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Some help others, some don't !

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Dontaskme Thu 01-Mar-18 07:48:31

We know a lady who lives about a mile away who has a cat. Badgered my DS to go and make sure everything was ok. He walked as can't get cars out, took supplies, cleared snow from the back door to let the cat out and in then walked home. On the walk home he slipped coming down some steps and has bashed his head and back leaving him bruised and in pain. He said the wind was knocked out of him and he stayed on the ground for a short while, and although people saw him slip no-one came to help or ask if he was ok, just walked round him. No good deed goes unpunished! Be careful out there people, its icy.

gillybob Thu 01-Mar-18 08:02:39

What cruel fate that your DS hurt himself after doing a good deed for someone else Dontaskme Typical!

I can’t believe that people walked round him after he fell . Some people are completely ignorant and heartless .

What goes around comes around!

Hope he’s okay now . smile

Baggs Thu 01-Mar-18 08:06:03

Blimey, dontask, that's awful! People even stop and ask me if I'm allright when I'm just sitting on the sea wall waiting for a bus!

I hope there aren't concussive repercussions from your DH's fall.

Telly Thu 01-Mar-18 08:22:40

That is really a sad reflection on people. Hope he's OK, at least he did the right thing.

Greyduster Thu 01-Mar-18 08:46:21

That’s awful. I hope your DS is okay. I went down yesterday on the way back from the supermarket. DS was with me but before he could get to me, two younger chaps rushed over and picked me up, and asked if I was okay. I said nothing damaged but my dignity. One said he had also been down on the floor once that afternoon, so not to worry about dignity!

Maggiemaybe Thu 01-Mar-18 08:48:02

How awful that no one helped. He’d have been fending them off around here. I hope your DS is okay.

Luckygirl Thu 01-Mar-18 08:59:18

I am sad to hear that people walked round him and did nothing - that is truly appalling. This is one of the reasons that I do not like big cities - walking past homeless people lying in doorways is so callous and I always feel ashamed of myself that there is nothing I can think of to do - and people streaming past, inured to the sight.

Auntieflo Thu 01-Mar-18 09:04:04

So sorry to hear that Dontaskme, I do hope he is alright and not too bruised.

radicalnan Thu 01-Mar-18 10:12:43

How can people be so unkind? I hope he is OK.

NonnaW Thu 01-Mar-18 10:18:11

How awful! DH slipped yesterday while crossing the road with the 2 dogs, he went down face forward luckily the only injury was a bleeding nose. A lady stopped her car to check he was ok, gave a handful of tissues and offered him a lift, which he declined. I can’t understand people who can ignore someone who has fallen, just hope karma gets them eventually.

Nonnie Thu 01-Mar-18 10:18:22

That is terrible. Like Maggie round here everyone would have jumped in to help and would all have ended up as good friends!

Our local newspaper often has letters from people saying thanks for some good deed or other. People who have lived here all their lives just take it for granted but it is very special to those of us who have lived in other places.

Mapleleaf Thu 01-Mar-18 10:23:22

How terrible, dontaskme. I hope that your son is alright. As someone said up post, keep an eye out for signs of concussion if he banged his head. It's unbelievable that not even one person stopped to ask if he was alright, very sad indeed. I hope they never injure themselves in public and get ignored. A sad world at times.

Musicelf Thu 01-Mar-18 10:33:27

I fell on ice/snow outside a driveway around the corner from where I live (small market town) and was asked very curtly to move out of the way by the owner who was waiting to get his car out.

This was some years back, but I suspect the reaction would be the same today.

SillyNanny321 Thu 01-Mar-18 10:34:50

No-one would stop for anything or anyone round here, unless it is money Lol!! Seriously since this bad weather started I have heard & seen no-one apart from texts from my lovely DS who has to work. No-one young in our street to bother about any of us oldies so we just have to 'grin & bear it'. Couldnt get out if i wanted to now as snow is over the top of my boots. Hope all GN's are safe & warm & no power cuts please?

