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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 06-Jul-19 06:19:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another sunny start and its warm already here in Brackley.
My usual Saturday jaunt on the buses to Buckingham and Bicester . I will browse the Flea Market in Buckingham, and when I get home watch the remaining 2 hours or so of the first stage of the Tour De France which starts in Brussels.

ninathenana Sat 06-Jul-19 06:25:18

Morning Mick and everyone.

I've been up since 5.30 after a restless night, unusual for me.
There are a few fluffy clouds over Kent but it's already warm.
I'm having tea on the patio at the moment. Nothing planned, just see how it goes.
Have a good day everyone.

GabriellaG54 Sat 06-Jul-19 06:36:08

A beautiful sunny start here in Godalming, about 16 degrees with no breeze. Just about to go for my run as buddy 15 mins late.
I'll have a spinach omelette and a glass of milk after my shower when I return then decide if I want to join a friend for the day at her home...large swimming pool, cabana and fire pit. 😮 She's a great cook too... 😋😁

Sprout Sat 06-Jul-19 06:49:49

Morning Mick and all. Early bird again today. Sun coming through here in Kent. Visit to see my brother today taking the dogs as they have a large garden and my sister in law loves to see them and spoils them rotten. Hope everyone has a great day whatever you are doing.

cornergran Sat 06-Jul-19 06:50:32

Morning Mick, morning All. The morning is bright and sunny unlike me, one of the two hours sleep nights, no particular reason it just happens every few days. Pottering today, maybe some sea air. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

Beechnut Sat 06-Jul-19 06:57:34

Good Morning everyone.
It’s warm, sunny with light clouds on Severnside.
Pottering this morning then I’m going to the park to listen to some music.

I hope you all enjoy the sunshine today whatever you do 🌻

Ginny42 Sat 06-Jul-19 07:03:29

Morning Mick and everyone. After the most glorious day yesterday, it's grey and raining quite heavily here in Cheshire. Where did it come from? Just when I wanted it to be fine to visit the American car show at Tatton with GS. Will visit my sister instead and hope for a brighter day tomorrow as it's a two day event. At least the pots won't need watering today!

Take care everyone and have a good day. If you're not well, hope you have a better day today.

NanKate Sat 06-Jul-19 07:04:40

Morning Mick and All from a sunny South Bucks.

Nice to be home after a few days in charge if the DGSs going back to Sussex next Tuesday, it’s all go.

Off early to Windsor to do some shopping. Hope I can get some metallic sandals from Hotter. Then back home to watch Tsonga v Nadal 🎾🎾

BlueSapphire Sat 06-Jul-19 07:18:56

Good morning all from a sunny 🌞Northampton..

Busy day yesterday, washing and unpacking, but all holiday washing is now done and put away. Too hot to do any gardening yesterday, so I waited till evening, then cleared the weeds on the patios, cut back some overgrown shrubs, and tidied up the rampant vine on the pergola.. Still lots more to do. I have a man coming on Monday to clean all hard surfaces in the garden - well, he's a school friend of DS's, and I have known him since he was 4 yrs old. He is now 40 and has his own cleaning company.

Was excused after school care yesterday, which I was relieved about.

Cats coming home this morning, then I plan on going to Sainsbury's this afternoon for a few odds and ends.

Hope we can all enjoy the lovely weather.

kittylester Sat 06-Jul-19 07:28:58

Morning all from a greyish North Leicestershire.

I had a really disturbed night too corner - lots of silly dreams, waking up and feeling disorientated. Glad to be awake really! grin

I intended to do some gardening yesterday but it was too hot - well that's my excuse - so I'd better do some today.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 06-Jul-19 07:31:37

Morning all from South Notts. The sky is white and a bit gloomy looking so who knows what it'll do later?
Hope to nip out early to put some petrol in the car and air in the tyres.
I'll have a go at the big crossword which I have difficulty completing these days. The lawn will need mowing, clover and buttercups are coming up, taller than the grass.
I'll try on the new summer dress which I've made and need to check that the tacked hem is straight before I whizz it through the sewing machine.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 06-Jul-19 07:31:45

Good morning from east London, bright and warm here. Was going to read when I got up but got lured into moving food out of the basement as, after two years build up, the lowering of its floor starts next week so it needs to be emptied. I will need to get dressed at some point as there’s a choir practise at 10 (Waltham forest garden party performance next week) then two gigs today at the Walthamstow village festival. Have a good day.

