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does my bum look big in this

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petunia Sat 23-Jun-18 11:15:50

I’m of an age where my physique is less than perfect and I prefer to cover various bits of my anatomy by a careful selection of clothing. With a tunic or long t top I can persuade myself that I don’t really have a wobbly bottom and a sticky out belly. I know I’m only fooling myself but hey, I don’t care. So, when it comes to new clothes, I am keen to see what length that particular top is. I find the guides on online shops hard to gauge, so M+S may say “this top is modelled by a 5ft 8 model who is size 8” but that’s no help to me. I find myself thinking well I’m 5ft 3 so will that top reach my hip level or lower. And what happens when I wash it, will the only just long enough top become too short and expose my shortcomings. I have found an on line shop or two that states the exact length of tops/shirts/blouses etc, which is brilliant. I know for certain that my bum may be covered whatever it looks like on the model. So, my question is, why can’t all clothing retailers who sell on line, include the length of the top as well as the chest/waist etc? Is it too much to ask?

Scribbles Sat 23-Jun-18 11:23:42

I quite agree, Petunia. I'd also like it to be compulsory to state the inside leg length of trousers. I have quite long legs and, sometimes, even a 'Long' isn't long enough.

lemongrove Sat 23-Jun-18 12:56:17

Yes, a good idea Petunia knowing the exact length would be a great help, what companies have you found that do this?
I have a few shortcomings of my own that need hiding.😆

NotAGran55 Sat 23-Jun-18 17:47:57

M& S quote the length in ' Style & Fit ' as far as I recall .

Just off to double check .... smile

sodapop Sat 23-Jun-18 20:19:35

I agree petunia my bum looks big in most things mainly because it is.😊
Cotton Traders always give the length of tops in the description which I find useful.

Willow500 Sat 23-Jun-18 20:48:30

I usually find that QVC will give the length and also often give the size of the model or the presenter and what size garment they're wearing which is useful.

NfkDumpling Sat 23-Jun-18 20:49:50

I agree wholeheartedly! Short tops just don’t suit me. M&S now have a lot of stuff only available on line but I know I should really get off my backside and shop ‘properly’.

I needed some nice soft baggy trousers for after my knee op and even M&S short length came in too long on me - size 16/18 and 5’6”. I discovered that their beach wear regular is perfect length as no one wears 6 inch heels on the beach!

Deedaa Sat 23-Jun-18 21:53:09

M&S have big signs in their trouser department saying you can shop for your shape. Foolishly I expected this to mean that they would tell you if a style was suitable for an apple or a pear or a straight up and down. Instead they just tell you whether they are skinny, straight, bootcut. peg???, or cropped. No use at all if you want to know whether you should definitely leave them on the rail.

callgirl1 Sat 23-Jun-18 23:05:24

Do M&S sell large sizes nowadays? I was given a gift card for them for my birthday, and 2 weekends running I`ve been into our local branch and found nothing over a size 20, and regretfully, if I was a 20 I`d feel slim!

Hilltopgran Sun 24-Jun-18 00:12:30

Landsend give length options and also offer a hemming service. Some of their tops come in petite, regular and tall which is really helpful.

The title of this thread made me smile, we all used to worry if our 'bums' looked too big when I was a teenager, today it seems people augment them to ensure they have a big rear view!

phoenix Sun 24-Jun-18 09:16:06

Cotton Traders always state the length of the tops in their catalogues, a great help because I too like longer tops!

merlotgran Sun 24-Jun-18 09:25:57

Good old Cotton Traders. Their sizing is reliable.

annep Sun 24-Jun-18 09:36:18

Sometimes they do but yes, as a short person I would find this useful. If we keep asking maybe they will.

Ulli58 Sun 24-Jun-18 10:37:11

Boden usually provide garment measurements and indicate how long tops and dresses are (e.g. stating “finishes at top thigh”). Some shirts, tunics and dresses are also available in regular and longer length which I find very useful.

libra10 Sun 24-Jun-18 10:38:00

John Lewis are also quite good at detailing specific measurements.

mabon1 Sun 24-Jun-18 10:44:41

No, it is not too much to ask, some of the high end firms do give lengths.

goldengirl Sun 24-Jun-18 11:07:01

Boden tends to describe eg low hip which is something I look out for if I'm wanting something that bit different from Boden. I do like bum covering tunic tops as they can be worn with leggings as well as jeans and trousers

On a slightly different tack: Do bums look big in 'paperbag' trousers which is a trend at the moment? I quite fancy a pair but I have a droopy bum and these trousers demand tucked in tops.

vickya Sun 24-Jun-18 11:22:22

Men's trousers and jeans give inside leg measurement as well as waist, and I've always found them a better fit anyway. Asda and Tescos ones are very cheap.

Alimarb Sun 24-Jun-18 11:24:11

Callgirl1 m&s do a new curvy range, not sure of the size range though

icanhandthemback Sun 24-Jun-18 11:53:31

I would love to know the length of maxi dresses, especially if I am buying online. I am quite short at 5'3" so very often Maxi dresses drag along the ground if I am not careful.

HootyMcOwlface Sun 24-Jun-18 11:57:08

I saw a nice dress modelled by a 5’8” model and it came to just above her knee. Lovely, I thought, she’s taller than me so it should be just the length I like on me, just on the knee. But, NO, it was even shorter on me than on the model! How could that be? She must have very long shins and a short body! Or is it me who is oddly proportioned?!!

Sheilasue Sun 24-Jun-18 12:14:32

M&S go up to a 24 I think. I am a 16 in trousers and that’s regular. I do like the ankle graser leggings got one pair from M&S and one from matalan. I am apple shape so 18 on the tops such as t shirts but have been buying longer tops or if they are short they curve at the side if you get my drift.
Have two t shirts from Cotten traders wash up nice too.

Thirdinline Sun 24-Jun-18 12:36:59

I quite agree and also, is it too much to ask them to state what material it’s made from? Some companies don’t even do that! I usually assume it must be polyester or polycotton if they’re not prepared to ‘fess up. You can’t always assume from the price either, some brands (I’m naming & shaming you, Hush) charge silly money for clothes made from synthetic fibres.

Doversole Sun 24-Jun-18 13:05:05

Completely agree Petunia.
If the top has long sleeves, that might give a guide, in that if the hem of the top is above the cuff of the sleeves, that gives you some idea of how low down the designer expects the top to sit i.e. it is a shorter top that will certainly not cover your bum. Of this does not work if they are designing for a gibbon.

NfkDumpling Sun 24-Jun-18 13:16:47

No, Hooty you’re ok. It’s them. All models have legs up to their armpits. And then they totter along on 10 inch heels like storks!