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You'll never hear me say this.

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NanKate Mon 24-Aug-15 21:59:26

No no I couldn't possibly eat a dessert !

What wouldn't you say?

Charleygirl Mon 24-Aug-15 22:23:26

I hate jelly, custard, cream, and really anything sweet which is served as a dessert. I prefer a savoury dish. I would just say that I was awfully full and could not possibly eat any more.

Cherrytree59 Mon 24-Aug-15 22:33:31

"I couldn't possbly eat another chocolate" grin

janerowena Mon 24-Aug-15 22:34:27

'I think it's SO cute, when I hear grown women put on a baby voice to get around their husbands!'

Maggiemaybe Mon 24-Aug-15 23:09:17

'I'll go with my gut.'
Whenever I hear a contestant say this on a quiz show, it brings out all my mean instincts and I will them to fail. Add the word 'instinct' and I'll root for you.

Coolgran65 Mon 24-Aug-15 23:29:47

I think the word 'basically' is a useful word....I love it !!

Coolgran65 Mon 24-Aug-15 23:31:13

I mean you'll never hear me say that....

absent Mon 24-Aug-15 23:47:36

Is this like a trick question?

FarNorth Mon 24-Aug-15 23:51:52

"I'm not a feminist but ....."

NanKate Tue 25-Aug-15 07:22:25

No Absent it's not a trick question. I was out with old friends for lunch yesterday and when it came to dessert I was busily looking through the menu when my friend said 'I rarely eat desserts' and I suddenly realised I never said that, wish I did as I would be a size or two smaller.

Now back to the thread.

J52 Tue 25-Aug-15 07:37:18

I'm more likely to suggest sharing a desert. A pub restaurant near us does mini deserts with a coffee or tea. It's a great idea, you get the sweet taste, but only a fraction of the calories.


Anne58 Tue 25-Aug-15 07:45:58

"I really love the way young people so frequently use the word "like", it makes their conversation so interesting"

feetlebaum Tue 25-Aug-15 08:02:17

@J52 - not many calories in sand...

Anne58 Tue 25-Aug-15 08:28:02


ninathenana Tue 25-Aug-15 08:39:27

"Cricket is my favourite sport"

J52 Tue 25-Aug-15 08:40:20

Ha, ha. I've told my I Pad off!

Mind you, it's the ' wiches' that add the calories!


rosesarered Tue 25-Aug-15 08:46:14

"No, I don't feel like reading today!"

Lona Tue 25-Aug-15 08:50:47

I'm going to clean right through the house today!

Falconbird Tue 25-Aug-15 08:52:38

I give up.

I keep my worries to myself.

Indinana Tue 25-Aug-15 08:53:03

"Oh good! A comedy show with Alan Carr and Harry Hill"

Greyduster Tue 25-Aug-15 09:07:44

"I don't want to go fishing.....".

Falconbird Tue 25-Aug-15 09:08:14

Indinana grin have to agree 100 percent.

Bellanonna Tue 25-Aug-15 09:15:17

Yer know what I mean yeah, right? makes a sentence flow better. Ditto

EhUp Tue 25-Aug-15 09:16:31

"My bad" I am still not entirely sure what it means.

grannyactivist Tue 25-Aug-15 09:42:37

"Yes, of course I'd love to go on a long bike ride." grin