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Dolcelatte Mon 11-Feb-19 06:53:53

Inspired by the thread about ouija boards (which I wouldn’t now touch), I was wondering if anyone had any experiences, good or bad, with psychics or clairvoyants. I have had some spookily accurate readings, but others which have been way off the mark.

Anja Mon 11-Feb-19 07:55:07

I watched Ghost starring Whoopi Goldberg.

Does that count?

BradfordLass72 Mon 11-Feb-19 08:13:04

Like you Dolce my experiences were mixed.

Just after my father died, although at the time this had absolutely nothing to do with the visit to the psychic, I was mending a standard lamp for Mum which Dad had promised to do before his very sudden and unexpected death.
A friend who wanted company, called for me to go with her to a reading.

At the medium's house, I sat in the kitchen having a cuppa with her husband whilst my friend was having the sitting.

When she came out, the medium beckoned to me but I said, 'Oh no, I was only here to keep Kathy company.'
But she said, 'That's all right, just pop in here a moment.' So I followed her and she said, 'You Dad says thank you for mending that lamp for your Mum.'
Kathy didn't know about the lamp so she couldn't have said anything.

I was also once in a 'development circle' - 25 years after the above event and somehow seemed to get everything right and was told I was a gifted medium myself but it was absolutely exhausting, I used to come home completely drained of energy and had to go to bed! So I gave that up despite my apparent successes.

BlueBelle Mon 11-Feb-19 09:08:42

I m afraid I don’t believe anything about clairvoyants and think they are all just making money out of vulnerable folk
The saying a fool and his money are soon parted comes to my mind whenever I hear about these people

Anniebach Mon 11-Feb-19 10:01:41

Unkind to call people who so often see clairvoyants because they are troubled - fools

Jane10 Mon 11-Feb-19 10:06:51

It's very easy to just write this sort of thing off and call it claptrap. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. There are some fraudulent mediums but equally there are innumerable examples that cannot be just written off. I was very struck by a presentation I attended by a professor of physics and maths. He had been profoundly affected by clear evidence that he'd uncovered while trying to prove it was all nonsense! This was a well respected research scientist.
I'd never write this off as nonsense and wouldn't ever want to mess around with it either!

Anniebach Mon 11-Feb-19 10:22:38

I agree Jane10, there are frauds but also something which cannot be explained really

humptydumpty Mon 11-Feb-19 10:26:55

BlueBelle how does your (rather rude IMO) post apply to the experience of BradfordLass in the previous post, where no money changed hands?

PECS Mon 11-Feb-19 10:27:15

They had to cancel a local Psychic Event recently due to unforseen snow.

Anniebach Mon 11-Feb-19 10:28:41

Groan 😀, that’s an old one PECS

harrigran Mon 11-Feb-19 10:29:24

People hear what they want to hear, any vague reference to a loved one is accepted as a connection. Mediums are clever con artists, they extract information without you realising it. If you have to make an appointment to see one then they use the time to do research, never been easier with FB and so on.

PECS Mon 11-Feb-19 10:30:45

Except it was true! I saw it recently at the local pub that has regular Psychic Evenings🤣🤣🤣

MiniMoon Mon 11-Feb-19 10:31:06

I worked in a care home for several years. We split our night staff in half to work the two floors. A carer worked downstairs, and used to come up to find me if she needed a nurse's input.
One night she found me sitting having a break, and told me that a man was standing behind me. She described my maternal grandfather in minute detail. She even knew the age he was when his hair turned white. (This was later confirmed by my mother).
This carer did readings for people, but didn't charge as she regarded it as helping people at times of crisis.

MissAdventure Mon 11-Feb-19 10:34:02

I'm with Jane10, I think.
Some people are good at 'reading' others, and make one size fits all comments, expanding on them when people react positively.
Perhaps they (the clairvoyants) don't even realise that's what they're doing.

