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Anniebach Mon 13-May-19 14:11:10

Doris Day has died , age 97


Jane10 Mon 13-May-19 14:18:07

Aw. I loved her films and songs. Sounds like she'd not had a great life. RIP indeed.

Alima Mon 13-May-19 14:32:23

With 6 You Get Egg Roll. One of her many wonderfully uplifting films. What an actress, what a singer, what a wonderful human being. RIP.

KatyK Mon 13-May-19 14:37:36

She was delightful. She had everything going for her - although I realise her personal life was difficult. Thanks for all the happy memories Doris. RIP.

EllanVannin Mon 13-May-19 14:40:25

My D in Oz will be devastated----she really loved her and her films/songs.
So sad. I hope they show one or two of her films, of which were very funny. A beautiful looking woman in her day too. RIP.

kittylester Mon 13-May-19 14:48:00

That's so sad.

sharon103 Mon 13-May-19 14:57:32

So sad, I love here films and have dvds. Rest in peace dear lady.

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 14:58:15

Ah a wonderful and multi talented person.

Que sera sera 🎶🎵 running through my head right now!


Whitewavemark2 Mon 13-May-19 14:59:28

My Aunt took me to see my first film “Annie get your gun”

I used to love her clothes and style in her later films.

KatyK Mon 13-May-19 15:01:04

I loved her singing The Black Hills of Dakota in Calamity Jane and so much more.

Urmstongran Mon 13-May-19 15:17:38

One really distinguished lady a real star who didn't need injections or a backside like a shire horse.

tinaf1 Mon 13-May-19 15:30:28

My favourite film star when I was growing up , used love getting Picture Show (think it was called that) annual for Christmas always had lots of pictures of her in it, beautiful voice RIP

Nonnie Mon 13-May-19 15:56:06

Apparently when she sang Que Sera, Sera she had just discovered her husband had defrauded her of all her wealth. Not sure I could have felt like that.

Gonegirl Mon 13-May-19 16:14:46

Oh no! I only watched a film of hers over the weekend. Love Me or Leave Me with James Cagney. I loved it. I so wanted to be just like her when I was a girl.

She had a good innings. Sad though.

CanadianGran Mon 13-May-19 17:28:59

What a lovely talent she was! I loved her for her beautiful smile and voice, and she had a lovely outlook that carried through to the audience. And she had great comic abilities.

Please don't eat the Daisies! This movie came out before I was born, but I watched it on TV when I was a child, and I think I fell in love with Doris then.

MawBroonsback Mon 13-May-19 17:30:47

Such memories from my childhood. We used to listen to songs like “The Black Hills of Dakota” and “Whip crack away” and “Secret Love” on 78s on the radiogram on a Sunday night!
RIP Doris Day
A particular favourite to share

glammanana Mon 13-May-19 17:34:50

I always admired her ever since my mum took me to see Annie Get Your Gun,always loved her hair.RIP lovely lady.

Tedber Mon 13-May-19 17:44:18

Calamity Jane is one of my old time favourites too! Fabulous songs and loved her voice.

She had a long and hopefully, happy life but sad all the same.
RIP Doris Day. Not many of the 'greats' left now. Sad sad

hugshelp Mon 13-May-19 18:10:18

Bringing back lovely memories of her films and songs. 97 is good. RIP Doris.

Cherrytree59 Mon 13-May-19 18:28:39

Doris Day was a lovely lady from the Silver Screen
My mum loved Doris Day and Cart Grant.

She had the 'It' factor.
Hard to put your finger on what the 'It' was.

RIP Doris Day.

janeainsworth Mon 13-May-19 19:09:05

It was ‘Move Over Darling’ for me!😍

rosecarmel Mon 13-May-19 19:09:21

The glass bottom boat and Move over, darling ..

And she did have the "it" factor .. Like Audrey Hepburn did ..

rosecarmel Mon 13-May-19 19:11:48

Oh! And dont eat the daisies!

Luckygirl Mon 13-May-19 19:21:23

Her voice was so much a part of my childhood.

NanaandGrampy Mon 13-May-19 19:25:28

Grampy is devastated ! She was his movie star crush!