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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 08-Jun-19 06:38:14

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey and wet morning here in Brackley this morning.
Plans for the day is hopefully get the bus to Buckingham and Bicester .
With the weather as it is chances of the flea market being on look remote.

Resurgam123 Sat 08-Jun-19 06:44:50

Good Morning Mick Good morning all.
It is wet here in cheshire. That is not what the forecast said yesterday. I feel cheated. wink

Ginny42 Sat 08-Jun-19 06:47:32

Morning Mick and all on a very wet Cheshire morning. I was convinced it was sleet at one point yesterday and we had a fierce hail and thunderstorm on Thursday. I was trying to get washing off the line whilst being pelted with hail.

Quoted £380 for a new air con system for my car. Will I need it? On the other hand being stuck in traffic on a hot day won't be fun. I may have to bite the bullet.

Just as far as my sister's in Manchester today to finalise holiday plans. That should cheer me up.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Beechnut Sat 08-Jun-19 06:53:35

Good Morning all.
Wet and grey here this morning.
I was thinking of going to yacht club event but with the weather I’m not sure. Let’s see if it brightens up later.
Did you get any response as to why your bus failed to turn up Mick?
I hope you all have a good day 🌸 a better one than this 🌧☂️

Urmstongran Sat 08-Jun-19 07:06:00

Good morning everyone from Malaga where although warm, it’s misty over the sea.

No plans at all for today so we shall see how it unfolds.

Hope Saturday is good to us all whether we have plans or (like me) none. x

Bellasnana Sat 08-Jun-19 07:14:01

Good morning from Malta where summer has arrived at last.

A happy day in store, I hope, as DD3 is getting married this evening. Hoping all the plans will come together with no hitches, but, most of all, hope they have a long and happy marriage.

Hope your bus shows up on time today, Mick, after yesterday’s disappointment.

Good day to all.☀️

kittylester Sat 08-Jun-19 07:18:31

Morning all from a soggy grey North Leicestershire.

This morning I am helping on an Alzheimers Society information stand at the village health centre. My brother and his wife are coming for a meal and catch up this evening.

Sprout Sat 08-Jun-19 07:20:32

Morning Mick and all. Wet windy and not nice here in Kent Having a cuppa but tempted to go back to bed. See what the day brings no special plans. Have a good day everyone

Nannytopsy Sat 08-Jun-19 07:22:19

I hope you have a wonderful day Bellasnana. Our DD was married last year and it was such a happy day. Not a good day to get married in the UK - wevtoo have rain in Leicester. A day of cooking, as we have 6 of DH’s colleagues to dinner this evening. Have a good day everyone.

Sar53 Sat 08-Jun-19 07:30:14

Good morning everyone from a damp Essex by the sea. I'm off to DD2 later this morning. Babysitting duties this evening as they are off to a 40th party. Staying with them tomorrow and home on Monday.
DH has a nasty cold and likes nothing better than being left alone when he's unwell, that's exactly what I shall be doing !!! I have sympathy but he doesn't want it.
Have a good day everyone.

DoraMarr Sat 08-Jun-19 07:42:08

Good morning from a rainy Suffolk coast. I can hear the grandchildren chatting in the kitchen, so I will get up and have a cup of tea with them while they eat their breakfasts. My mother and brothers are coming to lunch today, then my partner and I will probably have a meal at the local pub this evening.
Have a good day everyone!

Marydoll Sat 08-Jun-19 07:45:33

Good morning all from Glasgow, it's dry at the moment, but rain is forecast for later.

Not much planned today, apart from some baking. I have lots of out of date milk from DS1's fridge and I don't want it to go to waste.
Talking of Mick's, pies from the other day, I'm hoping my daughter will appear later with pies from a shop down the coast.

I'm tired after yesterday's trip into town. It was a bit stressful. as trains kept getting cancelled and my husband was carrying a VERY LARGE hat box around town. angry
At one point, half our train was full of people going to our destination and the other half thought it was going somewhere else. What a fiasco, Scotrail!!!!

