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Have we done the right thing by moving?

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Judithc2 Sun 10-Jun-18 09:48:30

Moved from busy vibrant 'young' area to the country. We now find out the road we're on is a lot busier than anticipated. Heavy agriculteral vehicles rumble past far to frequently, crows and sheep wake us up at 3.30 and the flies!! We're concentrating on positives - views and a beautiful garden.

annsixty Sun 10-Jun-18 09:51:23

Always be careful what you wish for and do lots of homework.
I do hope you settle down in time and get to enjoy your new life.

merlotgran Sun 10-Jun-18 09:55:27

You moved to the country where there are beautiful views and didn't expect any noisy animals/birds/tractors?


NanaandGrampy Sun 10-Jun-18 09:58:07

We've done exactly what you have BUT that's what we wanted. Admittedly we don't have the traffic but who knew birds started singing so early lol

We think its the best thing we ever did but we did our research and our priority was to live in a quieter area with stunning views and embrace everything that rural life means.

As for the tractors, without them we would have been totally cut off from the outside world when the Beast from the East dumped several foot of snow on us - so I don't mind them going about their summertime business.

Chewbacca Sun 10-Jun-18 10:00:08

Wait until the muck spreading starts! You'll have to keep your doors and windows closed then so the flies and noise will ease. But the smell is something else! The joys of the countryside I'm afraid!

Panache Sun 10-Jun-18 10:04:41

Living in the heart of the beautiful country with experiences just as you have described is life exactly as is expected here.............

Sadly so many "Townies" move in thinking it is all roses around the door and there are none off those things they escaped from,true enough there maybe no noisy pubs,crowded streets,rushing traffic etc.....................BUT it is a case of simply leaving behind one lot of issues and landing head first into differing scenarios............... but one that can be quite as devastating...... IF........ you are not prepared to accept life goes on to in the Country and farmers are very much part of it,hence noisy farm machinery,manure spreading and baying cattle................

A case of wake up to the real country life I am afraid.

janeainsworth Sun 10-Jun-18 10:08:46

Oh dear, judith. If I had to make the choice of living in a young vibrant urban area, and the countryside, I’m afraid that as long as I had a garden, the city would win every time. (As it is, I live in suburbia with easy access to both city & countryside).
Is it too late/difficult to go back?

J52 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:13:22

We moved from a quite, verdant city road ( 2 miles from the station), to a largish village.
The village is bustling with farm vehicles, people, 3 pubs etc. We love it!

sodapop Sun 10-Jun-18 10:18:22

No Judith don't do anything in haste. Of course it's a big change and will take time to get used to all the different environmental things. Look forward, enjoy the bird song, tractors, animals etc all have a positive side if you look for it. We moved to a very rural part of France and it took a while to wind down but now we love the peace and tranquility. Don't give up on the country side there is so much to enjoy.

Willow500 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:18:53

My son and his wife recently moved from a new estate to their dream country cottage - so far it's turned out to be their worst nightmare with all sorts of problems with the house and damp. I do keep telling them to stay positive and remember the dream they fell in love with when they first saw it - it will come true one day as I'm sure yours will too.

seacliff Sun 10-Jun-18 10:35:34

One thing we did, which we are so pleased with, was having good quality mesh roller blinds fitted that keep out flies and spiders. I love the window open at night but we get BIG spiders especially around harvest time.

We laugh sometimes at the "peace and quiet of the country" idea. Next door have their chain saw going, other side tractor. Holidaymakers across the field all shouting. Peacock going off all night. I love the early birdsong.

You've done it now, so give it a good go. Join some local activities, maybe the fete committee or parish council. People don't come to you, you do have to make an effort to join a community. Hope you love it eventually.

Jalima1108 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:41:51

Escape to the country!

People in towns tend to forget that much of the countryside is food-producing and therefore busy (and has its own noises). grin

I do hope you enjoy your new home Judith and I'm sure that the noises will soon blend into the background and you won't notice them any more. This is what we had to do when we moved from the countryside to London and I thought I would never get used to the constant noise there, but I did.

Jalima1108 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:44:01

Wait until the muck spreading starts!
Oh yes!!

Moocow Sun 10-Jun-18 10:45:10

seacliff "good quality mesh roller blinds" can you see through them? I've been wanting some that do not block the view for ages.

OP won't it be short-lived? I would imagine activities and the various bugs etc change with the weather. As for living in the city, I hate the bikes and screaming night revellers that we used to get passing by but that hasn't been so bad with changing occupants down the hill now.

