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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 03-Dec-18 06:19:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but looks dry this morning, card writing day today, quiet one for me as well.

Gagagran Mon 03-Dec-18 06:45:10

Good Morning Mick and everyone.

It's too dark to see what the weather is doing but we are promised showers and mildness again. Not bad for winter.

I was unwell yesterday and forgot to post but feeling better this morning, thankfully, as the painter is coming to start on the hall and stairs. Not looking forward to that procedure but definitely looking forward to the end result!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

NannyJan53 Mon 03-Dec-18 06:50:54

Good Morning from a very mild but damp Black Country.

Wrote all my Christmas cards yesterday Mick smile

Glad you are feeling better today Gaga . I am sure your hall and stairs will look wonderful when it is all finished. We are having a kitchen make over after Christmas, new doors, worktops, splash backs etc. Certainly not looking forward to the disruption though!

Long walk this morning with a 'Walking for Health' group, apparently we are walking to a local tea-rooms for refreshments half way.

Have a good day everyone.

NanKate Mon 03-Dec-18 06:57:48

Morning Mick Gaga and NannyJ

Feels mild in South Bucks

Glad your feeling better Gaga. I am not sure if I am going to make it to Keep Fit. I feel not 100% but we have just come back from a full on weekend with our DS and GSs where there was little time to sit down and take a breath.

Have a good week folks.

Blue45Sapphire Mon 03-Dec-18 06:59:08

Good morning to us early risers and all who come later.
Dark but dry here in Northampton as well. Feels a lot milder. Downstairs thermometer reading 21.5, and that was with the heating off overnight.
Yoga and coffee this morning, then someone is coming to buy my old Christmas tree and lights. Cannot be faffed with stringing lights up this year, and have bought a smaller pre-lit one.
Have to pick elder DGD from school this afternoon and take her to the theatre for panto rehearsal, hope it doesn't rain, as relying on the bus. Luckily there is a stop just outside school and one the other end is opposite the theatre.
Christmas cards got written yesterday, all bar close family ones. Will have to get another pack of cards in case any unexpected ones turn up.
Hope the day goes well for all.

Alygran Mon 03-Dec-18 07:06:40

Good morning all. Still dark here but a tiny bit of light on the horizon. It’s dry outside and I can see the sliver of the moon and Venus shining brightly just below it.
Hairdressers this morning then volunteering later. Have first wash on. Lots to do after decorating all last week. Gagagran mine has just been done. It will be worth it! Love mine in a nice fresh pale yellow!
Hope the day is kind to everyone.

Willow10 Mon 03-Dec-18 07:18:58

Good morning all. Very mild although damp in East Northants. Posted the first of my Christmas cards yesterday. Older sister and younger brother visiting today from Coventry. I haven't seen them since mum's funeral in March, so it will be nice to catch up. Hope it's a good day for everyone.

NfkDumpling Mon 03-Dec-18 07:21:48

Morning All

It looks like a lovely day in prospect here in the north of Norfolk, although the forecast isn’t too good. That’s a waning moon isn’t it Alygran? I’ve not been paying much attention to it lately.

I’m off to do a bit of volunteering at our local stately pile this afternoon - and enjoy the lights. I haven’t seen them yet, but it’s usually a good show.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 03-Dec-18 07:31:22

Good morning all x

Good morning Annieb x

Not sure what the weather is like in SE Essex as haven’t opened curtains yet.

Stairs and landing carpet being fitted today, that’s the last of renovation apart from 1 day next week when painter is here “touching up” where necessary.

Wishing you all a peaceful Monday x

Alygran Mon 03-Dec-18 07:32:05

Yes it’s a waning moon! There is a very dramatic sky. You can see the moon top right with Venus just below.

gillybob Mon 03-Dec-18 07:36:47

A very warm night again here on the NE coast . School runs then off to “that place”
to catch up . Christmas tree went up last night which will please DGC this evening .
Have a good Monday everyone .

ninathenana Mon 03-Dec-18 07:37:12

Morning everyone.

Clear sky over Kent, looks promising. It''s very mild at the moment.
DH and I have both got our annual diabeties check with the practice nurse this morning, then a meds review with GP. Will pop to Aldi on way home, see what Christmas goodies they have.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Mon 03-Dec-18 07:40:13

Good morning Mick and all.
There is lovely red sky this morning, as the dawn comes up.
However, it was quite cold when I went down to put off the alarm. No DGD today, as she is away on a break for DIL's fortieth birthday, but I'm up as usual.
I'm hoping to get cards written today and check out what presents I have. It gets harder, as my children get older, I think.
I still can't shift this chest infection, so nothing too onerous today.
Try not to think too much about the kitchen disruption Nannyjan, it will be worth it in the end!. Ours became a monster, which grew and grew😱 oh, but how I love it now.
I hope all those suffering emotionally or physically find some peace and respite today.

kittylester Mon 03-Dec-18 07:40:18

Morning all from a mild and dry North Leicestershire.

