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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 09-Jul-19 06:14:11

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright with a grey sky this morning, but its dry at the moment, here in Brackley.
Usual routine of bus trips out and café stops.
Catch up with the cycling on TV later.
One of my Tour De France memories was in 94 , I stayed in chalets with my Dad in Hayling Island, but had volunteered to be a marshal on the Portsmouth stage, the day before we saw the Dover -Brighton stage on Ditchling Beacon , and was surprised to watch C4 that evening to see myself on screen as the race went up the climb.

cornergran Tue 09-Jul-19 06:22:22

Morning Mick, morning All from our warm and cloudy corner of Somerset. Been awake for ages as I was afraid of oversleeping. Need to get one of ours to school very early for a day trip. Will leave Mr C to deal with the other who hopefully will be ready for school when I get back, she also has to be there early. Then we plan to go out for breakfast, think we deserve it grin. Interesting to read about your cycling exploits Mick, also your mention of Hayling Island which was my childhood holiday destination for many years. Happy days. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

Beechnut Tue 09-Jul-19 06:32:02

Good Morning Mick and cornergran and all who follow.
Cloudy and warm on Severnside.
I’m going swimming after breakfast then run an errand and back home to do some work.

Have a lovely day whatever you do 🌸

vena11 Tue 09-Jul-19 06:37:47

Morning all , up too early this morning. Lovely morning in my corner of Bristol. Going to do a bit of shopping this morning and hopefully a nice afternoon with my book in the garden.

NannyJan53 Tue 09-Jul-19 06:49:51

Good Morning from a dull but warm Black Country.

Back into routine after our 3 weeks away! I have a Dentist Appointment this morning, so that will bring be back to earth with a thud!

DGD3's birthday today, she is 10 but going on 18 smile.

Must tackle the jungle today, lawn is going wild!

I visited Hayling Island for the first time last month Mick at the Warners Hotel there. Lovely area.

Have a lovely day everyone

Ginny42 Tue 09-Jul-19 06:55:11

Good morning Mick and everyone. Poured with rain last night and very dull but close here in Cheshire. Awoke before 6.00 and went to kitchen to find my DD had been up working since 3.30. Had to cope with 'Can I just run this by you Mum?' whilst my addled brain tried to concentrate. Back in bed with a cuppa and toast now. A brief respite before GS wakens up. He's into the Titanic at the moment after a visit to the Maritime museum and we're constructing a model.

Pest control didn't arrive as promised yesterday re squirrels in loft, but not heard much since. They're getting very cheeky in the gardens and have actually chewed big holes in some wheely bins. Not mine fortunately.

Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Tue 09-Jul-19 06:58:14

Morning all from an overcast, muggy, North Leicestershire.

Not much on my agenda today apart from nipping to Waitrose and changing the bed!

We had a lovely day with dgds 2 & 3 although their choice of venue for tea left a lot to be desired.

Their parents enjoyed Wimbledon. Whilst there, their moving date - this Thursday - was finally confirmed. DD rang the removals company to firm up the pencilled in date and they promptly doubled their quote as it is peak moving season! angry

Bellasnana Tue 09-Jul-19 07:07:44

Good morning all from an extremely hot and sunny Malta..
Have my usual hair appointment this morning, then will probably watch some tennis, though not as much as yesterday. There were some pretty gripping matches so I barely moved from the sofa. Oh well, it’s only once a year.

Hope everyone has a good day sunshine

Grammaretto Tue 09-Jul-19 07:12:48

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Dull but dry.
Enjoy your late breakfast Corner you deserve it.
My S and BiL are leaving today . We've had such fun with them and had a birthday dinner in a castle last night.
I watched the tense last set of the Konta match on tv.
Enjoy your day everyone.

Brunette10 Tue 09-Jul-19 07:13:53

Good Morning from a wet Fife. Not a nice day at all. I too am enjoying the bits of tennis I manage to watch, quite gripping. Off out with a friend I normally see every week but haven't due to circumstances for 7 weeks now so have a bit of catch up to do. Hope all is well for everyone today - enjoy.

Marydoll Tue 09-Jul-19 07:15:09

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow.

We have our grandaughter all day, so trip to the garden centre is in order, as it too wet to do anything else.
As usual, we will probably spend a fortune.

It seems I have printed all the labels for the wedding Save the dates on the wrong side. blush, so that's also on my list for today! DD's message began: "It's not that I'm ungrateful, but........"

Nannyjan, we have a three year old granddaughter, like yours, who turned up wearing make up and lots of jewllery at the weekend. grin

Have a pleasant Monday everyone and enjoy your day out Mick.

gillybob Tue 09-Jul-19 07:37:59

Good morning from a very dull NE coast where we have rain expected soon and a severe weather warning in place for later today . Is this really July?

