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BlueBelle Wed 29-Aug-18 08:29:17

I had a funny old night last night I had an evening snooze around 7 (not unheard of) except I woke at 11 15 pm I then went up to bed, I played on my iPad for half and hour then went back to sleep until 5 am
However when I woke at 11.15 I went into the kitchen to have a drink before going upstairs and was horrified to find FOUR yes four big old slugs on my kitchen floor
apologies to all wild life lovers but I ve now got to go and buy a new tub of salt today
I find them really yucky creatures I think it’s the horrible slime and the baldness
Do you find any insect really repulsive and yuk making?

sodapop Wed 29-Aug-18 08:36:39

Oh yuk I hate them too BlueBelle We get a lot and I often find trails in the kitchen which provokes a cleaning frenzy.
My husband hates flies and as we live in the country with animals in the fields nearby they are a real nuisance,

Greyduster Wed 29-Aug-18 08:50:33

I’m not keen on slugs but we never get them inside, so I don’t worry about them. I remember when DD was at uni she lived in a shared house that was infested with slugs - their trails were everywhere. The girls didn’t seem to mind them. In fact, given the state of the place, I’m surprised the slugs didn’t move out in disgust! We have a lot of snails here rather than slugs and what I really hate is when I walk around outside and inadvertently tread on one. The crunch turns my stomach!

Teetime Wed 29-Aug-18 08:51:49

To vile to even think about!!

yggdrasil Wed 29-Aug-18 09:32:39

That happened regularly in my previous house. I could never work out where they got in :-(

Bellanonna Wed 29-Aug-18 09:34:40

I’m with you on that inadvertent crunching Gd, I really hate it. Detest slugs too.

NfkDumpling Wed 29-Aug-18 09:35:21

Euw! I hate slugs - and eels. I think it’s the slime.

goldengirl Wed 29-Aug-18 09:36:20

I have to say that slugs don't worry me particularly - but spiders do!!!

TillyWhiz Wed 29-Aug-18 09:40:16

It's been the year of the slug here in my garden - and indoors. I lost count of how many I removed before the heatwave. Now the cooler weather's here they've appeared again. It's the trails that are revolting - how do you get one off the sitting room ceiling?!

wildswan16 Wed 29-Aug-18 09:41:10

At least you didn't enter the kitchen in your bare feet for a glass of water in the middle of the night ...... ugh, the memory.

I'm sure their mothers must love 'em.

AllTheLs Wed 29-Aug-18 09:47:25

Ha, ha! I'm one of those wildlife lovers, but even I draw the line at slugs - they are repulsive and make me feel queasy even looking at them (stems back from when I was a child and stepped on one accidentally - I haven't stopped heaving at the thought since)

Nanny41 Wed 29-Aug-18 09:48:11

Not had them in the house, but these big brown horrible things play havoc in the garden, we are told to cut them up before getiing rid of them,its a nasty business!

Daisyboots Wed 29-Aug-18 09:53:50

A few weeks ago we had a snake in the house. It must have slithered in through the kichen door and through to the sitting room where my husband saw it. He is very wary of snakes although was a harmless laddersnake but over 2ft long. When I tried to sweep it into the dustpan as advised it sudden slithered into the portable gas fire next to it. Great fun ensued withhim pushing the gasr fire towards the French window with the broom. He managed to tip it outside. Some time later the snake slithered out and off into the bushes. But it was a hectic half hour. I think slugs would be easier to deal with although I agree that they are nasty slimy creatures.

Liz46 Wed 29-Aug-18 09:55:07

It's been the year of the earwig in our garden. They even get into the locking mechanism on my rotary dryer so that when I put it up, they drop out onto my hand! Yuk, yuk and more yuk.

libra10 Wed 29-Aug-18 10:10:54

Slugs don't bother me, but frogs do!

I hate the way they suddenly jump, and startle you. If I see any in the garden, I have to ask my husband to take them out of the garden.

tanith Wed 29-Aug-18 10:15:57

I’ve just picked up 8 of the horrible things and put them over the fence into the very neglected patch at the back of us. Do you think they’ll come back just to teach me a lesson? grin

Squiffy Wed 29-Aug-18 10:21:16

What I'd like to know is how they get into the house in the first place! They're not exactly Usain Bolt, so I doubt whether they sneak in as we go in or out of the door and yet the trail is always on the back door mat.

I'm also puzzled by the fact that the trail doesn't have a proper beginning or end, it starts and ends in the middle of the mat!

Brigidsdaughter Wed 29-Aug-18 10:25:25

I feel the same about snails andslugs (worms and snakes too). Only creatures I'm ok with doing away with.
How do they get in?
I couldn't sleep in a house if I thought they could be around

5boysnan55555 Wed 29-Aug-18 10:27:06

Slugs always around September time sliming around my kitchen floor. Vile out comes the salt and wipes then bleach mop etc. Does any have any idea where they are coming from. Filled cracks around kitchen floor etc thanks

Cambia Wed 29-Aug-18 10:32:10

Every time we got back from holiday we had slug slime in our lounge near the settee. I upended the settee, coffee table etc but could not find it. Eventually I googled it and was told to follow the trail until it ran out. There was the tiniest crack in the skirting board near the back door and we put silicone in it. Never seen it since!!!

lindiann Wed 29-Aug-18 10:34:13

Put some beer in a deepish dish they get in and get drunk can't get out again

sassenach512 Wed 29-Aug-18 10:46:56

Yes we got a slime trail across the carpet the other night (yuk) I think it's our dog bringing them in on his coat from the garden. Worse for me though is the start of the annual immigration of our 8 legged 'fiends'. I've evicted 3 in the past couple of nights, we usually get lots more though. Luckily I've got one of those perspex boxes on a long stick with the sliding door. I'm not so terrified when I can capture them and they can't scuttle off. It's definitely the scuttling action that gives me the heebie jeebies!

nipsmum Wed 29-Aug-18 10:54:15

You can buy tubs of slug pellets in supermarkets and. Garden centres. Sprinkle them around any openings where you think they are coming in. Failing that encourage hedgehogs into your garden, they love slugs and snails.

sarahellenwhitney Wed 29-Aug-18 11:00:18

Being coastal plus country its not slugs and snails and insects as there is always an abundance of birds and land dwelling creatures. Its seagulls. They can be a menace to property and I have had my roof decorated with 'spikes' to prevent perching as from early light the screeching is a b nuisance.

PernillaVanilla Wed 29-Aug-18 11:00:50

Not nice if one crawls into your wellies.