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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 08-Jul-19 06:23:19

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a clear blue sky at present in Brackley this morning.
Quiet day of small shop/housework maybe laundry .
Then watch tour de France, someone asked yesterday had been a completive cyclist the answer is yes.
I road mainly time trials , and caught the bug in 63 just prior to leaving school , we had a 2 lap of the 440 yard grass track , I finished 3rd.
When starting work , I looked into joining a club , which I did road but maybe with the right coaching have progressed , Have raced in spells , in RAF I raced in West Germany, Limburg area of Holland and in Switzerland.
came out of RAF but joined a local club, raced until 94 , the age factor although in 40`s slowing down.

Beechnut Mon 08-Jul-19 06:36:02

Good Morning Mick and all who follow.
Cloudy and dry on Severnside this morning.
Yesterday was a day with a difference. I was invited to a reunion of family of my late MiL. I’d not met any of them before. It was a good time and full of laughter.
Not sure what I’ll do today yet.

I hope you all have a lovely day 💐

Greyduster Mon 08-Jul-19 06:41:45

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Mick we were stationed in South Limburg. Were you there with the RAF? High cloud at the moment in South Yorkshire, but it is set to clear I think. I am off into town this morning and then school run this afternoon. I have several insect bites on one of my arms and they are driving me mad this morning. Have a good day folks.

Ginny42 Mon 08-Jul-19 06:51:03

Morning Mick and everyone. It's bright and sunny at the moment in Cheshire. Yesterday was glorious so I'm hoping today will be too. There is a creature of some kind in the loft, so dealing with that is a priority. It sounded big, so afraid it's a squirrel. I thought I heard it the other day, but my DD was here last night and she heard it. I've had field mice before, but this didn't sound small unless it has boots on.

Planning a double party for Friday, so ordering food today. Also hope to get an appointment at the bank as website kept timing out yesterday. Grrgh!

Have a good day all and if you've not been well I hope you'll have a better day.

Pantglas1 Mon 08-Jul-19 06:54:54

And good morning from a sunny north Wales where birdies are twittering away in the garden and I’m enjoying a morning cuppa. Cleaning and changing the bed this morning then out for lunch before heading off to the airport and flight to Malaga. T’other home is calling.....

kittylester Mon 08-Jul-19 07:01:46

Morning all from a sunny North Leicestershire. We are child minding for DD2 today as she and her dh have Wimbledon Centre Court tickets. Lucky things, the order of play includes lots of stars.

I hope your bites stop itching soon, gd. Dh, who usually is immune, is covered in bites. Seems like a bad year.

Bellasnana Mon 08-Jul-19 07:09:30

Good morning from Malta where it is expected to reach 38°C today. 🔥🔥

I’m going to visit my friend in the care home as she is feeling very lonely, poor lady. Then I have a bit of shopping to do before settling down to watch the tennis. 🎾🎾

Hope everyone has a good day sunshine

Marydoll Mon 08-Jul-19 07:18:07

Good morning all from a pleasant Glasgow, however it's only 8°. sad.

Usual Monday routine, woken very early by DH, blundering about, getting ready for his golf game.
I'm dithering whether to go out or not. Over the last few days, my BP medication had left me feeling rather dizzy and with a very red face. sad. I look permanently embarrassed. blush, so I shall phone GP for advice.

GD, I hope you get some relief from those bites, beasties love my fair skin, but my husband seems to be immune. He swears by a glass of brandy to keep them away. grin.
What an exciting day for your daughter and SIL, Kitty.

Ginny, we are plagued by squirrels here, they are an absolute pest. My neighbour has spent a fortune, squirrel proofing his loft.

Enjoy your day everyone, whatever your plans.

cornergran Mon 08-Jul-19 07:20:19

Morning Mick, morning All. Mix of blue and quite heavy clouds in our corner of Somerset. Catch up admin type morning then off to stay with two of ours as work has taken Mum away for a couple of days. Will be fun although it means an unreasonably early start tomorrow. I was recommended vinegar for itchy bites greyd, bit smelly but it did reduce the itching and swelling until I could replace my 3 years out of date anti histamine cream. Enjoyed reading about your cycling history mick. Good luck creature catching ginny. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

NanKate Mon 08-Jul-19 07:23:27

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy in South Bucks.

No wonder Mick you have such an interest in cycling. Greyduster I too have had some nasty mozzie bites I found that Anthisan cream from Boots helps with the itching. You need to keep reapplying it every hour or so.

Kitty how fab for your DD to be on Centre Court today. I shall be watching Rafa and David Goffin today two great players. I’m already in my whites 😉

I shall have to stay in today waiting for a Doc’s phone call about my tablets.

NanKate Mon 08-Jul-19 07:26:44

Sorry Mary you are having such a difficult time getting your tablets sorted out. Take care if you go out.

ninathenana Mon 08-Jul-19 07:37:35

Morning all from an overcast Kent.

I will be having a small rant at my GP surgery this morning. I ordered my repeat prescription last Monday, DH went to collect it Saturday from the pharmacy and they had left off my insulin. Had to call 111 and take a car trip to pick up emergency supply. Not happy.
A day of pottering after one of DH's yummy breakfasts.
Have a good day everyone.

BlueSapphire Mon 08-Jul-19 07:38:11

Good morning all from an overcast Northampton.

