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Did anyone else collect these?

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jiggle Tue 09-Jul-19 13:13:43

My granddaughter was chatting to me about how she is collecting Shopkins and asked whether I used to collect anything when I was a child. I did - Wade whimsies. I confess I hadn't thought about these in decades, but it's been lovely to remember them with her. I'm not sure how they would go down in these days of brightly coloured plastic, but we loved them

joannapiano Tue 09-Jul-19 13:37:36

I used to collect plastic tiny Dalmatian dog figures, from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians film, from Woolworths, in the 50’s.
Plastic even then, I’m afraid.

Stansgran Tue 09-Jul-19 14:12:00

I used to collect the Wade characters. Lady and theTramp. I'm still collecting other things. I wish I could stop

Olderthanmost Tue 09-Jul-19 14:30:03

Green shield stamps. Embassy cigarettes coupons. Kellogg cornflakes tops.

midgey Tue 09-Jul-19 14:59:33

My daughters first pram was bought with my MIL embassy coupons!

moggie57 Tue 09-Jul-19 15:12:01

my doll sally was bought with tokens from washing powder . fairy snow t. and wait for it ,i still have the doll .though she did get new arms at dolls hospital after my sister cut her arms sally sits in my spare bedroom on the bed .with my jane replacement doll for the china one that i had. janes toes cracked and broke and my dad made me put her in the dustbin... boo-hoo.

blondenana Tue 09-Jul-19 15:13:55

What are Shopkins, this is a new one on me?

MiniMoon Tue 09-Jul-19 15:14:16

I don't collect anything, I don't see the point. DH collects Harmony Kingdom figures and pots. Why he bothers, I don't know. They mostly live in their boxes in the attic and never see the light of day!

blondenana Tue 09-Jul-19 15:17:36

I used to collect stamps, and when older cigarette coupons, green shield stamps, now i collect coins
Mainly the new issues, like Beatrix potter ones,Peter Rabbit etc

MiniMoon Tue 09-Jul-19 15:18:22

BTW my sister collected Wade Whimsies when she was a little girl. I wonder if she still has any of them.

ninathenana Tue 09-Jul-19 15:25:00

MiniMoon my DH has boxes of Rugby World monthly magazines in the loft. He's been collecting them for about 35 yrs. They never see the light of day.
I didn't collect as a child but I do have about 40 dolphins made of wood, china and glass.

BBbevan Tue 09-Jul-19 15:35:00

I didn't collect anything but my sister collected 'jewels' She had a big box of all sorts of glass beads , pearls, etc. She and her friends spent hours swapping them and sorting them. I wonder where they are now?

jiggle Tue 09-Jul-19 15:37:11

Shopkins seem to be garish plastic mini figures that are based on things you find in shops and live in plastic baskets. I haven't looked too closely. We collected green shield stamps too and got glasses and all sorts via those.

Trying to remember which whimsies I had and where they might be. Long lost I suspect.

matson Tue 09-Jul-19 16:11:22

Brooke bond tea card sets

Callistemon Tue 09-Jul-19 16:12:46

Wade Whimsies, which I passed on to the DGC; they may not look at them but they could sell them one day!!
PG Tips cards, we used to swap them at school.

I used to collect stamps when I was about 8 or 9 but I expect they got thrown out when I left home.

M0nica Tue 09-Jul-19 16:14:30

We sell Wade Whimsies on our 'antiques' stall, they always go well, especially to children.

cavewoman Tue 09-Jul-19 16:18:44

Pop star cards from the ice cream van. Groups such as Hermans' Hermits and the Kinks. We would swap them, sitting on the kerb with our lollies melting.

sharon103 Tue 09-Jul-19 16:26:33

I used to collect the coloured Smarie tops and my friends and I used to lodge them in the spokes of our bike wheels. Not quite the same as Wade Whimsies. smile

Alima Tue 09-Jul-19 16:35:01

In 1963/64 seemingly everyone at my primary school was collecting cards of flags of the world from chewing gum packets. Chile was the elusive one. More recently, Embassy fag coupons. (GG1 used to like playing with Shopkins. Luckily she is moving on to less plasticky stuff now, as already mentioned you can imagine it clogging up the oceans).

EllanVannin Tue 09-Jul-19 16:35:41

I've still got all kinds of collections from 100's of old stamps, coins, bank notes, Whimsies inc.Lady and the Tramp figures, Wallace and Gromit from a tea collection Goss porcelain, everything imaginable in my display cabinets.

I'm the minimalist's nightmare.

Luckygirl Tue 09-Jul-19 16:44:50

I still have several of the Wade figures - I am led to believe that they have increased in price.

eazybee Tue 09-Jul-19 16:47:57

I believe Wade whimsies are quite valuable nowadays. I had a few, and gave them away years later as being childish!

Auntieflo Tue 09-Jul-19 17:22:35

I used to collect WADE whimsies, and had a couple of hundred, but I sold them, to a dealer, a few years ago now.
I also had/ have some stamp albums, but not sure where they are at the moment.
Now, it is coloured glass that I try hard to resist. Just small objects, but I do like Mdina glass, and it is all in a cabinet that used to belong to my mum. I have fairy lights in there, and in the darker days, it looks very nice when they are lit.
Thinking about it, I also like things made from wood. This afternoon, I bought a nut cracker, shaped like a fish.
No hope for me then.

TerriBull Tue 09-Jul-19 17:23:48

I collected "scraps" this was when I was in junior school. the scraps comprised of packets of glossy pictures purchased at newsagents. This was a craze for a while at my school, we put them between book pages and took the books into school, then we'd swap books and if we wanted to negotiate a swap, the scraps were pushed above the page..........then the haggling began until a satisfactory exchange was agreed on/or not! The most coveted ones were sets of angels and cherubs in different sizes.

grannyqueenie Tue 09-Jul-19 17:41:49

I collected those paper scraps too Terribull and like others those Wade whimsies. I think my “clutter bug” tendencies must have begun in those early days!

Now I've a satisfying little collection of coloured glass bits and pieces on my kitchen windowsill, gathered from all all over the place. Then there’s the Silver Scenes photo frames and small dishes that my old boy bought me when the children were small. Oh and a few tasteful ceramics..... I try to be really strict with myself....and sometimes I fail!!