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Soop's welcoming kitchen for all in need of a hearty blether.

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soop Mon 22-Jul-19 12:19:52

Welcome to's good to have your company. You are special peoples. flowers sunshine wine cupcake smile

NanaandGrampy Sun 18-Aug-19 19:08:45


We too have survived a week with the two youngest grandchildren. I am way behind so will just head off to catch up and back to normal tomorrow!

Hope everyone is well 😁

Doodle Sun 18-Aug-19 20:27:55

soop grin you and McSporran doing your walking on the ceiling trick. Lovely photos. The short hair suits you both (you and Baggs that is)

Nannytopsy Sun 18-Aug-19 21:16:36

Good evening everyone! DiL has just got home, as I was settling the DGC (late) blush.
I am cooking her vegan tea 🤢 while they go to sleep. DGS very vocal that he hasn’t seen her for two days - that’s the NHS for you. Tomorrow I drive from Suffolk to Kent to deliver the Granddog and then home on Tuesday. Phew!
Granddog is finding that if she barks at the guinea pigs, flying water comes her way, which she hates! She has been driving us mad ( and possibly the neighbours!) Not bothered about the ducks and hens - strange dog!

NanaandGrampy Mon 19-Aug-19 09:45:33

Morning all,

Normal service is resumed here - I love those boys to bits but the noise level from eyes open to eyes shut is amazing !! This morning apart from some gentle snoring from Sammy , its all bird song and bliss :-)

Good luck on your road trip NannyT , its amazing how long distance driving can take it out of you. Hope it all goes smoothly .

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss anno and so very glad you were able to make that last trip .

Lovely pictures Soop , your son looks very much like you . I agree about the pubs attached to the Premier Inn , the food is a bit uninspiring . BUT I like staying there as the rooms are good enough and the beds comfy!

Sounds like a great outing Grey but sorry to hear you have been poorly. Hope you are much improved now.

I'm sorry Izabella but there is NO catch and release policy for 8 leggers here !! Its a damn good squashing :-)

I have a choice to make shortly, strip 6 beds and spend the day washing , drying , ironing and putting the house back together OR go into town to buy a gift for our daughters birthday in 2 weeks...I know what's edging towards the top of MY list lol

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from our lovely family week ( please note Coopers t shirt slogan !!)xx

Panache Mon 19-Aug-19 10:47:08

Now the rain has arrived in our area I hope it is not going to be continuous!! rather nice again today, but some ominous clouds hovering!

Lovely uplifting surprises yesterday and how grateful we are for these great friends.Firstly our two chums brought their pooches,one a rescued dog from Cyprus to visit and as I have always said a house is not a home without a dog or flowers!.............same can be said for a flat!!!
My friend also came carrying some delicious home baked cakes and although I dare not help myself I have a man who certainly enjoys sweet things!

Having to visit our old house after lunch is not now our favourite thing but at least twice a week we go along to tidy up ..........mainly outside .......though we are quite heart broken finding the place far from how it once looked.However we were in for a very pleasant surprise.
Arwen another friend, had been the day before and had mowed and strimmed at least half of the grassy areas, and what an uplift that was.Especially since it is coming up to August Bank holiday and perhaps........more viewers.
So indeed we feel rather as though walking on air at the start of this week........... even though my digestive system rem ains rather dodgy!!!!

Boisterous boys and great pictures there,but short and sweet from me this day, so just you enjoy this new week and keep a ready smile even though too often, things do not exactly go our way!!!
TOYA dear friends XX

soop Mon 19-Aug-19 12:44:53

N&G Yay! The photos are brilliant. As is that T shirt slogan. Your daughter is very like you. Such a joy to see the smiles on the faces of the boys...all three of them. My advice, for what it's worth, go into town to choose a birthday present. The rest can wait! grin

Thank you dear Doodle ...I hope that the Argy crowd are not leading you into suspicious ways. If you should be offered a snifter of poteen hmm, well, just a little goes an awful long way.

Nannytopsy You are a star. I so admire your boundless energy and terrific sense of humour.

Panache Hoorah for good, kind, thoughtful friends. How lovely of Arwen to tidy your garden. It does make a difference when a would-be purchaser calls.
Your friend who came bearing delicious home-baked cakes, certainly knows to put a smile on your dear husband's face.

