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I don't intend to do ever (again)...

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Wheniwasyourage Wed 17-Jul-19 10:18:52

Following on from the I have never...... thread, how about things that you either have done and never want to do again, or just don't want to do ever?

I don't intend to...

Fly anywhere ever again
Wear makeup again
Go to a bridal shop with a DD to look for a wedding dress (if they want to get married again in future, they can look for their own dresses!)

I never want to...

Have a tattoo
Watch a zombie film

mcem Wed 17-Jul-19 10:29:40

Don't agree with no makeup and reluctant to fly but agree completely with the others!
I'd add - never ride a roller coaster, never try bungee jumping!

Wheniwasyourage Wed 17-Jul-19 10:38:14

mcem, please feel free to fly anywhere while clarted with as much makeup as you like! These are purely personal and not intended to dictate to anyone - I'm with you on bungee jumping though, and the small experience i have with (tame) roller coasters would put them in the 'never again' group too.

Sara65 Wed 17-Jul-19 10:41:04

Go to ikea again
Go to legoland again
Fly again

henetha Wed 17-Jul-19 10:50:23

Get married again
Wear high heels
Have a perm
Get drunk

BlueBelle Wed 17-Jul-19 10:54:46

I never want to go white water rafting again I was so terrified I barely put my head up
Wear high heels
Get married or even live with a partner (sad)

Urmstongran Wed 17-Jul-19 10:58:25

Drive on motorways
Eat candy floss
Wear false eyelashes

Sara65 Wed 17-Jul-19 11:02:01

Oh yes, a couple there I agree with

Never driving on a motorway again
Definitely never getting drunk again

TerriBull Wed 17-Jul-19 11:27:40

Long time ago a horse loving friend of mine persuaded me to give it a go, oh good God it made me very aware of my where my inner thighs were located for at least a week afterwards shock I just couldn't tap into my inner John Wayne spending most of the ride in abject fear I was going to fall off, they're just too big a beast. Not that I don't appreciate their beauty, I just don't want to be on the back of one thank you!

Pantglas1 Wed 17-Jul-19 11:31:01

Nothing really - whenever I say that, I seem to have done it by the end of the week!

M0nica Wed 17-Jul-19 11:33:02

I never say never. I have been caught out too many times.

midgey Wed 17-Jul-19 11:34:31

Never going to Alton Towers againenvy not envy!

sodapop Wed 17-Jul-19 11:39:25

Never giving birth again grin

EllanVannin Wed 17-Jul-19 11:40:57

No more long-haul flights.

No more fortunes spent on toys,etc. at Christmas to end up in the bin in the New Year. ( my GGC )

Would never have re-married ( 25yrs widowed ) nor look for a partner, as selfishly I wouldn't want to nurse anyone in later life.

midgey Wed 17-Jul-19 11:41:22

Nice one Sodapop!

shysal Wed 17-Jul-19 12:02:24

I will never
Share my home again.
Visit a theme park or water park.
Go shopping at the weekend.
Go jogging (have RA now).
Sunbathe in hot weather, can't stand the heat any more sad.

BBbevan Wed 17-Jul-19 12:29:43

Go on a chairoplane at a fairground with GD. OMG scary !!!

DanniRae Wed 17-Jul-19 12:31:03

I will never:
* have a bath again........I have trouble getting out
*have my top lip threaded........too bl**dy painful
*save clothes 'for best'........and then find that they don't fit
me any more
*cut my own toe nails........I have to have a podiatrist do
them now
*get tired of Gransnet........I love it grin

fizzers Wed 17-Jul-19 12:32:34

never ever get involved with a man again, am happy on my own

annep1 Wed 17-Jul-19 12:43:24

I will never sadly visit the US. Haven't the courage to fly so far.

Will never again go to a concert that is so loud I have to wear earplugs.

Will never eat snails.

KatyK Wed 17-Jul-19 15:30:02

Go to work.

farview Wed 17-Jul-19 16:27:31

Never say never....😊

Oldandverygrey Wed 17-Jul-19 16:44:01

I will never:-

Go on a boating holiday again
Visit Edinburgh again
Visit Legoland again

Bellanonna Wed 17-Jul-19 16:48:15

Never agree to do something I don’t want to do
(Along with many of the foregoing)

Bellanonna Wed 17-Jul-19 16:49:06

Never drive at night again unless very locally