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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 11-Feb-19 06:18:45

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but its dry outside here in brackley this morning.
A quiet day , pick up prescriptions, and do some genral housework.

DoraMarr Mon 11-Feb-19 06:21:15

Good morning Micheal, from a still dark Thetford forest. I have a horrible cold and have been sneezing and coughing all night. We are due to travel home today, via relatives, but I feel to rotten to make conversation. I just want my own bed!

ninathenana Mon 11-Feb-19 06:28:07

Morning Mick and all who follow

It's dry in Kent but I don't know the forecast.
DS's birthday today, nothing planned except a nice meal and cake for dessert tonight. Before that there is housework to be done
Have a good day everyone

ninathenana Mon 11-Feb-19 06:30:10

Good morning Dora sorry to hear your feeling rough.

kittylester Mon 11-Feb-19 06:32:27

Morning all.

It's still dark but quiet in North Leicestershire. Our photo shoot was cancelled yesterday as the weather was so foul. We are not the Kardashian as someone asked. The children bought it as a present for my recent birthday along with a selection of frames.

Happy birthday to your son, nina.

Shopping for curtains today!

Nana3 Mon 11-Feb-19 06:33:26

Good morning all, still dark but not raining in Lancashire. There's nothing I have to do today.
Enjoy your day everyone.

Gettingitrightoneday Mon 11-Feb-19 06:35:22

Good morning all. Too dark to see what the weather is like. Off to see the grandsons hopefully . We have not seen them since Christmas due to illness and weather.

Gettingitrightoneday Mon 11-Feb-19 06:41:06

As I am no longer Nelliemoser, am I allowed to just call myself "Getting it" ? I am just so pleased to get back onto GN on my tablet.

dragonfly46 Mon 11-Feb-19 06:41:45

Good morning all from Leicestershire. I haven’t looked out yet. Had a restless night worrying about the husband of a young friend who has been missing since Thursday morning.

So sorry to hear you are so poorly Dora.

Good luck with the curtains kitty.

Gagagran Mon 11-Feb-19 07:09:19

Good Morning everyone!

It's a clear sky and getting light quickly, here on the south coast and it's dry. The days are lengthening at each end now so the darkest days of winter are gone. Three cheers say I!

I have a blood test at 9.30am and will have a potter round the charity shops afterwards. I love a bargain buy and have found many such over the years.

Look after that cold Dora and safe journey home.

Hope you find some suitable curtains kitty.

Have a good day everyone! sunshine

MawBroon Mon 11-Feb-19 07:12:49

Welcome back gettingit!
Good morning everybody from Moseley where it looks dark and feels cold.
DoraMarr I am sorry your weekend has ended in this dreadful cold , I agree your bed is the best place (perhaps via Boots for industrial quantities of Lemsip) and Dragonfly your worries are the stuff off nightmares. Hope there is a happy resolution.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

Brunette10 Mon 11-Feb-19 07:34:02

Good Morning to all and to those who follow. It’s another bright and frosty start here in Fife today. Have an early start today lots to do. Didn’t sleep well but hey ho will just have to get on with everything. Some people under the weather with colds so take care. It is so much nicer to see the lighter evenings. Have a good day everyone.

Willow10 Mon 11-Feb-19 07:43:59

Good morning all. Dry and bright but chilly in East Northants. Doctors appointment this morning and then the gas man is coming to fix a small boiler leak this afternoon. My thoughts are with those that are feeling poorly and those with worries. flowers

loopyloo Mon 11-Feb-19 07:54:13

Morning everyone. DGD to school then listening to DH talking about work problems. Best wishes to everyone not feeling 100%.

Marydoll Mon 11-Feb-19 07:56:50

Good morning all from a frosty Glasgow.

I am going to the funeral this morning of a former colleague, who was the kindest most gentle person I have ever met. What a legacy to have left, to be loved by so many people.
I don't know one person who had a bad word to say about her.
When her son posted of her death on Facebook, there were four hundred posts within the hour.
Afterwards, I have to dash to the next town to get my bloods done, it will be a bit of a rush!

Best wishes for all those feeling unwell today.
dragonfly, I hope your friend has news soon.
Gettingitrightoneday, welcome back! smile, I had noticed you were missing.

cornergran Mon 11-Feb-19 07:57:41

Morning Mick, morning All from a calm, bright corner of Somerset. Carrying on sorting before coffee and lunch with a friend. What a worry dragonfly, wishing you better dora and a stress less shopping trip for you kitty. Hello gettingit, computers eh? Hope Monday is gentle with everyone.

Pittcity Mon 11-Feb-19 08:00:13

Good morning from a bright, dry Colchester. Walking Netball this morning.
The improvement in the weather means I will be able to get out and tidy the garden later. Maybe start planning for spring.

Esther1 Mon 11-Feb-19 08:02:21

Good Morning. We have made the decision to do away with our open fire and have a gas one installed. We will miss the real logs and coal burning but it is just too much work for us now. After over 45 years of fires we lit our last one yesterday - anyone else done this?

Urmstongran Mon 11-Feb-19 08:04:03

Good morning everyone from a mild South Manchester. The sun is up and this morning the Pennines are quite visible - a whole ridge of them - always a good sign!

It was me kittylester who joked about your photo shoot! I hope I didn’t offend you?

No plans today but as it’s half term in Trafford and DD2 is a teacher at home with the smalls we may well be getting together later.

Shame you’re feeling grotty DoraMarr after your mini break in a hotel - hope you can dose up while you see your family.

Have a good day all, whatever your plans.

Grammaretto Mon 11-Feb-19 08:08:24

Morning all from the Scottish Borders where it's not too bad a day.
Sorry DoraMarr you are not well and Dragonfly I hope the missing person turns up soon.
Another hospital app for DH. We can travel by bus all the way for which we are grateful.
Hope you all have a happy Monday.

BlueSapphire Mon 11-Feb-19 08:09:44

Good morning everyone. It's a bright and frosty morning in Northampton.

Coffee morning at a neighbour's house this morning for neighbours past and present; we do this every 4/6 weeks or so and take it in turns to host. Some of us have lived in the same close since the houses were built 26 years ago and a couple have moved on, so it's nice to get together.

Seem to have got over the worst of my cold thank goodness. Have a nice day everyone.

aggie Mon 11-Feb-19 08:11:34

Good Morning All , cold , bright and dry here in Co Armagh . I have to go to a funeral today , the Sister of a good friend and fellow Bowler , she was a lovely sweet lady
Kitty I got my present curtains in M+S after searching everywhere

Susan56 Mon 11-Feb-19 08:21:36

Good morning all.A day of housework,laundry and admin today.Sorry your break was spoiled by a cold Dora,hope you feel better soon.Dragonfly,I really hope your friend has a happy outcome to the horrendous situation,thinking of you all.

Greyduster Mon 11-Feb-19 08:28:12

Good morning Michael and all GNs. A bright cold day in South Yorkshire. It is GS’s 12th birthday today and we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. There will be cake!
Before that I have to pop in to see my neice.
Was only thinking about you the other day, Gettingit😊! Good to see you back. Have a happy day folks.

harrigran Mon 11-Feb-19 08:39:30

Good morning, the overnight frost has gone and I think it is going to be a dry day.
DH is going to meet an old work colleague for lunch, he will be gone for most of the day as it is a fair distance to travel.
I was to remain because plumber was coming, he has rung to say he will be coming tomorrow.
A quiet day for me with a couple of films I want to watch.