Christmas decorations and Christmas cards to be done today. I also have to try to sort out my laptop after I spilt tea on it yesterday. I fear it is beyond help! Nightmare - that will teach me to back stuff up!

Brunette10 Mon 03-Dec-18 07:43:48

Morning everyone and all who follow. Think it will be nice enough today here in Fife, dark at the moment though. Have a visit to relatives today whom I am very close to so will enjoy their company. Getting into the spirit of Christmas, let's hope it stays! Glad to hear everyone keeping busy. Chin up for those feeling under the weather. Have a good day.

TerriBull Mon 03-Dec-18 07:46:30

Good morning from the south east, it looks as if it's going to be quite mild today. Not much planned, had gd for the weekend so I'm going to have a fairly quiet day. I will probably go to the gym later, I'm in and out of there within an hour, I'm not that dedicated to exercise, I just like to keep everything moving. Still haven't bought any Christmas cards yet, maybe do that tomorrow, like every year it hangs over us. I'm sure the generations behind us will ditch the tradition, it is a bit of a chore.

Have a good day everyone.

Sar53 Mon 03-Dec-18 07:47:27

Good morning everyone from a damp Leamington Spa. Off to help out at DGD2's school this morning then a wander around town with DD1 and maybe lunch out.
Hope everyone has a good day.

DoraMarr Mon 03-Dec-18 07:52:26

Good morning Mick, Annie and everyone from a dark, damp but mild Birmingham. I have to try to get an emergency appointment with my dentist for a back tooth filling that has gone rogue and is causing a lot of bother. I have to pick up a new floor steamer from Waitrose later. Other than that, and last- minute homework for writing group and Italian I have no plans. I hope today is kind to everyone.

EllanVannin Mon 03-Dec-18 07:55:01

Good morning All x
Dark mild and pouring with rain. I'd rather see bright and crisp smile
Expecting more packages today. This is the one niggle with ordering off ebay etc,you have to stay put and wait while your mind is racing with other things that should be done elsewhere. Never mind,it'll all come together.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Greyduster Mon 03-Dec-18 08:12:29

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. There is a strange jaundiced look to our South Yorkshire sky this morning, but at least it is dry. I have to take back a library book today and pay a fine! (40p😱!). No school run for us today as GS is going to some do at the Town Hall. Have a happy day folks.

Pittcity Mon 03-Dec-18 08:17:19

Good morning from a bright, dry Colchester. Mild here too with rain forecast later.
Walking Netball this morning and DGS2 this afternoon. He's a boisterous 3 year old and so there'll be no rest here this week.

travelsafar Mon 03-Dec-18 08:21:55

Morning everyone.Looks like it may turn out nice a bit later, we have some lovely blue sky with fluffy white clouds at the moment. I have my washing on the go and propose to stay home today after a hectic weekend. I need to sort out the lights and decs and wrap the gifts i bought yesterday. I want to make a couple of small shepherd pies for the freezer as DH loves them and we eat totally different foods so they will be handy for me to pop in oven to reheat. I will probably run the hoover over at some point and defo will clean bathroom.If it stays nice i may go for a walk and post some cards on the way.What ever you are doing have a great day and those in pain or distress, i hope you find some peace somewhere today or at the dentist in your case DoraMarr!!!!smile

Anniebach Mon 03-Dec-18 08:55:00

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

oldgaijin Mon 03-Dec-18 08:58:14

Morning all from a dryish Aberdeenshire. The clouds are building up so it will probably rain later and I have to go in to town again...appointment with oncologist this afternoon. There's a Markies food at the hospital so shall buy a wee treat for my tea...sod the cooking! Hope all those with bugs get better soon. Have a good day, all.

Auntieflo Mon 03-Dec-18 08:59:14

Morning Mick, Annie to come, and all others.
It's bright and mild here, but I'm still in bed finishing my tea.
Had an awfully disturbing dream last night and couldn't shake it, so woke up feeling heavy headed.
We have to wait in today for a rug to be delivered. They evidently came on Saturday, whilst we were out. No phone call to say they were coming either. They did leave a card, but no name, time or any other details. It wasn't that H....S company. Went on line to check and just saw a photo of the front of our house. Was that to prove they had been?
Marydoll you are not taking enough care of yourself!
I am getting quite envious of all the descriptions of new kitchens, decorated halls etc, so enjoy all the results.
I haven't even bought any cards, let alone written them yet, so we could go out later, if the delivery happens early-ish.
Have a good day one and all