Jalima1108 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:59:24

The ideal would be proper mesh windows and doors as fitted in most Australian homes, but that would be very expensive.

Belgravian Sun 10-Jun-18 11:00:16

I bought my forever home last year. I originally was going to move to either Port Eynon or Horton which share a beautiful Bay/beach.

But there is one road in and out. It's beautiful in the spring and Autumn but bleak in the winter as there is nothing there! One shop I think and the chip shop closes over winter!

In the summer it is teaming with families on holiday. I avoid going nowhere with families as parents today are unble to supervise their children as they are usually glued to their phones and the children's behaviour is out of control! Yes, I'm a miserable old git who hates the sound of children shrieking!

I would have to have supermarket food delivered and what if I had an accident?, it would take ages for an ambulance to arrive. Bad weather could mean I was stuck indoors.

So I moved to a small but new estate which won't get bigger and I live in a bit where there is no road outside my house, just a large area for the six houses to manoeuvre their cars. It's very very quiet.

It's also very close to a beautiful Valley which has woodland and likes so is lovely to walk my dogs. It's also very close to two retail parks.
Whilst I'm tucked away I am also a couple of rods away from the major roads with easy access to everywhere! Easy reach if dentist, doctor and hospitals.

Yes, I would love to live in the middle of nowhere but accepted that it wasn't practical at my age. I was right as only living here for a couple of months I fell ill and was hospitalised and now almost a year on am still not fully recovered so I am relieved I am near facilities.

Perhaps I am too cautious though!

Jalima1108 Sun 10-Jun-18 11:01:39

No you're not Belgravian

Location, location, location and yours sounds perfect.

glammanana Sun 10-Jun-18 11:25:57

What looks splendid in the Summer months looks totally different in Winter when bleak and grey.
The Retirement Company I worked for always bought and built properties near to all services and bus routes etc you never know how soon you will be unable to manage your life in years to come.
We are in a quiet cul de sac but 10mins away we are in easy reach of shops/buses/doctors/post office/motorway access.

mcem Sun 10-Jun-18 11:30:34

20 years ago I sold up the family house post-divorce.
Didn't consider moving to the country but after looking at the suburbs, the small city houses, the just out-of-town cottages, I opted for my victorian, ground-floor city flat.
On the edge of the uni campus so lots of young folk around as well as restaurants and pubs. Wide age range of neighbours. Right on excellent bus routes so no driving needed. Within walking distance of all the facilities I need.
Traffic yes but not obtrusive.
Recovering now from my accident I realise it was the best possible option for me.
Stuck out in the country with a broken leg would have been a nightmare.
Rural 'peace and quiet' just isn't for me!

Belgravian Sun 10-Jun-18 11:46:52

In an ideal world it would be lovely to have two properties. A country retreat for weekend or breaks and a practical location for every day living.

I watched an episode of escape to the country and was amazed when an elderly couple bought a chocolate box cottage with loads of land as the yearly maintenance would be huge! When they went back and revisited them it showed one of them moving a lawnnthe size of a field and the other one joking that they never saw them because they were always out moving the grass! My idea of hell and then it becomes expensive to ly someone when you can't do it yourself any longer!

Welshwife Sun 10-Jun-18 11:48:43

We sometimes get plagued with flies but saw a possible solution yesterday which we intend to try - seems that elderflower leaves scrunched up and put out in a basket/ bowl etc. will get rid of them just need to find an elderflower bush now!

seacliff Sun 10-Jun-18 11:55:34

Moocow this is the type of blind we have, it is made of white plastic. We had a local blind company supply and fit them. You can see out easily still.

Belgravian Sun 10-Jun-18 12:18:30

Actually you should disregard my comments!

I've spent my whole life in my fathers footsteps of being practical! I'm on my own so it does make more sense to be cautious but op you and your partner have found a home in the countryside and it sounds like a lovely time in your life to enjoy together.

I expect some noises such as agricultural machinery you will get used to.

I have a lifetime of 'what if's', and haven't been adventurous at all.

Jalima1108 Sun 10-Jun-18 12:21:09

Thanks Welshwife
I will try that, we have an elder in our hedge! smile

SueDonim Sun 10-Jun-18 13:22:15

The countryside is a busy place! grin

The easiest solution to the OP's problem is ear plugs when sleeping.

I live rurally and love it although roads are getting busier. We had a vintage tractor cavalcade pass our house this morning! I also know we will need to move eventually, because the house will get too big for us and we have no public transport.