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Soop's comfortable and convivial kitchen.

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soop Sun 23-Dec-18 18:08:19

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good pals and jolly good company....

Thank you for your companionship. Welcome to our new kitchen. flowers and party

soop Sun 23-Dec-18 18:11:50

It was well worth the wait. I needed to be absolutely certain that you lot knew where to come. I'm a very happy little old lady right now. tchwink

Tuck in to all the delicious offerings, and we'll pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly. As they say in Scotland...Slainte!

I wish you good health above all else. And peace of mind.

soop Sun 23-Dec-18 18:14:41

I have a G&T waiting. This is where I wish you a peaceful and pleasant evening. tchsmile moon

cornergran Sun 23-Dec-18 18:24:46

Love the new kitchen. Many thanks soop, you look after us all well.

Here are warm sausage rolls, my in-house food taster tells me they are excellent so no fear of food poisoning. grin.

Wishing you all a peaceful evening.

silverlining48 Sun 23-Dec-18 18:25:56

Evening soop, I havnt visited the kitchen before as far as I recall, but like you will sit down with a G & T later for the start of Christmas and wish you and everyone who visits later a peaceful healthy and happy Christmas and new year and am thinking of those who are missing loved ones at this sometimes difficult time.

NanaandGrampy Sun 23-Dec-18 18:47:12

Evening all ,

mmmm sausage rolls !!

Just popping in so I can find you again!!

Off on our travels early tomorrow so have a good evening one and all.

cornergran Sun 23-Dec-18 18:56:49

Safe journey n&g and a very happy Christmas. tchsmile.

callgirl1 Sun 23-Dec-18 18:58:16

Made it! I just typed out an essay, clicked to post, and got the message that the thread was closed, DUH!! I love this new kitchen though, how many have we had now?
NannyT, we are overflowing with Clementines around here, but I don`t like them. I LOVE satsumas but they`re so scarce. That`s a beautiful rocking horse, looks like my childhood dreams. Obviously 2 little people love it too.
Willow, that jumper looks very bright and Christmassy, but I don`t think the dog looks too impressed.
Ann, it`s good to hear that your husband is more settled now, so go ahead and enjoy YOUR Christmas with your little cat now. We had a young kitten at our first Christmas, he liked nothing better than batting his paw at the balls on the tree, and of course when they flew off they always managed to land on the stone surrounding the carpet, so shattered. Smoky broke just about every ball on that tree, but I still have the last to survive Christmas 1963.
Izabella, you have amazing descriptive powers. I know someone who is spending Christmas at Aberfoyle as well.
Kitty, is the dressing gown lively enough for you?
Soop, the pics of the moon are lovely, thank MacSporran won`t you? I hope that Tabitha returns in time to make your Christmas even more special.
MawB and Corner, I`m so sorry that you are dealing with such sad stuff at this time, any time, really.
Baggs, he thought he was doing the right thing. My hubby once came home with a couple of packs of Christmas cards, I told him I`d bought all the cards already, he said "Maybe, but these have envelopes included"!
GrannyQ, Hope you have fun with Pip the crazy pup.
GreyD, at least he has an eye for a bargain.
Charley and Soop, I thought that all biscuits, chocolates and other goodies were allowed at Christmas?
Panache, so nice to hear from you in the midst of all your troubles. And good to hear that Mr P is slowly improving. So sorry that help is still not on the horizon, but I hope that you manage to have a reasonably happy and peaceful Christmas x
Last night Mia came in smeared in oil for the first time in months, so she`s just had a Swarfega bath. She wasn`t impressed, and has taken herself off upstairs to sulk. I remembered a short while ago that our bins are being emptied a day early, so have just put it outside the back gate in case I forget later.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 23-Dec-18 18:59:59

Hi love the new kitchen, have left some mince pies and roast beef sandwiches on the side (Mr.GG wanted a roast?).

Off to my sofa, wishing you all a peaceful Christmas Eve Eve 🎄🎄🤶🎅🏻

aggie Sun 23-Dec-18 19:11:23

Oh how did we move so quickly ! Booking a seat near the fire smile

Charleygirl5 Sun 23-Dec-18 19:29:15

callgirl I near fell off my chair laughing - who knew apart from your DH that cards came with envelopes?!

The hospital should not be sending Mr. P home unless there is a care package in place. I really cannot believe what I read re care in that part of the country., it appears to be non existent and there is nobody to contact over the next few days if there are problems. I find it unbelievable.

POGS Sun 23-Dec-18 20:56:13

Well done dear soop for another soops kitchen thread to give comfort to your pals.

May I wish a merry Xmas to you and your kitchen pals and sincere wishes 2020 will be kind to us all.

