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Good Morning Monday

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Gagagran Mon 25-Mar-19 06:44:53

Morning everyone! Reckon Mick is not around just yet so thought I would open up.

Lovely sunny morning here on the south coast and more gardening looms for us.

Enjoy the day all!

BlueSapphire Mon 25-Mar-19 07:00:09

Good morning Gagagran, it's a lovely morning here in Northampton. I think Mick said for someone to open up for him.

Still giving yoga a miss, but I shall go and join them for coffee after class. Then a walk into the village to deliver letter to the solicitor.

Well the back grass didn't get cut yesterday as a plastic bit snapped off the lawnmower and without it I can't start the motor! May ask one of my lovely neighbours if it can be glued back on again. If not, then it will have to be a new mower...

Hope everyone's day goes well.

Urmstongran Mon 25-Mar-19 07:03:26

Good morning everyone from a sunny and beautiful morning in South Manchester. We are off to Yorkshire in a couple of hours to spend the day with our eldest daughter and her partner - they have a few days off work this week so it’ll be nice to see them. We don’t go over nearly as often as we should.
Hope Monday is kind to us all. x

Nanabanana1 Mon 25-Mar-19 07:06:16

Good morning everyone, lovely sunny morning in Torbay today, more gardening for me today as well.
Wishing everyone a good day.

Pittcity Mon 25-Mar-19 07:06:29

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Chilly but springlike here.
Back to Walking Netball after my holiday, hope I'm not too out of shape.

NanKate Mon 25-Mar-19 07:06:59

Morning Gaga Blue and All.

Yes Mick has gone on a one night holiday back tomorrow.

Lovely in Sussex.

It is only 7.05 and our two DGSs have already had a minor argument. 😏so I have left it to DH to sort.

1inamillion Mon 25-Mar-19 07:10:49

Good morning Gaga, BlueSapphire, and Urmston.
It is a beautiful morning on S Welsh coast too.

DD's birthday today, she's working but is off on holiday on Thursday,
Nothing planned, a quiet day in prospect.

Have a good day all.

kittylester Mon 25-Mar-19 07:11:27

Morning all. North Leicestershire is quite bright.

We are changing internet and phone provider today - wish us luck.

NfkDumpling Mon 25-Mar-19 07:14:34

Morning All

Spring has sprung In my bit of Norfolk. Still a bit chilly but it hasn’t stopped the frogs filling the pond with more spawn than they have in years. The blackbirds are licking their beaks!

More gardening for me today. Not much needs doing but I feel the urge to annoy some soil.

NfkDumpling Mon 25-Mar-19 07:14:56

(Good luck Kitty)

Brunette10 Mon 25-Mar-19 07:23:09

Good Morning to all and to those who follow. It's a beautiful bright, sunny and calm morning here in Fife. Just lovely. Feel like going on an Away Day but having said that the lovely weather also makes you want to get everything tidied up out in the garden. I will let DH decided which it is to be. I hope Monday is good to everyone - enjoy!

Beechnut Mon 25-Mar-19 07:23:12

Good Morning all.

A beautiful morning here, the sun is pouring through the window so I’m going to get up earlier.

I had to buy a new lawn mower last year BlueSapphire. It was the first major thing I had to choose on my own.

Will potter today I think.
Hope you all have a good day 🌺

NannyJan53 Mon 25-Mar-19 07:23:14

Good Morning from a bright and sunny Black Country.

Kitchen painting completed yesterday, plus garage tidied out and stuff to Tip (where does it all come from as it is a job done at least twice a year?) Lawn had it's first cut also.

Walking for Health walk today, then a pottering sort of afternoon.

Wishing you all a good Monday.

Sar53 Mon 25-Mar-19 07:25:34

Good morning everyone from a very sunny Essex by the sea. It looks beautiful outside, a lovely Spring day. I'm off to the opticians later for a check on the fit of my latest contact lenses. After over forty years I am having problems with the fit of the lenses. I hope it can be sorted. DH is taking me and bringing me home so that I don't have to drive. He is then going off to work and I will potter at ho e.
Have a good day everyone.