Just finishing off the breakfast cafe then it’s school runs and “that place”. I’m taking DGD2 and DGS to see Toy Story 4 tonight which I’m quite looking forward to . I’ve got them all week so need to try and keep them occupied as much as possible, which is especially difficult when the weathers rubbish .

Have a good Tuesday everyone x

Hal49 Tue 09-Jul-19 07:38:03

I’m a newbie on here and first time posting so please bear with me 😊

Morning all from warm and cloudy Wales.

Wishing you all a lovely day

gillybob Tue 09-Jul-19 07:48:47

Good morning and welcome to the Gransnet Good Morning thread Hal49 smile

NanKate Tue 09-Jul-19 07:48:51

Morning Mick and All.

Back down to Sussex today on grandparent duties.

I too was glued to the brilliant tennis yesterday.

Our 8 year old DGS told me recently that we don’t get issues with him over settling down for bed, like his 6 year old brother, because he is a pre-teenager and they need lots of 💤😀

Pantglas1 Tue 09-Jul-19 07:49:34

Buenos Dias from a lovely sunny Espana - birds tweeting, cockerel crowed earlier and a rather gorgeous young man has just ridden past on horseback - I do like this laid back life here (not that I’m overly exerted in Wales!).

Off to the market/shops to stock up and I’m sure this evening will involve tapas and G&T on the patio! Hope you all enjoy your day whatever you’re doing.

NanKate Tue 09-Jul-19 07:50:10

Welcome Hal49

Marydoll Tue 09-Jul-19 07:51:52

Hal49 , welcome! You will find we are a kind and friendly bunch on this thread. smile

Hal49 Tue 09-Jul-19 07:53:47

Thank you for your welcoming words gillybob 😊

Greyduster Tue 09-Jul-19 07:53:53

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is dull and damp in South Yorkshire this morning, but cooler which is nice. Nothing much on the agenda today except the school run. GS has a school sports awards event this evening at a hotel in the city. Parents and GPs are not invited to attend ☹️. He has to look very smart. Can’t wait to see that!! Welcome Hal49. Which bit of Wales are you in? Have a good day folks.

Resurgam123 Tue 09-Jul-19 07:56:06

Good Morning All. It is grey skies here in Cheshire
My job for the morning is to remove the bags of chopped cuttings of leylandii to take to the tip.
They are packed in bags in the car. Right now the smell of leylandii is awful.
I had better get dressed first though, some breakfast and a cup of tea will help.
Me wandering about the tip in my white dressing gown might scare the natives of Cheshire. Have a good day.

Hal49 Tue 09-Jul-19 07:59:54

Aww thank you all for the very warm welcome, seems like a very friendly group 😊

Greyduster I’m in Mid Wales.

Hope that everyone has a positive day, enjoy!

Lins1066 Tue 09-Jul-19 08:00:10

Good Morning from a warm and bright S Welsh coast.
Welcome Hal49.

Hairdresser coming this morning, then a walk with the little dog. We will hand her back to our DS and DiL tomorrow, they have been in the Calgary Stampede for the last few days of their holiday.

DD and I are going to Centre Court on Thursday, she has tickets for the Ladies Semi Final, excited doesn't come close.
Have a pleasant day all.

EllanVannin Tue 09-Jul-19 08:13:59

Good Morning All x
Murky, heavy and very still so it looks as though it will be like this for the rest of the day as no breeze to shift it. Not impressed with the summer weather so far. Hope it improves before all the kids break up.

Small shop later and a possible visit from GD as youngest is in nursery, she's had a tough time of late.
Still missing my Aussie D as it's just a week since we said our goodbyes-------so I'll have to pull myself together. Not the best of prospects when she's heading towards 60 and myself towards 80. Ah well, like everyone else, I just have to get on with it, and I will.

Have a good day everyone.

BlueSapphire Tue 09-Jul-19 08:14:08

Good morning everyone from a grey Northampton. Just having my morning tea, but must stir myself soon as man coming again today to complete cleaning of patios, driveways etc. Apparently the dirt is so ingrained that it needs a pressure washer with a scrubbing brush on it! I have known the lad since he was 4 yrs old so I know he is conscientious and will do a good job. Our families lived three doors away from each other for years, and he and DS were in the same year at school. Ended up working with his mother, and am still friendly with her and her DH.

Out for lunch today with a friend, just a toddle to the pub/restaurant at the end of the road. Wine will be taken, and I won't have to cook tonight!

Have a nice day everyone.