12Michael Sat 06-Jul-19 07:38:49

Seeing Kitty Lester's post as to the sky its in last hour gone greyish over Brackley , so changes ??

Whitewavemark2 Sat 06-Jul-19 07:41:32

Good morning

Everyone seems fine today which is nice to know.

Another lovely day here. I really do prefer the temperature we are currently getting compared to when it reaches late 20 to 30s as it gets too hot to do anything then.

Hairdressers this morning, gardening this afternoon.

Pantglas1 Sat 06-Jul-19 07:42:00

Morning all from a grey north Wales coast and just when I needed it to be nice as I’m meeting friends for brunch later @nd a browse through local ‘honesty’ bookshop.

Then a garden fete at 1pm - haven’t been to one of them in years - I feel tea and cake will be appropriate by then and hopefully some sun! Enjoy your day everyone!

Marydoll Sat 06-Jul-19 07:51:26

Good morning from a sunny Glasgow. I 've been outside to put out the washing and it's quite pleasant, 11°, however, nothing compared to your 16°, Gabriella!

I'm feeling a bit ropey today, as I was yesterday, so nothing planned. I will just potter about. No doubt my daughter will be up to pick up the address labels I have been making for her Save the date, wedding cards. The list is getting longer and longer! 😱😰.

NanKate, it's good to see you back, I wondered if you were OK.

Have a pleasant day, everyone.

Resurgam123 Sat 06-Jul-19 07:52:11

Good Morning all.
Does anyone else find their flipping posts taken over by other posts . I am really Pi** off by this.

Resurgam123 Sat 06-Jul-19 07:54:12

It is very grey down here in Cheshire East and now raining.

Greyduster Sat 06-Jul-19 07:56:01

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is raining in South Yorkshire this morning, and will be until midday apparently. That puts our plans for a long walk on hold until later in the day. Never mind. We do need the rain. Corner I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t sleeping. You too, Kitty. Take it easy, both. Have a good day, all.

Urmstongran Sat 06-Jul-19 08:01:32

Good morning everyone from Plockton. It’s dry this morning!

Anyway we are about to breakfast in the hotel and then head south to Manchester.

It’s been a lovely ‘working’ holiday.

I hope Saturday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Marydoll Sat 06-Jul-19 08:02:45

That's long drive, Urmostongran, safe journey!

Anniebach Sat 06-Jul-19 08:52:35

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

Urmstongran Sat 06-Jul-19 08:54:26

Thanks Marydoll at least the windscreen wipers won’t be going at double speed like yesterday! And the drive through Glencoe is pretty spectacular then on further south to Loch Lomond where we stop for half an hour to stretch our legs!

I don’t understand what you meant Resurgam??

annsixty Sat 06-Jul-19 09:00:23

Good morning all from a very dull Stockport.
It has been raining but just damp at the moment.
I am invited out for a meal this evening and we hoped to eat in the garden, ah well ,the best laid plans.....
It turned much cooler last evening, a foretaste I think.
Have as good a day as you can everyone.

EllanVannin Sat 06-Jul-19 09:02:02

Good morning All x
A dreary damp start to the day. Hope it's not like this for the rest of the day, though it's not cold.
A quiet day for me I think quite a comedown after the last few weeks of excitement with all the family so I'll make an orange cake later on which will fill a gap----in more ways than one.

Slept really deeply last night but perked up after my cuppa. No shopping needed today, there's enough here to feed an army. I always like to be prepared.

Enjoy your day everyone whatever you do and if travelling, take care and have a safe journey.