Nannyme Thu 01-Mar-18 10:37:16

I always remember many years ago when I was pregnant with my first born I was out shopping and felt as if I was going to faint, I sat on a bench and stuck my head between my knees, no one came to my aid and a woman who was already on the bench got up and moved away. It took me ages to recover enough to walk home, so it’s not anything new!!! I hope your son is feeling ok now and be proud of him for going to help someone.

Craftycat Thu 01-Mar-18 10:45:32

When I was 16 I was verbally attacked by a man at a bus stop. He quoted religious texts to me & called me 'the whore of Babylon' & tried to push me into the road.There was a long queue & not one person came to my aid. He was a well known local character & was drunk at 8am as usual. I was so upset & crying & shaking. After he lurched off a woman from behind me came up & said 'was that your Landlord?' She then proceeded to tell me she worked with my Mum so she must have known I still lived at home & was 16.
2 weeks later he pushed a pregnant woman onto train tracks. She was OK & he was 'put away' at last but I have never forgotten how frightened I I felt standing there & I would NEVER ignore anyone in need of help.

luzdoh Thu 01-Mar-18 11:10:34

Dontaskme * just walked round him* ?!!!! I hope they fry in hell!!!
Give him a big hug from me - not too tight as to hurt him - and a mug of hot soup. What a terrible world! Such a lovely lad to go and sort out the old lady and her cat.
Where do you live? I have been helped here in East Midlands, most often by people who are more recent settlers in Britain. Being disabled, I often struggle with doors and so on.
I weep for the unkindness of selfish people.
I give thanks for the kindness of strangers. I rejoice for the caring of you and your dear son.

Dianic Thu 01-Mar-18 11:13:55

That's horrid - your poor DS. Hope he's okay? People are really friendly round our way and would've been straight over to see if he was okay.

I face-planted in a dark car park at work one evening and 2 of our customers rushed over to help me back up... then again, I can literally trip over thin air lately!

Tessa101 Thu 01-Mar-18 11:17:40

I get cross with the amount of times I’ve seen people ignore someone that needs help. I’m the first there to help if I can, it seems that caring gene isn’t in all of us.

caocao Thu 01-Mar-18 11:19:49

I was quite shocked last year at the way people ignore someone who obviously is in need of help. I was in Homesense right next to a table display of glassware and crockery when I had a sudden severe dizzy spell - thought I was going to throw up and keel over! Stood still for a few seconds and then managed to make my way to a sideboard which I ended up leaning on with my eyes closed for at least 10 minutes. People just carried on shopping around me. Now they might have thought I was drunk or or drugs - although I am in my fifties and I think respectable looking - but even if they didn't want to approach me you would think one of them might have said something to a member of staff.

ajanela Thu 01-Mar-18 11:52:31

I tripped and fell recently and 3 cars stopped to see if I was OK. Also at Christmas I saw a man had fallen down so I stopped, helped him up, offered to take him home and others came out to help.

Incredible someone would walk around your son.what were they thinking. Is it a dangerous area?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 01-Mar-18 11:54:17

It's sad that people don't help others. Over the years I've had a few falls and each time some lovely person has come to help me.
I'm not risking going out in this awful snow, though silly me - I conscientiously pulled my dustbin out then went online to find that the local council has cancelled bin collections. Immediately I rang my older neighbour to advise her not to bother with hers. In a while I'll trundle mine back in. Damnation.

Peardrop50 Thu 01-Mar-18 11:57:25

Dontaskme you must be very proud of your well brought and kind ds. So sorry that he hurt himself and that has to experience the selfishness of others. What a sad reflection of society in some areas.
We are lucky in our rural backwater most people are more like you and your son.
Give him a GN award for kindness.

Peardrop50 Thu 01-Mar-18 11:57:52

Well brought up of course

inishowen Thu 01-Mar-18 12:05:27

My daughter helped a woman who had fallen outside M&S. The staff also came to help. As the woman had bled on her clothes the staff brought her new clothes to put on. So good things happen too. I'm sorry your son was not helped.