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I truly do not mean this to be another Meghan bashing thread...

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Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 18:23:05

....she hasn't really got the hang of holding that baby has she?


Whitewavemark2 Wed 10-Jul-19 18:26:05

Yes you do

Luckylegs Wed 10-Jul-19 18:26:46

I think she’s probably trying to hide his face as much as she can! She really does not want to share him with us, does she?

Calendargirl Wed 10-Jul-19 18:27:12

At what event was this picture taken please?

Anniebach Wed 10-Jul-19 18:29:18

A polo match

EllanVannin Wed 10-Jul-19 18:29:37

Aww, she looks awkward.

suziewoozie Wed 10-Jul-19 18:30:24

Yes you do and whose baby is it anyway?

suziewoozie Wed 10-Jul-19 18:34:05

Sorry - I didn’t realise it was Archie but still yes you are being mean to start yet another thread about her to give more opportunities for Meghan bashing.

annep1 Wed 10-Jul-19 18:36:59

Oh dear she needs more practice lol.

Cherrytree59 Wed 10-Jul-19 18:37:27

Ahh he looks like he's munching his wee fist.🍼

A baby sling may have been helpful or indeed a pram with sun shade.
A hat would also have hid his face, if that was what Archie's mum intended. 🧢

crystaltipps Wed 10-Jul-19 18:39:15

You are starting another Meghan bashing thread - stop it. Maybe she was standing awkwardly, he suddenly filled his nappy, whatever. Don’t draw conclusions from one papped photo.

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 18:40:56

It was at the polo match they went to do today. Kate was there with her three. William and Harry were playing.

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 18:44:53

more pics here

lilypollen Wed 10-Jul-19 18:46:53

One employs a nanny for day to day baby holding.

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 18:54:04

Apologies to merlotgran who has already linked to said pics on another thread.

Caro6699 Wed 10-Jul-19 18:58:08

Give the woman a break.
She is a first time mum still learning . Motherhood doesn’t come naturally to us all , and is a work in progress.
Find it hard to understand all this negativity about her.

MawBroonsback Wed 10-Jul-19 19:04:25

A photograph records an instant in time. Which of us has never, ever held a baby awkwardly?

Gove her a break Gonegirl

eazybee Wed 10-Jul-19 19:05:08

Well, that's nice, isn't it?
I liked them.

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 19:08:51

Oh, lighten up. hmm

When did this website get so heavy? confused

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 19:09:52

Do you lot never chat about anything in an easy-going laughing way?

mumofmadboys Wed 10-Jul-19 19:10:31

Leave the poor girl alone!!

Gonegirl Wed 10-Jul-19 19:10:49

...and she's had him two months.

Hutcho Wed 10-Jul-19 19:17:26

Meghan-bashing it is

Lessismore Wed 10-Jul-19 19:21:28

My husband tipped our new baby out of a pram onto the step, quickly put him back and carried on. Both survived.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 10-Jul-19 19:23:24

I left my first born outside the shop in her pram, and was halfway home before I remembered her.

I wasn’t much good at anything really baby related.