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Please could you tell me if there are meet-ups in theSouthampton Area?

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Flossieturner Thu 01-Nov-18 08:33:36

I have been contacted by a lady who says her mum is feeling quite isolated. I told her about Gransnet and the meet-ups that are sometimes arranged.

If there are any groups, please could you let me know.

RachellaGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 01-Nov-18 11:36:58

We're glad to see that so many people are meeting up!

I you want to check to see if there are any meetups in your area here's the link to the forum:

If you don't see anything close to you, feel free to set one up.

Flossieturner Thu 01-Nov-18 12:03:42

Thanks for the link but I don’t live in Southampton, I was asking for someone else.