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What have you done today?

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vampirequeen Fri 28-Jul-17 08:50:18

We went to Ikea. Never going to go during the school holidays again. Why do yummy mummies think it's OK for their little poppets to run around and climb on things? It's a shop not a playground. Fortunately we knew exactly what we wanted so didn't have to stay too long whilst Felix, Imelda et al ran amok. Later we went to B and Q. Not a yummy mummy hang out so it was much better.

Anniebach Fri 28-Jul-17 09:01:46

Gosh, they open early , never been in their stores. I am still in bed

Teetime Fri 28-Jul-17 09:04:14

mmm I don't get up early now I'm retired so I've only done the breakfast, made the bed, cleaned the kitchen and made the packed lunch for golf. I'm now dealing with e-mails etc before setting off for golf. Have a nice day all.

theretheredear Fri 28-Jul-17 09:09:39

It's my day off today, so not even out of bed yet!grin

Maggiemaybe Fri 28-Jul-17 09:20:32

I'm just getting up... But if we're talking about yesterday we went to the senior screening of Out In Style at the pictures (Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman robbing a bank to get their pension back and giving us WASPIs ideas). And I spent the rest of the day researching and booking a lovely treat for our Ruby Wedding in September. Hurrah! A day well spent, in my book. smile

whitewave Fri 28-Jul-17 09:20:48

Just had breakfast. Tidied house, fed the birds, Emptied dishwasher, put washing on made bed now about to do ironing. Bit early for anything interesting. I get the jobs out of the way first then enjoy myself!

Maggiemaybe Fri 28-Jul-17 09:21:32

You're all so industrious!

aggie Fri 28-Jul-17 09:32:21

I raced into the shower , think I managed to get most of me wet , then dry ,struggled into clothes , down stairs , put OH s legs back in bed , persuaded him to keep covers on the bed , made porridge , toast , put on washing machine ......... no sign of carers to get him up ..... sigh ... put legs back in bed , tucked covers down the side of their sides ....... decided to make my own brecky , hmmmm the carers are here , took washing out to line , back to room , did shuttle with porridge , toast , next load of washing ... having a cuppa while the machine drones on ...

annsixty Fri 28-Jul-17 09:34:04

I am sitting in my dressing gown just having finished my cereal and now wasting time on GN. Happy days.

Jalima1108 Fri 28-Jul-17 09:35:06

Are you in Australia vq? and it is your evening?
I know that Ikea has opened in Brisbane (however, it's not the school holidays)!

Had breakfast, looked on here, now going to tidy kitchen, make the bed, shower then pick up the DGC - end of lazy day smile

annsixty Fri 28-Jul-17 09:43:02

I feel for you aggie. My H is nowhere near as bad as yours. Physically he is fine and healthy as a butcher's dog. He just doesn't know what happened a minute ago. When I leave a room he has to come and look for me even though I have told him where and why and I can leave him alone for two hours if I write on a whiteboard where I am and the time I will be back , always over estimated so he doesn't think " I have had a terrible accident" if 5 minutes late. flowers

aggie Fri 28-Jul-17 09:50:37

Oh Ann I do sympathise , OH can be irritating shouting for me when I am in the same room , hence the rush in the am to get down to reassure him . They have no sense of time ! 5 mins is an hour. But you have to keep the good side out or you would be a wreck ccf

aggie Fri 28-Jul-17 09:52:05

That was x x x ! at the end lol

DanniRae Fri 28-Jul-17 16:14:32

I got up at 7.35 - had a cuppa - wrote my diary for yesterday - encouraged my son to get up and go into work for his last day (his farewell 'do' was last night and he came in quite late and quite 'refreshed') - put on a wash load - painted my toenails - went and bought paper - read paper - now I am having a happy time on Gransnet!

callgirl1 Fri 28-Jul-17 16:23:44

Vacuumed cat hairs off settee, washed kitchen/lobby/bathroom floor, put a load of washing on, now on my laptop till teatime.

