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What’s in your kitchen drawer?

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Daddima Thu 14-Dec-17 17:17:27

I might have asked this before, but I think there are things everyone has in their kitchen drawers. Here are some for starters;

Old batteries
Clothes pegs
Instruction booklets for items long gone.
Takeaway menus

And many more.......

CherryHatrick Thu 14-Dec-17 17:34:09

I only have a stack of three small drawers in my kitchen; the top one holds cutlery and cooking utensils in daily use, the second holds graters, potato mashers, measuring cups and less often used things. The bottom is reserved for mandolins, trussing string and the accessories for my ancient rotisserie.

Now the two sideboard drawers in the living room are complete glory holes holding all of your items and many many more, including a set of clockwork dentures, playing cards, stapler and hole punch, a bag of rather sticky Werther's toffees, assorted business cards and something solid that is stopping me opening the right hand one more than two inches...

jusnoneed Thu 14-Dec-17 18:18:16

Cutlery in one, with a small pot for odd buttons etc and pens and notelets for shopping lists. Cooking implements, rolling pin, wooden spoons, masher etc in another. Third contains freezer bags, bin bags, string, drawing pins and suchlike.

Nanabilly Thu 14-Dec-17 22:14:52

A ball of string and a tape measure among my cutlery and utensils.

harrigran Thu 14-Dec-17 22:48:53

Drawers under cookers hold baking tins and so on. Drawers beneath hob hold cutlery, crockery and casserole dishes. A bank of three drawers holds kitchen gadgets, freezer bags and oven gloves.
There is absolutely no junk allowed in my kitchen.

callgirl1 Thu 14-Dec-17 23:03:58

Cutlery and kitchen utensils
Drink coasters
Spare funny, tiny bulbs for light fitting
Partitions for saucepan
Scissors (4 assorted pairs)
Steel panscrubs
Spare dishcloths

I think that`s about it, but it does cover 2 drawers.

callgirl1 Thu 14-Dec-17 23:04:55

Forgot rolling pin and string!

MawBroon Thu 14-Dec-17 23:06:13

As they say in France
Sans paroles

paddyann Thu 14-Dec-17 23:56:15

Goodness I've got 15 drawers,holding T-towels ,cutlery,baking cutters and icing equipment,cutting boards,spices,flavourings and stock cubes etc,jars of mustard,jelly and tomato puree,my hand held mixer and rolling pin.and a drawer for mail thats to be dealt with ..oh my GC's sweetie drawer and a drawer with cat food pouches.Medicines are kept in a cabinet in the loo ,I like drawers ,,easy to see whats in them instead of rummaging through cupboards

Jalima1108 Thu 14-Dec-17 23:57:17

Nice worktop Maw grin
and what I can see of the drawer front looks nice
And I like the floor

I just need a new kitchen then I can clear out all my junk.grin

Jalima1108 Thu 14-Dec-17 23:58:43

it depends, I have pull out drawers in a big cupboard for tins etc
but there are never enough drawers, although 15 sounds nearly enough!

harrigran Fri 15-Dec-17 08:01:13

If I include the pull out cupboard thingie I have 20 drawers tchblush
Never thought to count them before.

Eglantine21 Fri 15-Dec-17 08:08:47

Any Terry Pratchett fans who remember Anoia, the Godess of things that get stuck in drawers? grin

NfkDumpling Fri 15-Dec-17 08:10:39

Um, everything except the kitchen sink? (sorry)

kittylester Fri 15-Dec-17 08:20:18

Well, two big drawers, one has pans, frying pans. graters, scales and a trivet, one with all the bits for my kenwood, roasting tins of varying sizes and baking trays of varying sizes.