Bellasnana, I hope you, your daughter and your family have a wonderful day and of course the sun will be shining in lovely Malta! sunshine

Have a pleasant Saturday, everyone

teabagwoman Sat 08-Jun-19 07:55:59

Good morning all, it’s raining hard here in Northampton. Have woken up feeling as though I’ve been chewed up and spat out. Hopefully things will improve as the day goes on, I really must catch up with the chores. Belladonna have a wonderful day.

BlueSapphire Sat 08-Jun-19 08:01:10

Good morning everyone from a very wet Northampton, where it's chucking it down. I have even got the heating on!

Rained all day yesterday, but I needed to go to Sainsburys; my very kind neighbours saw me at the bus stop and gave me a lift which I was very grateful for.
Got some of the currency (Polish) for my cruise, but have had to order for Denmark, Sweden and Russia. I do like to have some of the local money, even if it's only for a coffee.

Looking forward to this evening as DD's concert band 100th anniversary celebrations continue. They are giving a concert first, then a hot buffet and a quiz, followed by entertainment at the piano by a local popular and gifted pianist - classically trained at the Royal Academy of Music, he plays anything from Bach, to jazz, swing, pop. Incidentally, I used to teach him at primary school! Remember him as a little 7yr old playing Beethoven in school assembly.

Hope everyone's day goes well despite the weather.

Nanabanana1 Sat 08-Jun-19 08:07:19

Morning everyone, bright with lots of clouds in Torbay this morning, looks like another showery day today, waiting for Summer to start🙄
Two of my grandchildren with me today so that will keep me busy, hope everyone has a good day.
Best wishes for a lovely day Bellasnana.

Greyduster Sat 08-Jun-19 08:09:07

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is dry in South Yorkshire at the moment after yesterday’s constant deluge. Hope it stays dry as we are test driving a car this morning - not my idea; I like the one we have! It’s a man thing! I made a curry yesterday which we will have for dinner this evening. Have a good day folks.

Greyduster Sat 08-Jun-19 08:11:09

Like the sound of your concert, BlueSapphire!

Lins1066 Sat 08-Jun-19 08:11:34

Good Morning Mick and all. It is sunny here on S Welsh coast, it seems a lot of you are having the rain we had yesterday. Hope it stays dry as there is World Cup cricket in Cardiff today.
DD completed the Welsh 3 Peaks with 40 mins to spare. They raised a lot of money for charity.
Hope everyone has a pleasant day.

Esther1 Sat 08-Jun-19 08:13:34

Good Morning from Surrey. Still a bit rainy but with a promise of blue skies later. So excited as my son and his girlfriend who both live in France are here for the weekend and we have a big family barbecue planned with all the siblings and in-laws and tiny grandchildren. It’s going to be joyous chaos all weekend and I feel so blessed. To get everyone together in the same country let alone the same house is a feat as there are so many of us now. Luckily dh and I decided to try and stay on living in the old family home even though it’s falling apart - but to have all the ‘children’ back, now with their own lovely families, makes me so very happy.

ninathenana Sat 08-Jun-19 08:21:52

Morning all

Wet in Kent too, it's not raining at the moment but it did during the night.
DH has a couple of jobs to do in his workshop today and I really need to do some filing.
Have a good day all.

Pittcity Sat 08-Jun-19 08:30:58

Good morning from a wet, windy Colchester. Family here for a barbecue today. We will be indoors with a couple of intrepid men in charge of the barbecue and escaping toddlers.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 08-Jun-19 08:32:16

Good morning from east London. Cloudy outside and possibly mizzling. Off to Chichester today to collect DS from uni - his first year over. He said he’d take us on a walk up to the South Downs but we’ll see what the weather throws at us. Have a good day.

aggie Sat 08-Jun-19 08:39:11

Good Morning from a dull NI , rain not far away . Debating whether to do stuff from the freezer , the door was amaze for some time .

aggie Sat 08-Jun-19 08:40:32

Ajar .... predictive rubbish

NanKate Sat 08-Jun-19 08:52:15

Morning Mick and All.

Very cloudy and the rain coming in South Bucks.

Mary I do hope you got your hat changed. Esther what a lovely picture you paint of having all your family together.

This afternoon will be watching the Tennis from Paris and tonight we are going to a Gospel Concert at the Parish Church.