It is a changeable sort of day - weather-wise. Rain followed by watery sunshine and a bit blowy with it. Never mind. We have a snug, wee hoos. We are well blest.

soop Mon 19-Aug-19 12:49:39

Hello again, eilyann, it's good to have you back in the kitchen. smile

GrannyGravy13 You are amazing. What a good idea of yours to record "sleeping preferences" on the calendar. How about you put your feet up and take things easy for a wee while. You deserve it.

grannyqueenie Mon 19-Aug-19 14:07:32

Well who knows where last nights post went... no doubt to that place where the odd socks collect!

Great photos n&g, it’s lovely when they come and in a completely different way also lovely when they go! Looking around the kitchen there are a few grannies who’ve done sterling school holiday service. GrannyGravy what a good idea to keep sleeping notes. I can never keep track, with the various combinations of our youngsters, of who last slept where/had first choice of what! They all look so convincing and I’m sure run rings around me in ways their parents never managed to do! Hope your travels go smoothly NannyT Your photos are lovely soop and that elfin hairstyle suits you so well.

After a busy time on granny duty last week it was good to relax with dd4 who was here at the weekend. We visited the gardens of a retreat centre on Saturday, not as colourful as at other times of year but we enjoyed a walk around the peaceful woodland garden.

We have old friends coming later today to stay for a few days so are looking forward to that. With these quick turnarounds, in what our children refer to as “Ma&Pa’s B&B”, I’m always thankful for a plentiful linen supply and good drying weather!

As always toya, enjoy your day whatever it holds for you. I’ll leave some peaceful woodland photos for you to enjoy

grannyqueenie Mon 19-Aug-19 14:19:42

And just because I can, a few

eilyann Mon 19-Aug-19 14:28:00

Thank you Soop . I don't often post but I do pop in and keep an eye on you all!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 19-Aug-19 14:53:02

Well I am having 5 minutes on the sofa Mr.Gravy has taken GS to the park for a run round.

Have been to the gym a session with personal trainer and then an hour of Callanetics, after our busy weekend I am definitely flagging.

Off to Chelmsford tomorrow to see the Pharmacist to book vacations for our trip to Kenya (visiting AS and wife) hopefully we can avoid malaria meds by rearranging the itinerary.

My washing machine is informing me that it is finished so I shall trot off for now.

Lovely photos


Nannytopsy Mon 19-Aug-19 15:33:48

Here in Kent we have just had biblical rain with a bit of thunder. The poor Granddog has had a full panic attack, pressed into a corner, panting, salivating and shaking. She is now a bit calmer but not right. Scary - like a DGC having an accident while you are in charge! grin

soop Mon 19-Aug-19 15:34:02

granniequeenie I am smitten with your beautiful photos. Pease and quiet! I can think of nothing better. Gardens are good for the soul.

GrannyGravy Merely reading your post has left me exhausted. Are you on vitality meds? If not, what is the secret of your amazing stamina. Please, don't tell me that you are, like me, in your late 70s. wink

soop Mon 19-Aug-19 15:37:56

Nannytopsy Poor "Granddog!" We had a friend whose dog almost died of fright during thunder storms (and on occasions when fireworks were used). Friend would sit in the corner, cuddling her pet. It's not easy to see animals so afraid.

Anneliese63 Mon 19-Aug-19 16:39:28

Thank you Panache and Izabella for your concern in case Anno’s news had upset me. While naturally very sad for Anno, I am not upset, as I have accepted the inevitable. We are trying to live life as normally as we can for as long as we can. And I’m trying hard not to fuss too much. Easier said than done with a stubborn DH who is still trying to do too much!

But what HAS upset me that DDs cat died very unexpectedly on Saturday. She was nearly 16, and getting frail but it was still a shock. She was very affectionate and she stayed with us several times when DD and family went away. We will miss her.

I visit the kitchen everyday, even though I don’t post very often, and love to keep up with everyone’s news. There’s not been a lot of cake recently, but you are welcome to try DH's fudge. He has developed a bit of an obsession with making it! Too sweet for me, but others may enjoy it. Incidentally, I know many of you are Scottish, and I’d like to know what tablet is.