A lovely afternoon at the park yesterday watching DD play with her concert band. Perfect weather and DD provided a lovely picnic. They played for three hours, with a 30 minute break. DS and younger DGD came as well, (DDil and elder DGD were at a dance competition).

Having all the outside hard surfaces cleaned today, so must put my skates on and get dressed in case he's early.

Fascinating to hear about your cycling Mick. Late DH was a keen cyclist in his youth.

Hope everyone's day goes well.

ninathenana Mon 08-Jul-19 07:39:54

E45 anti itch cream is wonderful stuff

Brunette10 Mon 08-Jul-19 07:41:02

Good Morning all from a dullish Fife and bit cooler than of late too. Had a very bad night's sleep last night so feeling very tired this morning but have dentist at 9.30 then meeting friend for coffee. I will perk up in a while no doubt. Weekend seems to have been good for lots of you. Hopefully weather will improve up here in the North. Have a good day.

BlueSapphire Mon 08-Jul-19 07:41:19

For those of you wondering what a concert band is, it's the civilian equivalent of a military band - woodwind, brass and percussion, no strings. And they don't march!

Lins1066 Mon 08-Jul-19 07:50:01

Good Morning from a sunny S Welsh coast.
I haven't been able to post or access any of the forums since last Tuesday. The GN team have been trying to sort it out, so thank you to them. Will spend today catching up with your news.
The wonderful Red Arrows flew right over our house yesterday morning trailing red, white and blue smoke - they had been to the Wales Air Show just along the coast.
Enjoy the T de F Mick I shall be watching too, also the tennis. Not a lot will be done today!
Have a good day all.

Sprout Mon 08-Jul-19 07:58:28

Morning Mick and all. Well Mick your history is certainly interesting you will have to tell us all more. The Sun is shining in Kent bit breezy. Had lunch with a friend in Essex yesterday and the sun was out all day. Lovely company makes all the difference. Back to reality today washing cleaning etc never mind it has to be done. Have a good day everyone what ever you are doing.

Urmstongran Mon 08-Jul-19 07:59:12

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where the weather looks promising. I’m sneezing so the pollen count must be high this morning!

Time to strap myself tightly onto the diet bandwagon today to make sure I don’t fall off.

Does your husband drink the glass of brandy or apply it Mary?
I’m sure it’ll be the former!

Enjoy Spain Pantglas1! How long are you going for?

Hope Monday is good to us all whether we have plans or (like me) none. x

harrigran Mon 08-Jul-19 08:02:51

Good morning from a dry, bright NE.
I am going to try and see GP today by walking in and waiting, our surgery has been named as the worst in the city for appointments.
Yesterday was a lost day spent in PJs and sleeping most of the time.

Grammaretto Mon 08-Jul-19 08:03:20

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders . I just put the *buckets out and there's a chill in the air. Brr. We were on the beach only on Saturday.

My 3 visitors leave today which is always sad but we had a great time together.
A plumber and a joiner are supposed to fix the toppling radiator and capsizing kitchen cupboard today..
These are the jobs which deserve higher status than say politicians....wink

EllanVannin Mon 08-Jul-19 08:18:54

Good morning All x
Sunny/cloudy here on the banks of the Mersey but not unpleasant. Certainly not the heat you'd expect for July though.

Squirrels ! In my last house one must have died and decomposed in the loft as I returned home one evening to swarms of bluebottles in my bathroom ! It was horrendous. I'd closed the door to contain them in the one place and got cracking with the swatter like a mad woman. I'd been eating nuts at the time and as I'd been busy bottle-killing, a nut stuck in my throat and I was literally choking. Trying to pat myself on the back and scooping water from the tap I finally choked up the blasted nut.What a night that was and nobody in at the time ! Good job I didn't panic but I'll never forget it.

Another cull of paperwork today. I always feel that it's a good job done when it's cleared. Other than that not a lot else.
Hope everyone has a good day.

gillybob Mon 08-Jul-19 08:22:44

A very quick good morning from the NE coast where it is quite bright and mild. Just finishing my cuppa then off then a mad dash to “that place”again.

A full week of school runs, overnights and “that place”, this week ahead. DGD2 is spending 2 days at her new secondary school, she is very excited. I am taking them to see Toy Story 4 tomorrow night, DGS has football trials on Wednesday and his school trip on Thursday so quite a full week ahead for them.

Have a good Monday everyone x

GabriellaG54 Mon 08-Jul-19 08:38:01

Morning all from a sunny Godalming with no breeze (16° and climbing)
My aim today is Guildford to but only if I go before 10am otherwise I will swelter in the heat. 😰
Bought Waitrose frozen breaded cod fillets on Fri only to find they were loose in the box, no heat sealed plastic sleeve so returned to shop after ringing customer services who insisted they send a £10 gift card (4 x the special offer price I paid) which I was adamant that I did not want. I hate complaining as they foist these compensation payments onto you as it's 'their policy'.
Anyway, I hope you're all looking forward to a new week (with the exception of Gillybob ) and those who are ladies of leisure like me can look forward to doing sweet FA. 😉😂

flowers to any ladies not feeling so good.
Take care 🙂

GabriellaG54 Mon 08-Jul-19 08:39:56

Oops! Gillybob gillybob.