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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 07-Apr-19 06:20:18

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dull and grey start here in Brackley but its daylight.
Usual day for me a brought a couple of steak and ale pies from a newly opened pie shop , and gather the filling is wholesome , will add some Jersey Royals , asparagus UK wise , runner beans and cabbage .
Will do the veg in the steamer, and pie in the oven.

ninathenana Sun 07-Apr-19 07:16:27

Morning Mick and everyone.

Dull here in Hungerford as was the start of yesterday but it brightened up nicely, so fingers crossed.
A stroll around the hotel gardens this morning then an afternoon of slobbing.
Enjoy your Sundays.
Mick I love a good pie, sadly DH doesn't eat pastry.

kittylester Sun 07-Apr-19 07:22:49

Morning Mick - I'll be round for lunch!

Slightly misty in North Leicestershire. We are looking for a new car for Dh today. We both hate his current one and call it 'The Mistake'.

Dd1, having avoided any sort of sport since she was born, is running the Derby 10k today.

Belly pork roasted with cumin seeds and thyme and with a sherry sauce.

kittylester Sun 07-Apr-19 07:23:43

Morning nina! Enjoy your day!

Justme67 Sun 07-Apr-19 07:29:43

A bit early for me, and good morning to you all. Had a really disturbed night's sleep, very weird dreams, think perhaps a cup of tea and the crossword will help, plan to do a little gardening after that. Looks as if it will be a pleasant day, so maybe a little sitting in the garden might happen. enjoy your days

cornergran Sun 07-Apr-19 07:33:07

Morning Mick, morning All from a cloudy but fairly bright corner of Somerset. Should finish putting stuff back today, books to go on the shelves, pictures on the walls and some younger muscle calling in to put the top boxes back on the wardrobes. All we need to do then is paint the wardrobe doors but they can wait until ‘one day when I feel like it’ as my ma in law used to say. Roast chicken here at some point. Good luck to your daughter kitty, try to survive the car shopping. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

mokryna Sun 07-Apr-19 07:40:40

'Morning everyone, Cold and cloudy here at the moment, hoping for sun later on. Off to walk round the next town's "Brocante de Chaville ". The main road is blocked off for the whole day, it's free to walk round and there should be about 300 stalls. I'm not looking for anything in particular but you never know.

kittylester Sun 07-Apr-19 07:45:38

Where are you justme and mokryna?

Gagagran Sun 07-Apr-19 07:46:04

Morning Mick and everyone!

It's a clear, bright start to the day here on the south coast and the sun is coming up rapidly. Looks like a nice day in store.

It's the Boat Race today and James Cracknell (46) is in the boat along with a 19 year old! He must be very fit and that despite his head injury sustained in 2010, whilst cycling across America. Impressive!

Have a good day folks! sunshine

Beechnut Sun 07-Apr-19 07:49:56

Good Morning to you all.

Dry and cloudy here. I also had a weird dream....
Pleased with my garden efforts yesterday, mowed the lawn ,did some digging and moved a few plants so I may take things easier today. I have some sewing to do with my Easter decoration.
Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday 🌷

Auntieflo Sun 07-Apr-19 07:52:15

Good morning Michael, Annie, to come and all.
Michael, your lunch sounds lovely, pity you are so far away! I am up early because of taking a once weekly tablet, that I have to be standing upright for 30 minutes for, before eating drinking anything. So, it’s my morning for making the tea. But it makes me feel slightly nauseous. (The tablet, not the tea)
Church later on, and then, who knows?
Wnjoy your day one and all.

1inamillion Sun 07-Apr-19 08:09:07

Morning all from a sunny S Welsh coast.
Having a cup of tea and about to do the sudoku.

Chicken later for us too, Corner
Good luck to your daughter Kitty
Hope everyone enjoys their day.

Baggs Sun 07-Apr-19 08:13:29

Morning, folks! Off to do the weekly shop shortly.

I put blackberries in the squash soup I made yesterday. It worked well. Since recipes were calling for apple or apple cider vinegar, I reckoned a bit of blackberry acidity would work just as well. It did.

