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Good Morning Sunday

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Pantglas1 Sun 14-Jul-19 06:05:50

Guessed I’d be first today as I’ve just been to collect the car after leaving it at friends house last night. Birds chattering away as I walked down, cats slinking around smelly bins and dogs barking loudly but it looks like another glorious day - hope Sunday is kind to you all.

12Michael Sun 14-Jul-19 06:20:12

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey sky over Brackley this morning but its dry, will watch the Tour De France later.
Last night , I watch the DVD of Fisherman's Friends and its a good one.
Today will steam veg , with a slightly different roast , got a Linda McCartney Roast , which I believe is made with Soya .

Ginny42 Sun 14-Jul-19 06:35:04

Morning Pantglas, Mick and all who follow. After a glorious day yesterday it's grey cloud this morning in Cheshire. Perhaps it will burn off when the sun is up.

Hairdresser this morning- yes, they work Sunday- and then packing for holiday tomorrow. Have plans to take GS to a steam fair for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Enjoy your lunch Mick, sounds good. Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Sun 14-Jul-19 06:46:17

A very good morning to both of you early risers and all who follow from a muggy Glasgow.
I have been awake for hours, but know that Mick, doesn't usually post until about 6.20 smile, so I wait for him, I take my nasty medicine, then post. I'm a creature of habit and you are my alarm clock Mick, thank you!!!

I'm off to church, as I have lots of admin to do there and I've been slacking a bit, as I haven't been too well. A bit of sunshine, always makes things feel better.

I will pop into my sister in law's with some home baking, as she has lots of visitors. Hopefully, I'll get some done for our home, as family have been popping in, due to BIL's death.

Pantglas, I don't know where I got the idea that you were on holiday abroad, I think I'm losing my marbles. grin

Have a happy Sunday, whereever you are and whatever your plans and for all those with worries and ill health, flowers

I bet you others have posted, as I take so long to type!

Nannytopsy Sun 14-Jul-19 06:46:18

Morning all! This is early for me but I slept like a log and I am ready for the day already! Coffee first though 😬. Gardening then packing as many plants into the car as I can. They are heading to my son’s house for respite care until we move. Good days everyone

Marydoll Sun 14-Jul-19 06:46:57

Good morning, Ginny !

Marydoll Sun 14-Jul-19 06:47:37

and Nannytopsy grin

aggie Sun 14-Jul-19 06:51:31

Good Morning all , sunny but nippy today . My !ovely cleaning lady comes in later I better get up and tidy my crochet away or it will get in her way balls of yarn everywhere as I was trying to sort colours

Pantglas1 Sun 14-Jul-19 06:55:00

You were right Marydoll - I’m in sunny Spain!

NanKate Sun 14-Jul-19 06:59:46

Morning Mick and All.

Grey start back here at home in South Bucks. It’s likely to be a bit muggy today.

I’m like You Mary I wait for Mick to kick off this thread it has become a bit of a tradition.

You have an unusual GN name pantglas1 is it the name of a place, it seems to have a bit of a Welsh flavour ? I’m intrigued.

Will watch the Tennis Final this afternoon.

Have a good day folks.

Marydoll Sun 14-Jul-19 07:00:35

Thank goodness for that, Pantglas, one less health problem for me to be concerned about!!! grin

NanKate Sun 14-Jul-19 07:06:41

Morning Mary don’t over do it today. Enjoy meeting your friends back at church.

Beechnut Sun 14-Jul-19 07:09:50

Good Morning everyone.
It’s a warm start on Severnside.
I plan a quiet day, some crafting. Yesterday I did gardening instead and I ache a bit.

I hope you all have a good day 🌻

Nanabanana1 Sun 14-Jul-19 07:09:56

Morning all lovely bright morning here in Torbay looks like another warm day.
Not much planned for today, dog walk and some baking I think.
Wishing everyone a good day.

kittylester Sun 14-Jul-19 07:28:25

Morning all from a drizzly North Leicestershire. Bit of a worry as we have a family bbq at dd1's house and I have a fridge full of salads!!

I'm like Mary and Kate and wait for Mick to tell me its morning.

Enjoy your days everyone - whatever you are doing.

cornergran Sun 14-Jul-19 07:39:30

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright and sunny corner of Somerset. Oh dear kitty, is there a gazebo for the chef? Enjoyed our family time yesterday, tiring but worth it. Not a thing planned for today although I will need to produce some food at some point. I think we both need some down time so suspect it will be the garden or conservatory with a book for me. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

Urmstongran Sun 14-Jul-19 07:43:31

Good morning everyone from a cloudy and cooler South Manchester.

We are off over the Pennines later this afternoon to visit our eldest daughter and her partner, collecting my father en route. We will eat in a local pub that we all love.

I have sent you a p.m. Pantglas1

Hope Sunday is kind to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Brunette10 Sun 14-Jul-19 07:52:25

Morning to everyone from Fife. Think it's going to turn into quite a nice day here hopefully. We are meeting friends for breakfast a tradition we have ongoing for catch up and also saves cooking Sunday breakfast. Then it'l be the tennis, if my nerves stand it. Like both finalists so it won't matter really who wins. Hope everyone has a good Sunday whatever you are doing.

Nortsat46 Sun 14-Jul-19 07:56:14

Hello all,
I am a new poster, but have been a frequent reader.
I thought that the approach was to wait for Mick's post, which seems a nice way to begin the day.
It's cool with drizzly rain in East London.
It's on line grocery shopping for me this morning, our Sunday joint to be cooked and then an easy day.
Have a good day all ...💐

Marydoll Sun 14-Jul-19 08:01:58

Welcome, Nortsat46 , lovely to see a new poster to this friendly and safe thread. Never any nastiness here, just lots of support from kindly posters, if needed! grin
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Pantglas1 Sun 14-Jul-19 08:03:23

NanKate it is Welsh - I spent my summers at grandparents farm - happy days.

Urmstongran Sun 14-Jul-19 08:08:18

I’ve just used ‘Google Translate’ from Welsh to English Pantglas1 and it just comes up the same word (which means nothing to me). Could you explain the word for me or is it just the name of the farm? I’m curious now!

Nortsat46 Sun 14-Jul-19 08:08:50

Thank you for your kind welcome Marydoll. The supportive and positive posts on GN are what attracted me to join in.

Grammaretto Sun 14-Jul-19 08:10:38

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Dull start but after yesterday anything is possible.
Constant rain until midday for the 4 generations lunch and then so hot we had to retreat indoors! It was fun .
Today I'm having a long lie and then the garden beckons.
Hope everyone's day goes well.

Auntieflo Sun 14-Jul-19 08:20:51

Morning Michael, Annie to come and all.
Oh my word, thought I was seeing things when Michael was not first to post. I know it's early for me, but I was up, having to take my weekly tablet, standing up, or at least sitting straight up.
We had a lovely BBQ at DD and SIL yesterday. They have been hosting a church BBQ for 19 years now, and it is always such a nice thing to do.
This afternoon, our church us having a small dedication ceremony to 'unveil' a mosaic fish sculpture that has been installed on the side of our church., so we hope many will pop along to join in. It is a lovely thing to look at in our newly regenerated town square.
Have a good day one and all