Grammaretto Mon 25-Mar-19 07:27:12

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Sunny looking day. I intend to fix the greenhouse glass as I've bought the bits but it's a busy week of appointments.
Good luck Kitty

gillybob Mon 25-Mar-19 07:27:36

Good morning Gaga and all to follow. Another lovely sunny start here on the NE coast. I spent most of yesterday pottering in the garden and managed to get a few things repotted. DH insisted it was “too soon to uncover the garden furniture ” I wish I had ignored him and done it anyway. I could be sitting drinking my cuppa out there right now.

Have a good Monday everyone, sadly no lottery win at the weekend to off to “that place”. School runs all this week. x

Willow10 Mon 25-Mar-19 07:28:54

Good morning from a bright and sunny E.Northants. I think this weather is in for the week - yay! It's lovely to see the Spring finally arrive, it definitely lifts the mood. Off to see granddaughter in her new house today and a visit to the supermarket to get her food cupboards filled. Have a pleasant day everyone.

Marydoll Mon 25-Mar-19 07:36:20

Good morning all from a sunny, but chilly Glasgow, it's only 4°.
Thanks for starting us off, Gaga.
Oh what a night! One of the upstairs smoke alarms kept beeping and of course DH slept throught it, 😴 and he says there is nothing wrong with his hearing!
After changing batteries in both of them, there is still a beeping noise🤔.

My DS and DIL have offered to take me to the big yellow and blue shop. I jumped at the chance, as DH plans to spray our fences. It usually takes him two or three days, but DS has lent him asuper, douper sprayer, I'm not convinced, going on his past history.
Last time he did it, he didn't cover anything up and it took me ages to clean up the the conservatory windows.😡
I'm better off the premises.

Have a good day all.

dragonfly46 Mon 25-Mar-19 07:39:34

Good morning from a lovely morning in Leicestershire. Dog walking today and the nurse is coming to try and take blood and do an ecg. Will probably find the tablets are adversely affecting my heart again but hey hoe!

Good luck with your internet Kitty.

Nana3 Mon 25-Mar-19 07:40:24

Good morning, lovely spring weather in Lancashire.
Reading group this morning, I'll walk to the library as it's sunny.
Good luck kitty.
Have a good day everyone.

gillybob Mon 25-Mar-19 07:42:43

Forgot to add my “good luck” to you too kitty I suppose we will know soon enough if all went well, you’ll either be around......or not. Fingers crossed 🤞 its a seamless changeover.

DoraMarr Mon 25-Mar-19 07:50:13

Good morning from sunny Birmingham. I’ve managed to catch another cold, so yesterday was spent mostly lying on the sofa with a box of tissues and headache tablets. Feeling better today, so will go for a walk this morning and then to writing class this afternoon. I will have my grandaughter for a couple of hours while my daughter visits her friend with a newborn. Granddaughter had a tummy bug yesterday, so she’s keeping her away from other children.

Susan56 Mon 25-Mar-19 07:50:54

Good morning from sunny Shropshire.Have to go and retrieve our posessions from the written off car today then go and hopefully buy a new car😩
Have a lovely day in Yorkshire Urmstongran,one of our favourite places to visit.We hope to spend some time exploring when my husbands retirement starts properly.On our list is Northumberland,I have visited but my husband hasn’t,Scotland,haven’t spent enough time there,Norfolk and West Wales spending time with family.
Have a good day everyone.

harrigran Mon 25-Mar-19 07:55:22

Good morning, cold and bright start here.
DH has a hospital appointment in the next city at lunchtime so I will potter and do some tidying up.
Whilst watching TV yesterday I managed to drop chocolate on the sofa and sit on it, who knew that one caramel button could make so much mess ? In one weekend I have spoilt a carpet and sofa, annoyed comes nowhere near what I feel.

cornergran Mon 25-Mar-19 07:59:03

Morning Gaga, morning All from a bright, sunny corner of Somerset. Thanks for starting the day gaga. You do like living dangerously kitty, good luck. Yesterday’s gardening is still with me, goodness I ache but it was fun and needed doing. Compost shopping after GP this morning then planting up a shrub. May ignore the jobs planned for the afternoon and go for a walk on the beach. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.