Enjoy the rest of the day. Sunny here at the moment, but I doubt it will last! TOYA

annsixty Mon 19-Aug-19 16:48:03

Would welcome some fudge, sweet it may be but I love it.Your H is doing exactly the right thing Annaliese carrying on as normal.
Different illness I know but my H just gave up, he never acknowledged his situation just stopped doing things as if he could no longer do them or could not be bothered to do anything.
This made our lives, especially mine very hard indeed.
Everyone is different but oh my, I wish he had been more accepting.
Tired today and need to pull myself together, everyone else on here with real problems just cope and carry on.
I must try to do the same.

gransal Mon 19-Aug-19 16:57:35

Anneliese you may want to ask marydoll about tablet. I am Scottish but tablet is not in my repertoire. I feel sure marydoll will know of a recipe.

soop Mon 19-Aug-19 17:23:39

gransal True! Marydoll is an expert on all the most important things. I guarantee it. wink

Anneliese Your dear husband is doing his best. No one could ask for more. My love to you both. sunshine
The death of a beloved animal is indeed terribly painful. We know that we shall never forget all the cats that we have loved throughout the years.

I've been dead-heading in the garden. The rain has arrived at just the right time. Job done. Time to log off and wish you all a very peaceful evening. I shall return after the care home visit in the morning.

Ann There are no "must dos" are another person who has earned our respect and admiration. flowers.

TOYA smile moon

annsixty Mon 19-Aug-19 18:11:08

I am so tired I am in my pyjamas.
I went for a shower and to wash my hair and I really couldn't be bothered to get dressed again.
It looks as if it will rain any minute.
Have a good evening everyone .

gransal Mon 19-Aug-19 18:21:10

Anneliese sorry, I meant to say so sorry to hear of the loss of a beloved pet. It is never easy. TOY.

cornergran Mon 19-Aug-19 18:44:59

Evening all. Busy kitchen as ever.

Been trawling garden centres looking for a small table today. Did I find one? Nope so have just ordered the very thing we were looking for from Amazon. Now why didn't I think of that earlier and save some miles? hmm. Wouldn't have had a very pleasant lunch out though so not all bad. smile.

Lovely, relaxing photos grannyq. Your 'b&b' sounds very organised. Photos to make me smile soop, mamissimo and n&g, good to see. smile.

Rest well ann, just do what you can when you can. My Ma in Law had a lovely saying 'one day when I feel like it', it has been adopted here and works for us. Doesn't the rain get dispiriting? Stair rods here this morning, it was hitting the ground and bouncing several inches back the way it came. Horrid.

The loss of a pet impacts deeply anneliese, a hug for you all. Your husband has a courageous attitude, as soop says he's doing his best. Who could ask for more?

Blimey grannyg if I did all that I'd never move again. I'm full of admiration for your stamina.

Kind friends make the world go round, panache, I'm so pleased you have good support.

Nannytopsy reading your itinerary made me think of an old saying 'you'll meet yourself coming back', drive carefully.

Hope you feel better today greyd, being out of sorts isn't like you.

Best get along, the kitchen fairy seems to be required. TOYA and take care everyone.

Doodle Mon 19-Aug-19 19:28:09

Popping in and out at the moment. Reading all the post but don’t have the umpf (can’t spell it) to post much. I thinking of you all with love 💕

annodomini Mon 19-Aug-19 20:18:10

Scottish tablet is almost pure sugar. It was my mum's standby for taking to friends when invited out to tea or whatever. I can't remember exactly, but it consisted of condensed milk, sugar and butter with vanilla to taste. A whole day's calories in one square inch! I have been known to make it, but even for me, it's now too sweet. Inevitably there's a recipe on the internet tho it uses milk as well as condensed milk

Anneliese63 Mon 19-Aug-19 20:50:39

Anno it sounds exactly like fudge! That’s what I don’t get. Is it just fudge with a different name? Far too sickly for me! DH has been told to keep his calorie intake up so he doesn’t lose weight and therefore muscle, but I think this is taking it a bit far!

Marydoll Mon 19-Aug-19 20:54:36

Soop, thank you for the compliment. blush
I don't come in here very often, but I do try to keep up!

I do have a recipe which I will post. I often had requests to make tablet for weddings and to sell for charity, but haven't been up to making it recently.
This has put me in the notion for making some , despite trying to lose weight for my daughter's wedding!
Annelise, I have to warn you, it is addictive! grin

Those of you who read the Good Morning, thread will know that my life recently has been taken over by GP, hospital, Dracula (I'm being bled dry), appointments, scans and childminding.

However, today I got some news which cheered me up no end.
Since my sojourn in coronary care unit, I have had to cancel two holidays and my travel insurance company would no longer cover me. sad. Too many conditions!

Today, my GP has given me permission to go on holiday to Rome in two weeks, with the proviso that I take it easy and "behave" myself! Whatever could he mean?

I have managed to find a company willing to insure me at an exhorbitant price, but I don't care! Life is too short. Carpe Diem!

I shall fish out the recipe, enjoy your evening all.

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