of lamb is resting and the potatoes and parsnips are in and leeks in cheese sauce ready. My DD told me earlier she will stick a lasagna in when the football finishes. Different lifestyle I always think.

gillybob Sun 11-May-14 18:16:29

I very rarely do a roast dinner on a Sunday as this is the only day I tend not to have to run around "seeing to people" . The DGC spend most of their Sundays at the stables so they rarely have a Sunday roast either. Solution being that I often do a roast in a Monday and the GC call it a Sunday,Monday dinner. smile

Had a lovely piece of Seabream, Jersey royals and minted pea purée for lunch today. DH's favourite.

Mamie Sun 11-May-14 18:17:51

I have never understood why cooking a roast is seen as being so time-consuming either. To me it is one of the easiest meals to do. I put the chicken and potatoes in the oven, played a few games of Candy Crush, did Facetime with DD and enjoyed my glass of rosé while OH picked and cooked the chard. Five minutes to dish it up and make the gravy; elapsed time one and a quarter hours, working time 15 minutes max.

Ana Sun 11-May-14 18:18:15

nina didn't say she didn't want to, Jess, and there are three of them at home, which makes it more worth it in my book! I do one occasionally just for DH and me, and nearly always when DD and the girls come, as it's what they expect.

You're right, nina, it really is a very easy meal - the washing-up's the worst part! grin

Nonu Sun 11-May-14 18:21:03

Hey Jess bit of leading question there, Nina might not want to reveal what her man does to regularly please her !

Nonu Sun 11-May-14 18:24:21

OOps should have added a grin there .

ffinnochio Sun 11-May-14 18:36:12

Now we're retired, Sunday is just another day. Sometimes I cook, sometimes Mr. Ffinn cooks, sometimes the main meal is midday, sometimes it's the evening, depending on what we're doing. I rarely eat meat, but will have a wee bit if Mr. Ffinn is cooking. Tonight we're having a basil and tomato salad, followed by 'roast' lentil and cheese terrine, new pots & mint and sauted chard from the garden. Plain strawberries to follow.

Before we retired, I often did a roast meal for Mr. Ffinn and my two young men, plus the extra young men that I found sleeping on the floor in the living room (from Sat. night). Needless to say, I was exhausted and much prefer our easy-going take on meals now. smile

janeainsworth Sun 11-May-14 18:42:56

I don't think it's hard to do a roast, but there always seems to be a lot more washing up than with other sorts of meals by the time you've made the gravy, possibly a sauce for the veg, the yorkshires etc and my dishwasher doesn't cope very well with that sort of thing.
I also think that small joints of meat aren't as tasty and succulent as large ones, which wouldn't be cost effective for two of us.
We were coming back from DDs a couple of Sundays ago and went into Tebay services on the M6 for soup and a roll.
They had a carvery with large joints of beautifully cooked meat and lots of different vegetables.
It was delicious and much nicer meat than I could have cooked at home grin
Now there's an idea for you nina - take your DH out for lunch!

Nelliemoser Sun 11-May-14 18:44:34

One man's roast dinner is another woman's Sunday ruined.