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Most thoughtful or apt gift you received this Christmas

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NanaandGrampy Thu 28-Dec-17 10:06:46

I'm at a place where I don't want or need much so i know I can be difficult to buy for.

My most treasured gifts are usually homemade things from the grandchildren and I have many on my Christmas tree that bring back wonderful memories each year.

But this year my favourite gift from my family is a Grandparents photoshoot. I am the photographer in our family so hardly ever in the pictures , so they purchased a session for me, Grampy and all the little ones .

What a lovely thought and one which I am sure will produce more memories to treasure.

What was your favourite or most apt gift ( even something you bought for yourself ( something I do sometimes smile))

Nannylovesshopping Thu 28-Dec-17 10:19:52

nanaandGrampy what a wonderful thoughtful gift from your family, my favourite was from my dgds, a pink glass bottle with stars in that light up!! Chosen, paid for with their own money and wrapped by them, given with much love, priceless smile

bikergran Thu 28-Dec-17 10:52:51

Well I still have a little something to come from my other dd,but this is what dd no2 bought me, we decided that we would have a budget for adults and this is what she bought me. it is for when we have afternoon tea where I make mini sandwiches and tiny cakes smile

Anniebach Thu 28-Dec-17 10:54:18

My grandchildren bought me a Willow Tree Angel

bikergran Thu 28-Dec-17 10:54:19

little cake tier,2 cups sauces and little tea pot (the feraros in the background are long gone)!!! blush

Grannyknot Thu 28-Dec-17 11:08:54

This exquisite embroidered brooch chosen by my son-in-law. I love it. The photo is not touched up by the way ...

bikergran Thu 28-Dec-17 11:15:43

very unusual Granny

vampirequeen Thu 28-Dec-17 11:43:08

A Roman sesterce from the reign of Antoninus Pius (second century CE). DH started planning the purchase months ago when he went into a local antique shop and discussed what he wanted with the owner. She not only found one but also let him pay it off a bit at a time. We don't have a lot of money so it took him ages to pay with what bits and pieces he had.

It's a little bronze coin that most people wouldn't be interested in but, to me, it's wonderful.

mollie Thu 28-Dec-17 11:44:18

What lovely gifts! I’m envious. The only gifts I got I had to buy myself (with one exception - thank you Downtoearth smile

Funnygran Thu 28-Dec-17 11:56:59

I have had a calendar from my youngest grandson for the last three years. His parents obviously ask their siblings for photos from the year gone by and it's put together via an internet site with pictures of all six grandchildren. I would be very disappointed not to get one now and it's one of my favourite presents again this year.

Coconut Thu 28-Dec-17 12:02:56

About September time my daughter asked me to try this beautiful coat on for size, that she had bought for her Mum in law. It was very expensive and very classy and I thought how much MIL would love it. Guess what, it was a trick, it was for me !! Also, as I am off to the Carnival in Rio in Feb, and was saying it will be complicated for money as I need 3 lots of currency. So my 2 sons gave me 3 different lots of currency for Chile, Argentina and Brazil !! I feel I am one very lucky lady !!

Diddy1 Thu 28-Dec-17 12:04:05

A little candle as a Christmas tree, too nice to light, we didnt have a tree this year, my Grandson (16) bought this, so we didnt miss out on a tree after all.

NanaandGrampy Thu 28-Dec-17 12:06:43

What lovely gifts - it just goes to show our children can be thoughtful ( not just a pain LOL) and our grandchildren's gifts are cherished no matter how little something cost.

I love your afternoon tea bits and bobs Biker , that's right up my street.

I hope you bought some lovely things Mollie even if you did buy them yourself !!

oldgaijin Thu 28-Dec-17 12:09:37

A dryer/styling gadget for my fine, post chemo hair. Now I don't look like a dandelion clock any more!

rusheylee Thu 28-Dec-17 12:12:07


HillyN Thu 28-Dec-17 12:26:18

My DD1 had a jigsaw puzzle made from a picture of our favourite holiday view. It had several pieces shaped like flowers, butterflies, cats etc and although it wasn't large it was tricky to complete. DH and I spent most of Boxing Day doing it.

cornergran Thu 28-Dec-17 12:29:48

Oh rusheylee I dont know what to say.

We don't do 'proper' gifts for adults but something small, often jokey. My favourites this year were gluten free treats bought by my thoughtful daughter in law - she knew I wouldn't buy them for myself, I'd look at the price and faint.

Rolande Thu 28-Dec-17 12:36:17

The last few years I have been researching ancestors on Ancestry site. I found so much information and also a 3rd cousin from Idaho who came to visit me! So one of my presents from DD was DNA kit. I can't wait to see what I discover there! Exciting!

minxie Thu 28-Dec-17 12:42:14

My son and girlfriend are off to Australia In January for a year or so and he gave me a Framed photo of them both. I just love it

Legs55 Thu 28-Dec-17 12:43:37

I had 2 very thoughtful presents this year, DD & her OH bought me a lovely toaster (mine had died), it's quicker than my old one & is bright red which brightens up my kitchentchsmile.

2nd present was a picture frame containing 3 photos of my DGSs, professional photos but the best bit is that DGS1, aged 7, chose the photostchsmile

OldMeg Thu 28-Dec-17 12:45:46

A trail camera that I can set up to see what comes into my garden at night.

Yorkshiregirl Thu 28-Dec-17 12:45:55

My daughter bought me my 1st pair of Sketchers memory foam trainers, which are fantastically comfortable and will be great for walking my dog. Brought all the way from America while on holiday

Christinefrance Thu 28-Dec-17 12:46:14

Amongst other things my granddaughter sent me some gin socks !!

wilygran Thu 28-Dec-17 12:58:41

I got a gift token for a specialist lingerie shop so I can at last treat myself to a bra that is actually comfortable & fits properly!

MissAdventure Thu 28-Dec-17 13:00:05

Not a gift, but my daughters dog was rehomed on boxing day, and I was so happy I cried.
Just hope she behaves herself! I have been tormented by the thought of her away from her beloved family: hopefully she'll have years with the new people, and be a loyal pet again. smile