Minibaggs came back from uni so she can attend a requiem mass for her schoolfriend who died last weekend.

Willow10 Sun 07-Apr-19 08:15:00

Good morning all. Had a very good 60's and 70's dance last night, raising money for Northamptonshire Carers. The band was Finneaus Fogg, they only do gigs free of charge for charity and were excellent. Very excited about tonight, it's my birthday treat from my youngest son to see Mike and the Mechanics in Milton Keynes. I shall be exhausted tomorrow with swollen hands no doubt, from clapping in time to the music. Enjoy your lunch Micheal, hope it's a good Sunday for everyone.

Alygran Sun 07-Apr-19 08:15:35

Good morning from a cloudy North Yorkshire. Went to see Alfie Boe in Harrogate last night. Excellent concert. ‘Bring him home’ was spine tingling.
Friends coming for lunch today after Church so cooking roast beef.
Have a good Sunday everyone.

Brunette10 Sun 07-Apr-19 08:16:29

Good Morning to all and to those who follow from a damp and again drench Fife. Meeting friends this morning for breakfast and catch up then may take our new car out for a good run. Hope Sunday is good to everyone.

Susan56 Sun 07-Apr-19 08:23:20

Good morning from Shropshire.A dull start.We are off to West Wales to celebrate FIL’s 91st Birthday,hoping the weather is good as DGD is coming with us and has packed her bucket and spade.
Good luck with the car shopping kitty.We collected our new car this week,really pleased with it but the dashboard is like an aeroplanes instrument panel😩
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Sun 07-Apr-19 08:27:59

Good morning all from a dull and not very warm Glasgow.

I'm in the bad books, as my phone alarm went off during the night and I blundered about trying to find it with no glasses! blush.

"We" are loft clearing today, well DD and her partner are, I will supervise. grin DH and I mistakenly thought they were tryng to help us with our put our affairs in order plan. However, they are not being as altruistic, as we thought!
DD has moved into her fiance's flat, but they are short of room and everything is going up our loft! smile

Of course they will be looking for dinner, so I'm going to cook shredded, crispy chilli chicken with fried rice for us and aveggie stir fry for future SIL

Thank you for all of those who sent me good wishes last week, I was feeling a bit low and it gave me such a boost.

Have a good Sunday all!

Brunette10 Sun 07-Apr-19 08:28:01

Susan56 - ours is too, too much for me to take in at the moment, will have to study it for some time smile

Marydoll Sun 07-Apr-19 08:29:41

grin. I have never driven DH's car for that very reason! The electronic handbrake terrifies me, especially as we live on a hill.

mumofmadboys Sun 07-Apr-19 08:32:40

Sad that your DD's schoolfriend died so young Baggs.
My DH is away this weekend. I woke at 4 am and sat in bed reading Michelle Obama's book 'Becoming' with a tray of tea and toast! Then went back to sleep!
Off to church soon followed by AGM and shared lunch.
Wishing all a happy and peaceful Sunday.

dragonfly46 Sun 07-Apr-19 08:36:33

Good morning from Leicestershire. Still a bit dull but hopefully the sun will peek through.
Got the robot mower out yesterday so shall enjoy watching it do it’s stuff today. Then a visit with a friend to the garden centre - I have vouchers to spend!

My DHs last car was a mistake Kitty - it was too low and I had trouble getting in and out!

gillybob Sun 07-Apr-19 08:37:02

Good morning from a grey and foggy NE coast . The fog horn has been sounding most of the night but thankfully baby granddaughter slept right through it . She’s such a good baby .
Must do some food shopping later as the cupboards are bare.

Good luck to your DD kitty .

Have a good Sunday everyone x

Pittcity Sun 07-Apr-19 08:45:59

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Our garden clearing began well but we now have to wait for a dry day to wash and reseal the decking and furniture.
We are our roast chicken yesterday as I am eating out this evening in Southend and then seeing comedian Rachel Parris.

Anniebach Sun 07-Apr-19 08:54:00

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x