MiniMoon Mon 11-Feb-19 10:37:02

Well I don't know about that MissA, but my carer friend had absolutely no input from me. She specifically asked me not to say anything, and she knew nothing about my family.

shysal Mon 11-Feb-19 10:37:14

I am a sceptic, but have been recording and watching 'Mama Medium' on Saturdays on Quest Red freeview channel at 6pm. It is difficult to understand how she could know some of the details from strangers she comes across when out and about, but of course the programme could be staged.

Anniebach Mon 11-Feb-19 10:37:19

PECS that is really funny, and as for psychic evenings in a pub , brilliant, a couple of gins and I would believe the sky was about to fall if someone told me 😀

MissAdventure Mon 11-Feb-19 10:39:09

I saw a clairvoyant who, before I had even taken my coat off and sat down, said "Oh, your dad, Bill, is here with you".
I have no idea how..

Jane10 Mon 11-Feb-19 12:28:30

Mediums really don't have time to research everybody's Facebook history or indeed any record of people's back stories. Good ones aren't in it for the money. It seems to be a sort of gift that some people have. It's a pity that they are discredited due to some fraudsters.

Jalima1108 Mon 11-Feb-19 12:33:35

Yes - a good experience, very many years ago now.

Jalima1108 Mon 11-Feb-19 12:35:30

^I m afraid I don’t believe anything about clairvoyants and think they are all just making money out of vulnerable folk
The saying a fool and his money are soon parted comes to my mind whenever I hear about these people^

I was not vulnerable and in fact just went along for 'fun' but was quite startled with what I was told - and the consequences.

Anniebach Mon 11-Feb-19 12:43:14

True Jane10,a very dear friend of mine was a medium ,, she never charged, she had been a hospital matron and so many years working in hospitals was so use to seeing and hearing what others couldn’t see or hear .

My husband didn’t believe in ‘this nonsense’, one morning after my friend and I met for coffee she gave me a sealed envelope to give him , he certainty changed his mind about
‘This nonsense’

PECS Mon 11-Feb-19 12:58:17

I had friends who went to a clairvoyant evening. The clairvoyant in her 'trance' state & channeling some spirit asked if there was a Catherine in the room. Yes said my chum Katie ..clairvoyant went on for about 15 minutes fishing for information so Katie played along after a while and the clairvoyant told her all sorts of stuff lead by Katie's was all a load of rubbish!

EllanVannin Mon 11-Feb-19 13:42:54

The last time I saw a clairvoyant was in the 70's because my friend had heard how " good " she was. They were two sisters and both were " gifted ", didn't charge anything but did ask for a couple of balls of wool to add to a collection of wool for making a quilt.

These two sisters were old at the time, didn't know me or anything about me nor did I give her a lead of any sort but what she wrote down and also said was so accurate I couldn't fathom out how she'd known what she did.
Even a forecast was right and not an auto-suggestion at that time.

I was only early 30's at the time but she knew my dad had " passed over " and imitated him down to a T, it was spooky as though she'd known him, then called him by his nickname when he was a boy. It was uncanny.
Her forecast was spot-on too.

I've never been to one since and those two old sisters will be gone now.

polyester57 Mon 11-Feb-19 14:10:55

I consulted a claivoyant some years ago when my life was at a crossroads. While I waited for the reading, I could hear the person who was there in front of me spouting about her life. The claivoyant only made ascertaining noises while the woman talked on and on. When she was leaving, she told me how good the medium was. When I went in, I wasn´t going to give away anything about my life. The clairvoyant had no idea, she asked whether I was married and how many children I had. Something that, surely, she should have known. She made assumptions based on the way I was dresssed and behaved, presumed a marital crisis (me, being a married woman of middle age), which was not the case at all. I honestly don´t believe in it at all, I understand, from a youtube post, that the TV mediums send their crews to talk to the subject before, so they have an idea of what the problem might be. Their answers in any case are so predictable, as in "he is so proud of you". My mother was a spiteful old woman and her cry from beyond the grave would have been "why did you sell the Persian carpet?", not "I have always loved you".

Having said all that, once upon a time, I went to a gypsy fortune teller in King´s Lynn, who told me that I would marry a handsome, dark haired stranger and would travel with him across the sea. And that all came true.