Cutlery drawer
Knife and scissors drawer
Drawer for other stuff - measuring spoons, whisks, servers, egg topper and timer and spatula type things.
Drawer with foil, film, greaseproof paper and baking parchment and some of those liner type things.
Tea towel drawer
Towel drawer
Drawer with table mats and serviettes
Drawer with doilies, cup cake cases, cake tin liners paper napkins.
Drawer with aprons, oven gloves, pvc table cover
Children's craft drawer.
Drawer with unused but possibly eventually useful things - potato masher, serviette rings, knife steel etc, etc
Drawer with freezer bag clips, bottle stoppers, thingy for opening ring pulls and a thingy for opening jars.

But, I suspect you are asking about THE drawer - that contains chalk, drawing pins, blue tack, bits of string, a pot for £1 coins, bobbles, a screwdriver and anything else that needs a home!!

kittylester Fri 15-Dec-17 08:23:08

Oh, I forgot the tall cupboard in the utility room used for storing 'dry' goods - that has 7 drawers!

Maggiemaybe Fri 15-Dec-17 09:20:41

Most of the above, plus the wallpaper I line them with, cat's flea stuff that I only remember when it's out of date, Christmas cracker goodies that just might come in handy for something, used stamps, sticky labels, fuse wire because we may of course have to go back to the old boxes one day confused, fuses (but never the right one), chopsticks and kebab skewers, old books of matches that never strike, unmatched baby cutlery, rusty twist ties, a couple of needles stuck in a cork, spare toothbrush, instructions for how to reset the oven and microwave clocks, fruit knives inherited from my DGM, some weird instrument that I think might be for finishing off creme brulee, and an oversized carving set in case we ever fancy a suckling pig for tea. We've only got three drawers.....

Smithy Fri 15-Dec-17 09:34:39

Please come and organise mine, Harrigran.
Clockwork dentures? Hmm

NonnaW Fri 15-Dec-17 11:12:35

I know what they don’t have, and that’s the Christmas Tree biscuit cutter I bought last year! The star, holly leaf and snowman cutters are there but the tree? Vanished without trace confused

starbird Fri 15-Dec-17 11:26:43

I have only three small drawers in the kitchen - one for cutlery but large things and wooden spoons go in a pot, one has foil, clingfilm, bin bags and a few things like pizza cutter, potato perler, can opener, and third is for junk like instruction books, sellotape, batteries, scissors etc.
I had to buy small baskets for things like tea towels, cleaning cloths and other junk, to make up for lack of drawer space.

Anniebach Fri 15-Dec-17 11:59:50

I have four drawers in kitchen, two very small so I like starbird use baskets too

kittylester Fri 15-Dec-17 12:18:53

I think this thread proves that 'stuff' expands to fill the drawers available!tchgrin

JackyB Fri 15-Dec-17 12:20:09

This was what my mother calls the "toot" drawer.

You usually find rubber bands, various other fastening gadgets, pencils, crayons and bits of chalk and those little plastic sachets of liquid or powder that you get with cut flowers.

In mine, I have toothpicks, labels for the freezer, plus various odd screws, nuts and bolts and broken off handles and hooks; I don't know where any of them belong.

But even reading these lists makes me want to go and tidy out my drawers - and thoroughly wash my hands!

hildajenniJ Fri 15-Dec-17 14:23:48

My drawers consists of, from the top down;
Serving spoons, forks rolling pin and baking utensils.
Tea towels, table cloths
Recipe books. (Seldom used these days).

I have another slim drawer under a display cabinet for my fancy glasses and posh mugs. It holds batteries, odd things I don't have a use for, along with take away menus and other small bits of household detritus.

Eglantine I love Terry Pratchett's small gods. grin

shysal Fri 15-Dec-17 16:06:59

This page isn't long enough to list the contents of my drawer tchblush! I only have the one shallow one plus 2 pan drawers in my tiny kitchen. The knives, forks and spoons are in an upright tub on the window sill and I have an overflow container plus hooks on the wall for long tools, sugar thermometer, pizza scissors and 3 sizes of ice cream scoop for baking. Some of the items date back to my mother's day, like the crinkle veg cutter. Believe it or not I can lay my hand to anything immediately.