Greyduster Fri 28-Jul-17 16:57:33

Got up late - ish. Drove to bathroom centre and FINALLY sorted out what is going into our new bathroom - except for the towel warmer. Came back, did a load of ironing, had a late lunch, got my son to tell me who is actually coming to lunch on Sunday so that they are no longer mystery guests, and what they like to eat. Made a shepherds pie which we will eat very shortly. I will round off my activities by having a FaceTime session with my grandson who is now on his hols in Cornwall. If I could only get rid of this infernal ringing in my ears, my day would be wonderful.

Tizliz Fri 28-Jul-17 17:13:07

I have done the VAT at last - don't know why I hate it so much (apart from the fact that the accountant always finds errors). Just need to file everything now.

merlotgran Fri 28-Jul-17 17:22:05

Battled the wind in the veg garden picking courgettes, cavolo nero, cabbage and French beans for the local pub who we supply in return for Sunday lunch now and again (nothing beats bartering)

DH has been busy with the chainsaw dealing with a thankfully not too large tree which blew down in a gale the other night missing our mobile home by about six inches! shock

What awful weather we're having.

suzied Fri 28-Jul-17 17:27:53

I've been to my youngest son's civil wedding . It's in France . His now legal wife is French but they both live in London , her family are here. The big do is tomorrow with a church do and a reception in a marquee in the parents garden which will go on all night I m not sure how long I'll last, the dancing doesn't start till midnight apparently. Having a rest in hotel and going out for evening meal with family soon 😊And the weather is beautiful 🌞

TwiceAsNice Fri 28-Jul-17 17:35:19

Woke up, too cup of tea and cereal back to bed for breakfast and watched tele programme whilst I ate. Then walked to daughters just down the road and we went to Aldi, she did her own shop, I did other daughters shop with a list emailed to my phone, list drove me mad should have written it down on paper, much easier! Daughters bewildered by me thinking this but that's another story! Came back had some lunch, spent 2 hours doing the housework I usually do on a Friday morning. Oh before that unloaded DD2 shopping into her fridge and cupboards for her and unloaded her dishwasher and reloaded it whilst I was there. ( not moaning she is v grateful for any little jobs I do for her whilst she's in work) Now sitting down with cup of tea on here , whilst washing machine spins madly. Nice piece of salmon defrosting for my tea.

TwiceAsNice Fri 28-Jul-17 17:36:52

Took not too sorry

watermeadow Fri 28-Jul-17 18:00:48

Up at 5, pottered, walked dog to buy paper, read paper, round to daughter's to collect children. Very cross as she only asked at 8 last night and I'm supposed to be volunteering in charity shop on Fridays.
We made gingerbread men. The indescribable mess! The spitty fingers in the bowl! Me teaching them a new word -HYGIENE!
Back to daughter's to let dog out and keep him company. Dog poo walked through house by kid.
Back home, kids have fight, do sewing with them, read to them, feed them, clear up after them.
3.30 hurrah, son in law collects kids! Bye bye darlings! Collapse on sofa.

paddyann Fri 28-Jul-17 18:03:53

got up ,fed grandaughter ,then made 5 dozen each of scones ,pancakes and cupcakes ,made chocolate fudge icing ,and vanilla icing for cakes and decorated them all .They are being donated to a local music festival cafe along with other things and a few hours of my time this weekend.Packed bag for grandaughter to go to her dads and now sitting with the first cup of HOT tea I've managed today ...oh and we had a wee dance around the kitchen to my new Clean Bandit cd

grannysyb Fri 28-Jul-17 18:17:09

Got up,breakfast,changed bed, gave bathrooms a quick wipe round,had shower, walked to Twickenham, had light lunch with friends and then went to see DBF and had a cuppa. Now waiting for DH to finish watching Test Match,and then we're going out to a local restaurant.

Galen Fri 28-Jul-17 18:21:49

Got up, washed, dressed. Had an orange juice got in taxi, went to Wales to work for the day. Came home and sat down!