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Cordless stick vacuums

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Luckygirl Wed 04-Apr-18 19:03:59

Anyone got one? Any recommendations?

I have been looking these up and am surprised to see that the charge only lasts between 10 and 20 minutes; even the expensive Dyson ones - is this really how it is? Doesn't seem much to me.

All advice gratefully received - many thanks.

merlotgran Wed 04-Apr-18 19:15:06

I have a Dyson V6 Fluffy. Best thing I ever bought. It's great for both laminate floors and carpets. We have downsized and don't have a large place so the amount of charged time doesn't worry me. I'm not sure exactly how long it is but I think they all re-charge fairly quickly.

Purpledaffodil Wed 04-Apr-18 19:22:22

I have a Dyson stick and love it. Shorter battery life is when it is on high power. I find I can do most vacuuming on ordinary power and there is enough for our 4 bedroomed house. Plus as merlot says they recharge quickly.
They are also great for car hoovering and quick whizz rounds just before visitors. Or maybe that’s just me? 😁

Mapleleaf Wed 04-Apr-18 19:24:15

I’m happy with my dyson v6 animal. I think the charge lasts about 20 minutes on normal strength, about 8 on extra strength. It’s plenty long enough for me, though nowadays I tend to do downstairs one day and upstairs the next as I have more time, so it’s got chance to recharge again. Having said that, I don’t think it takes too long to charge up again from empty - about 3 hours, I think, but mine never gets to empty. I would recommend it.

J52 Wed 04-Apr-18 19:29:06

Another vote for the Dyson, we’ve a V6 animal. The charge runs on normal for 40 mins. More than enough time!
I waited till it was on offer at Curry’s! They do offers quite frequently.

hildajenniJ Wed 04-Apr-18 19:29:40

I have a Dyson D6. I can vacuum four rooms and the hall and stairs on one charge. It takes about three hours to recharge, so if I do my downstairs rooms in the morning, by the time I've made and cleared up the lunch, it's ready for the upstairs. It's the EST thing I ever bought.

hildajenniJ Wed 04-Apr-18 19:29:59

Where's my B?

Luckygirl Wed 04-Apr-18 19:30:00

Thanks for those posts - very helpful. Are they easy to empty?

J52 Wed 04-Apr-18 19:32:44

Yes, just flip the lid on the container. Every so often I take the whole container off and give it a good clean out, wiping any dust from the machine end.

merlotgran Wed 04-Apr-18 19:36:27

It's that feeling of not 'having to get the hoover out' that I love. Just grab it off the wall, quick whizz round and put it back again. I don't worry if I have to stop and carry on later for whatever reason because you're not tripping over the damned thing that you've left in the middle of the floor.

As you can probably tell, I used to hate vacuuming. grin

Fishpieplease Wed 04-Apr-18 19:46:32

Another vote for the Dyson V6 animal. Merlotgran,I agree as I’m far more tempted to vacuum more often as it’s soooo easy to use.

MargaretX Wed 04-Apr-18 19:48:26

Its true they need to be plugged in again after 20 minutes but because you are free to walk every where without having to pull the thing behind you, you get enough done in 20 minutes.
I love mine!

Jalima1108 Wed 04-Apr-18 20:04:58

It depends on the size of your house Luckygirl - I can whiz round the ground floor in 20 minutes, including the bottom half of the stairs - the charge lasts for less time if you use the 'boost' facility.

However, if I want to do a really good 'spring clean' and move all the furniture then I use the plug-in cleaner.

As merlotgran says, you can just grab it and have a whiz round daily without too much fuss.
(or not daily if you don't want to grin)

tanith Wed 04-Apr-18 20:13:23

Another vote for Dyson it was the best thing OH ever persuaded me to buy I love mine. So easy and quick I can do my 2 bed house 🏡 including the sofa 🛋 and chairs before it runs out of 💥 power.

Cherrytree59 Wed 04-Apr-18 20:57:33

Whizz it around after DGC departgrin
Attachments great for curtains cobwebs etc
Easy to vacuum under furniture.

cornergran Wed 04-Apr-18 21:00:18

Dyson for us too. Very easy, efficient and quick to use. Most weeks the ‘big’ Dyson doesn’t see light of day.

Cherrytree59 Wed 04-Apr-18 21:00:58

Oops should have said mine is also a Dyson stick thingyblush

merlotgran Wed 04-Apr-18 21:08:39

I love the way it whizzes across a laminate floor with a mind of its own.

It reminds me of the dogs looking for a biscuit that has rolled under the table and between the legs of a chair.

gummybears Wed 04-Apr-18 21:24:51

The Dyson has good power for the never ending dog hair and crumbs, and its obviously very light and portable. I am very happy with mine!

sodapop Wed 04-Apr-18 21:47:22

Same here, easy to use and the charge time is ample. I only use it upstairs at present though.

OldMeg Wed 04-Apr-18 22:22:55

Just asked DH - he says he likes his cordless Dyson. I prefer my Roomba. I set it going in the kitchen every night and open the doors to let it in to do the other downstairs rooms when I get up to make morning tea. Then it recharges and wanders around upstairs during the day.

I can’t persuade it to do the stairs though, so that’s when DH and his stick come in. .

NotAGran55 Thu 05-Apr-18 16:47:28

Inspired by this thread I have bought a Dyson V6 today - on offer in John Lewis for £188 . First impressions - very good .

Primrose65 Thu 05-Apr-18 19:33:11

I'm a Roomba fan too OldMeg. Why vacuum every day when a robot can do that for you! Although I do have a cordless Bosch for days when I want to look as though I'm doing some housework grin

Chewbacca Thu 05-Apr-18 19:51:20

Does the handheld bit for the stairs do a decent job though? I've been dithering about getting a cordless for ages and really need one that has a good attachment for the stairs and inside the car.

OldMeg Thu 05-Apr-18 22:53:08

Exactly Primrose