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School shoes

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Iamgran81 Wed 24-Jun-15 09:09:05

Granddaughter 13 is getting into trouble over her school shoes.
She wears black shoe zone ugg style boots
The school states all black footwear do I don't see the issue

Soutra Wed 24-Jun-15 09:18:33

Here we go again.
Iamgran81 don't you have anything better to do with your time?

(Like watching paint dry?)

Iamgran81 Wed 24-Jun-15 09:20:30

Yes but This has really angerd me they are school shoes

ninathenana Wed 24-Jun-15 09:22:31

Just tried to search whether this is the same poster.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 24-Jun-15 09:22:50

grin You're funny.

ninathenana Wed 24-Jun-15 09:24:06

Ugg style boots
They are not school shoes

Iamgran81 Wed 24-Jun-15 09:25:49

How arnt they any plain black footwear is ? Apart from heels and leather slip on shoes

Iamgran81 Wed 24-Jun-15 09:28:35

Plus the school says only spend £10 on shoes these are £7

Soutra Wed 24-Jun-15 09:34:05


Iamgran81 Wed 24-Jun-15 09:45:36

It's a big issue though she had never been asked about her uggs before yesterday

Elegran Wed 24-Jun-15 10:31:39

It is the same poster.

Soutra Wed 24-Jun-15 10:32:13

sad <shakes head sadly> it seems your grandchildren suffer a lot on account of their school shoes. On the other hand, Shoe Zone seems to do very well out of your family.
BTW I thought is was your grand daughter who got the expensive Vans?
Keep up at the back. confused

Nelliemoser Wed 24-Jun-15 11:01:41

OFFS! Iamgran81 I would seriously like to know what it is you get out of whittering on and on like this. Take it up with the school not us. There is B*** all we can do about it.

Bellanonna Wed 24-Jun-15 11:37:01

Wouldn't ugg-style boots be a bit hot this time of year Iamgran81 ? Maybe she should go back to the plimsolls? Meanwhile, have a bit of fun yourself, like signing up for a crash course on punctuation?

ninathenana Wed 24-Jun-15 11:40:46

OP has once again got the required responses sad

vampirequeen Wed 24-Jun-15 11:55:02

Shoes are shoes and boots are boots. If the school says shoes then she should wear shoes.

Gran11 Wed 24-Jun-15 12:37:50

That's bad my grandsons school allow them see one or two of his friends wear them if there fully black there school shoes

Anne58 Wed 24-Jun-15 13:12:14

Oh dear oh dear, please, just for the sake of a bit of balance, choose something OTHER THAN bloody shoes to post about!

Also I have never heard such crap as saying "Plus the school says only spend £10 on shoes these are £7"

No school would tell parents, grandparents, the milkman or Aunt Fanny down the road how much to spend on shoes! Many parents feel that for children of 13 feet should be properly measured and suitable shoes bought, i.e. Clarks etc in width fittings. I think they would cost a damn sight more than £10

kittylester Wed 24-Jun-15 13:32:46

anyone going any where nice on holiday this year? confused

Soutra Wed 24-Jun-15 13:49:42

I thought I might go to the Shoe Exhibition at the V&A as we will be at home. Failing that, there is the Shoe Museum in Northampton.

kittylester Wed 24-Jun-15 13:55:29


HildaW Wed 24-Jun-15 14:45:10

Even more obtuse, there is a Needle museum in Redditch.

newist Wed 24-Jun-15 15:10:09

Yes but.... I am trying to get the outside of my house painted, a lovely white I must say. It keeps raining and stopping the work from being done. Most frustrating sad

grrrranny Wed 24-Jun-15 15:56:50

Nowhere nice kittylester but if it stops raining I could go and watch the paint on newist's house just for a treat.grin

Nelliemoser Wed 24-Jun-15 16:16:11

My maternal Grandma worked as a boot machinist in Leicester according to the 1911 census.

It does not say what colour the boots were. I hope they were not Brown Boots which someone later wore to a funeral. Think of the shame of it.