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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 13-Mar-19 06:19:56

Good Morning Everyone,
Just about recovered from the late night out, anyway its dry but windy here in Brackley this morning.
Quite day , with cycle racing on TV later.

Beechnut Wed 13-Mar-19 06:23:13

Good Morning everyone.

Looks fairly dry outside and cloudy.

I will be getting up shortly as we are off to Hampshire today.

Have a good day all 🌸

Gagagran Wed 13-Mar-19 06:26:18

Good Morning Mick and everyone.

Looks a bit calmer here on the south coast and it is dry but cloudy so who knows what we have in store today.

Cleaners coming this morning and DH is out with his cycle club so I can enjoy some solo time.

Especially thinking of Soop today and sending best wishes for a successful operation.

Have a good day everyone.

Gagagran Wed 13-Mar-19 06:27:00

Morning Beechnut!

kittylester Wed 13-Mar-19 06:29:25

Morning mick, morning all.

It's is quite light already in North Leicestershire and it is raining.

The reason I can tell it's light and raining is that our velux blind has broken and won't come down. Also the kitchen door won't close properly. I'm slightly worried about driving anywhere today!! grin

Neti Wed 13-Mar-19 06:29:36

Morning all.

I've not checked the weather but it sounds blustery.

Anyhow the dog's been fed and is back sleeping on my bed and I'm enjoying my morning coffee.

I'm recovering from a bout of illness and am still feeling fragile so I may postpone joining the organised pack walk for another week and take a stroll around the meadow later.
We'll see.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Nana3 Wed 13-Mar-19 06:37:58

Good morning all, windy, cold and grey in Lancashire. Out for lunch with 2 friends today.
Have a good day everyone.

Willow10 Wed 13-Mar-19 06:47:29

Good morning all. Dry but blustery in E. Northants. Archery this morning followed by coffee and chat. Have a pleasant day everyone.

Kalu Wed 13-Mar-19 06:50:02

Good morning Mick and all to come.

Horrible stormy weather for the second day here in Perthshire. Hoping for some abatement tomorrow before I go stir crazy. Plenty to do indoors as decorator is finishing up but I much prefer being outside pottering in the garden.

Hope your hands are settling Marydoll 🤞

Sounds like you are on the mend Brunette. DH felt a bit fluish a couple of days ago but it only lasted 24hrs and as it’s not a flu nor just a cold, we have named it....a clu 😁

NanKate Wed 13-Mar-19 06:52:00

Morning Mick and All.

Looks surprisingly calm here in South Bucks, hope it remains so as we are off round the M25 again to look after our DGSs while our DS is away. It’s just a short visit this time and returning on Friday after the school drop off. Then we have been given a whole week off before we go down again !

harrigran Wed 13-Mar-19 07:13:11

Good morning, gale force wind again in the NE.
Thinking of soop this morning.

aggie Wed 13-Mar-19 07:22:24

Morning All , it's horrible out

dragonfly46 Wed 13-Mar-19 07:28:55

Morning all, blowing a gale and pouring with rain here in Leicestershire. Going to M&S today to park under cover.

Grammaretto Wed 13-Mar-19 07:30:55

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. The storm has subsided and the sun is streaming in.
Will need to check for damage.

Cousins from NZ are coming to visit later. I hope we won't talk about Brexit.

Menopaws Wed 13-Mar-19 07:31:56

Helping move son and family back into their completely renovated house, all kitted out for darling grandson, lovely big wet room, hoists, wide doors and ramps, so happy to see them back in it again. Hope the rain keeps off

Brunette10 Wed 13-Mar-19 07:32:35

Morning to everyone from a bright and fairly windy Fife. Thanks Kalu feeling a better again but not 100%. I'm maybe needing out in this fresh air for a while to blow away all the germs smile We shall see. Hope everyone's day is good for them.

1inamillion Wed 13-Mar-19 07:37:15

Good morning everyone. Very stormy night and still blowing a gale on S Glam coast. It is dry though.

Is it the Paris - Nice you'll be watching Mick? The wind played havoc yesterday didn't it?

Glad you are better Neti, take it easy.
Take care all in this stormy weather.

DoraMarr Wed 13-Mar-19 07:40:13

Good morning from a bright and sunny, but very windy, Birmingham. I’m going to a lecture today about Renaissance courtesans, which should be interesting, then I am going to help my partner choose a new pair of glasses. At some point I must type up my writing for this evening’s writing group.
I hope everyone has a good day.

BlueSapphire Wed 13-Mar-19 07:41:52

Good morning all; it's bright but very windy here in Northampton. The radio keeps promising rain, so hope I can get down to M&S food and back in the dry. Need to get the rest of the food for my wine evening tomorrow.
Have a good day, everyone.

ninathenana Wed 13-Mar-19 07:42:13

Morning all.

It looks quite bright through the gap in the curtains though I can hear the wind blustering here in Kent.
I hav to take DH to a gardening job this morning and pick him up later. DS is out all day so I'm home alone. Which I quiet like.
Enjoy your day everyone.

megan123 Wed 13-Mar-19 07:42:13

Good morning everyone. The storm is still here, very black clouds, I wish for Spring I hate this weather. Woken early by my lovely dog pawing the side of the bed, but he is fast asleep on the sofa now!
Take care all, keep safe and warm.

gillybob Wed 13-Mar-19 07:44:17

Good morning from a very windy NE coast . There will be Rich pickings on the beach today but sadly I’m off to “that place”.
Have a good Wednesday everyone x

Nelliemoser Wed 13-Mar-19 07:47:00

Good Morning All. It is foul outside. this weather has been going on for a while.
It seems to go around in circles of bad weather, calms down for a while and goes around again and comes back.
Not much can we can do about it though.
It will pass.

Marydoll Wed 13-Mar-19 07:58:05

Good morning Mick and all from a blustery Glasgow.

There were a lot of strange noises in the night, I'm afraid to go out in the garden for a look.

Up early, as I couldn't sleep, so there is a batch of hot cross buns, just out of the oven, for anyone who is passing.
Years ago, I did it all by hand, thank goodness for the person who designed the Kitchen Aid mixer or my baking days would have been over.
Kalu, thank you for your good wishes.

I can't stop thinking about Soop, who is in a hospital only fifteen minutes away from my home. flowers

Off out early for an appointment, have a good day all.

Greyduster Wed 13-Mar-19 08:12:58

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is very windy in South Yorkshire but the sun is shining on and off! GS has just sent me a photo of me holding one of his guinea pigs. It’s a very good one - of the guinea pig!😁. Have a good day, folks.