From the lurker x

dragonfly46 Sun 23-Dec-18 21:01:14

Wow I found you. I was so worried you would be lost forever!
Maw so sorry to hear about your half SiL. Such sadness at this time of year.
Wonderful to get your pm and read your post Panache. Surely they won’t send Mr P home without a care package in place. The occupational therapist should come out to visit you.
Love the story of your leeks Baggs.
My mum was back home by 9am so could leave with a clear conscience.

kittylester Sun 23-Dec-18 21:07:27

I am wearing my new dressing gown and it's very, very hot.tchgrin

callgirl1 Sun 23-Dec-18 21:25:12

But is it lively?

dragonfly46 Sun 23-Dec-18 21:56:08

Think we need a picture Kitty

Charleygirl5 Sun 23-Dec-18 21:58:20

Panache if Mr. P is coming home on Christmas Eve try and find out the name of the named nurse looking after Mr. P so that if things go pear shaped you will have a name to contact.

He should be coming home with a care package and one of these days somebody will recognise that you are not Mr.P's carer. Good luck.

Doodle Sun 23-Dec-18 23:14:09

Hello soop and another new kitchen. Pleased to see it's just as warm and welcoming as the last one.
Please can I just sit somewhere. No sausage rolls or anything for me thanks. Just had a big meal and I'm now at the point where I wish I hadn't tchblush.🤢

maw so sorry to hear about your half SIL. What sad news to have. corner thinking of you too.

Dear panache I am so pleased to hear your DH has improved enough for them to consider sending him home but how on earth are you both expected to cope. It makes me so mad to think of you both struggling with ill health and having to try and look after each other too. Someone else mentioned the emotion following a stroke. My DH was the same. Please don't ask us not to ask after you. We can't stop doing so but we are all aware of the effort it takes for you to post on GN so do not feel you have to write loads but if you can post now and again it is so good to hear from you.
God bless you both and I pray that he sends some help your way soon.

Hello lurker POGS nice to see you again. You too silverlinings Merry Christmas to you both.

kitty we all want to see a photo of the lively dressing gown. Does it make you dash round the room when you have it on or does it make you a bit more frisky tchgrin

Charleygirl5 Mon 24-Dec-18 05:57:54

There is little hope for me- I misread the time when I got up to go to the loo, thinking I could be at Waitrose early- yes, so early the gate to the car park will not be open. There is no excuse now for me being there early.

kittylester Mon 24-Dec-18 07:18:50

Good to hear from you panache -
It will be lovely for you to have DH home but i am baffled why you have no help. Take care!

Just had a message from DD2 who wonders whether 80 pigs in blankets will be enough for 2 days? She has her husband's family tomorrow and then lots of Lesters on Boxing Day - I suspect she has under estimated!! tchgrin

tanith Mon 24-Dec-18 07:28:24

Charleygirl5 your post made me smile I hope you get all that you want at the store.
Just want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and thank you all for your very caring support to everyone especially those of us struggling with the loss of a loved one.

cornergran Mon 24-Dec-18 08:24:15

How did it get to be Christmas Eve? Lots of last minute faffing to do before we collect our friend from a motorway service station. All very cloak and dagger sounding, actually pragmatic as it works for her friend kindly providing transport on his way to family.

Can only echo others panache, lovely to hear from you but I am also baffled at the lack of support.

Ahh, pigs in blankets. Somehow never enough are there kitty? One of ours is chef tomorrow and seems to be making his own body weight in them. Might just be enough tchgrin.

An early start is better than a late one charley. We need to be up and out early tomorrow, will we be? Well, maybe tchhmm.

Onwards now, thought I was organised yesterday it seems things have changed overnight.

All good wishes for Christmas Eve and indeed for Christmas if the faffing takes over and I don’t get back in. Thank you all for being there. Safe travels for the travellers, hugs for everyone.

MawBroon Mon 24-Dec-18 08:27:37

Before we all sink beneath the tide of tinsel, sprouts, parsnips and Prosecco, may I just wish each and every one of you peace and joy this Christmas and all possible good health in the coming year.
Whatever it brings, I know the Kitchen will be our support, refuge and source of cupcake in a crisis. 🎅

Greyduster Mon 24-Dec-18 08:39:45

Hello the new kitchen! Soop I think it should be named the comfortable, convivial and galloping kitchen 😁! But many thanks for giving us a lovely new place to gather and blather!

Panache I am glad Mr P’s condition is improving and it wonderful for you to have him at home again but I hope someone has the sense to realise that, with your personal circumstances, they cannot just cut you both adrift. It beggars belief that they would. I am, and will be, thinking of you both.

callgirl when you posted the other day about cleaning out your display cabinet I looked at mine and realised I should do the same. My children’s usual reaction to it is “why do you keep all this stuff, mother?” But they are my treasures; each one has a story - many connected to them but they have short memories.

kitty you have made me realise that, though I am not doing Christmas lunch this year, there will have to be pigs in blankets for Boxing Day or GS will not forgive me! Not eighty though😱!!

DH has an early blood test this morning, and is currently scraping ice off the car. It’s going to be a lovely day - pity we are stuck indoors! To anyone travelling today, safe journeys and happy landings! If I don’t manage to get in tomorrow, I wish you all Christmas peace and happiness.

dragonfly46 Mon 24-Dec-18 08:47:57

Just popped in before our drive to Brighton to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

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