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MawBroonsback Tue 18-Jun-19 10:28:25

I wish this was not one of my worst weaknesses.
It’s not laziness (I think) but usually something I don’t really want to do which I put off and off perhaps in the hope it won’t be necessary. Taking Hattie to kennels (even booking) for example. I have known for weeks that I am going on a weekend granny duty on Thursday afternoon but have just steeled myself to ring the kennels.

I have 4 bags ready in the garage for the charity shop, but perhaps I don’t really want to part with the contents? (Including some of Paw’s things)

Putting it off does not make it go away and when I do get round to ticking things off my to-do list I feel as if a load has been lifted off my shoulders.
So why?
Anyone else suffer? I would so like to be like the Nike ad - and “just do it! “

Squiffy Thu 27-Jun-19 12:32:32

Rainagaine I think you've hit the nail on the head! I spend forever 'doing' things in my head, trying to decide on the best/perfect way of doing them in Real Life. And the cure is? .....