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what makes u feel virtuous?

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Morgana Fri 28-Jul-17 10:36:45

Feeling very virtuous after clearing out the junk cupboard yesterday! It's still got plenty of junk in it; but we've taken 3 bags to charity shop and have two to go into recycling. Taken me ages to get round to doing it!

grannysue05 Fri 28-Jul-17 10:48:31

Cleaning out DH's shed. Yes, it should be him, but he is away.
Pouring with rain yesterday so I tackled this mamoth job.
I found enough junk to fill a large black sack which I now need to take to the tip.
Collected countless pairs of old, ripped, sodden gardening gloves ! Where did they all come from?
Yes, today I feel virtuous Morgana

Christinefrance Fri 28-Jul-17 11:07:40

Only one sack GrannySue I would need a skip to clear my husband's barn and they don't have them here in France smile

glammanana Fri 28-Jul-17 11:15:54

Every time I finish unpacking a box which has been in the shed since our house move 3mths ago only about 12 to go

kittylester Fri 28-Jul-17 11:32:05

Not a lot currently, but we are about to do the garage. shock

Maggiemaybe Fri 28-Jul-17 11:33:03

Actually doing something I've said I'll do on the house front. The grandkids have been away this week, DD1 has moved into her new house and removed the 20 odd big boxes of stuff we were storing for her, so I promised myself I'd sort our cellar out. I was even looking forward to it. Well it's Friday now and all I've sorted is a towering pile of old documents (MOT reminders for the last four years, anyone?). And now I'm sitting here prevaricating again.

Right, I'm off. Where are those bin bags and Marigolds?

Scribbles Fri 28-Jul-17 12:52:46

Good heavens, GrannySue; I'd only ever tackle OH's shed if I wanted a divorce! He loves all that "stuff" and knows when something's been moved, let alone chucked out. If he ends up crushed under an avalanche of his own junk, that's down to him. I'm not going near it.
I feel virtuous whenever I actually do housework instead of just thinking about

rosesarered Fri 28-Jul-17 12:59:47

Maggie......get on with it! (did that help?) grin

Don't know about 'virtuous' but always feel better for tidying drawers/cupboards/ wardrobes etc.Have done a fair bit of it this last week, and yes, it does give a glow.😇

Charleygirl Fri 28-Jul-17 13:01:03

An empty loft and a very tidy shed.The former will stay because I cannot physically get to it but I ma ever hopeful that the latter will be like that next spring- that will be a first.

AlieOxon Fri 28-Jul-17 13:13:20

I'm doing a slow change in my house. Getting rid of stuff for me is not easy because my back won't take very much lifting. My sister has said she will take away 2 old doors that I brought in and now can't lift!

Many pictures are going up on the walls, something I intended and have kept putting off - why? because the walls are concrete and very very hard. Now I have discovered the style called 'Granny chic' (!) and can put up as many pics as I want with little masonry nails...whee!

Still have two cluttered sheds though.

Maggiemaybe Fri 28-Jul-17 13:19:30

Maggie......get on with it! (did that help?) grin

Thanks for trying roses. As I was on my way to get the Marigolds the post arrived with bank and card statements that I just had to put on my spreadsheets (geek alert!). Then that sort of morphed into having another online browse, and an Amazon order, then my Tesco grocery shop arrived, and then lunch.. I'm going in now, once the BBC news has finished, of course. grin

Maggiemaybe Fri 28-Jul-17 13:20:23

Oh, and I'll need a cuppa to get me going...

ninathenana Fri 28-Jul-17 13:35:22

I will virtuous when I eventually empty the letter rack and either shred stuff or take it upstairs to the filing cabinet. I will feel even more virtuous when it gets put in the filing cabinet along with the pile currently sitting on top.

Crafting Fri 28-Jul-17 13:45:38

Not having a shortbread biscuit (or two) just a cup of tea for lunch. Will I be able to hold out till dinner time though? hmm

BBbevan Fri 28-Jul-17 14:03:40

When the ironing basket is empty.

DanniRae Fri 28-Jul-17 16:19:37

My ironing basket is sky high but if I manage about 5 things I feel very virtuous. Well done BBbevan!

Jane10 Fri 28-Jul-17 16:23:52

I've never felt virtuous sad

Cherrytree59 Fri 28-Jul-17 16:30:57

I would feel extremely virtuous if I had an empty loft and a tidy garage. there's a pig flying by

However I have just purchased some plastic shower curtain rings which I am about to attach to a couple of hangers
In the hope that I all be able to hang all my scarves neatly in some sort of order.
I expect that I will feel at least satisfied if not virtuoussmile
Unless they all fall off in a heap on the floor

AlieOxon Fri 28-Jul-17 16:39:36

I'm not virtuous. I just ate two chocolate digestives.

But before that I did go out and get my car a brake light bulb and a little machine to pump up its tyres.....

whitewave Fri 28-Jul-17 16:42:55

Ignoring unpleasant remarks on GN.

whitewave Fri 28-Jul-17 16:48:24

But that has now been neutralised by me licking out the bowl with mascarpone custard I've just made for the custard. Delicious!!!

whitewave Fri 28-Jul-17 16:48:40

Trifle not custard!!!

Iam64 Fri 28-Jul-17 16:49:55

I can't recall ever feeling virtuous. I feel a bit undone because I can't work out if feeling virtuous equates with feelin smug or superior. That's something I absorbed during childhood as being Bad.
I always feel happy if I get round to tidying cupboards and draws, then going to the charity shop with and thing decent. Is that virtue? I have a similar feeling when I do the borders, a bit of weeding, tidying and pruning.

Nelliemoser Fri 28-Jul-17 18:04:01

Cleaning the house. The spring loaded shower curtain collapsed the other morning so instead of just putting it back up I set to deep cleaning the ensuite bathroom then my bedroom. I will have to put the shower curtain tonight when I get the grow tall step so I can reach. The whole room is so much nicer.

I will be doing more when OH is away so I can clear out all the stuff we don't need or is broken. It took 3yrs before he noticed the old broken Dyson was no longer in the garage.
I am sure I am not the only person to have to deal with hoarding.
I do minimal ironing. carefully pull garments into shape smoothing out the fabric and then roll them up.

AlieOxon Fri 28-Jul-17 18:05:42

If I felt virtuous after cleaning I'd do more of it. I think.