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GabriellaG54 Sun 28-Jul-19 16:27:29

...a neck pillow?
There have been many occasions when travelling on long journeys as a passenger in cars or on trains, coaches, ferries and aircraft, that I have promised myself that I'd buy one.
Never having done so until last week, I had the manager of one store scanning all the aisles for the colour I preferred and he triumphed, bringing me the last one.

Not peach, royal blue, grey, patterned or polka dotted but a pretty pink.
Bliss, and it weighs so little, has a removable, washable, cotton velvet zipped cover and memory foam.

Have you bought or used one and did it meet your needs or has it been discarded as NFFP?

Here's mine.

Jane10 Sun 28-Jul-19 16:29:54

We use our on long haul flights. Not bothered about the colour. The soft gel fill is so comfortable.

BlueBelle Sun 28-Jul-19 16:46:04

I had one, but discarded never used it I think it’s in a drawer somewhere

gillybob Sun 28-Jul-19 16:49:11

I wouldn’t have the need for one really, but can imagine they are very useful to those who travel .

GrandmaKT Sun 28-Jul-19 16:54:20

I have tried the donut type, but now use a Trtl neck pillow for long haul flights. It's lovely and snuggly, supports the neck and doesn't take up much room in the luggage.
Hope I'm allowed to post a link?

Pantglas1 Sun 28-Jul-19 16:59:05

I’ve got an absolute beauty! Pink candy stripe which means my husband won’t want to borrow it and it’s great for sleeping on the plane/train.

I also use it between my knees to keep my spine aligned when sleeping sometimes as I suffer the occasional bad back, and that helps. Velour cover unzips and washes & dries in a couple of hours.

Mine was reduced in tkmaxx from £20 to £7 and has been worth every penny.

BlueBelle Sun 28-Jul-19 17:05:48

Probably cos I can sleep on a clothes line so don’t really need one to get comfy 😂

Nannarose Sun 28-Jul-19 17:05:49

Love mine, keep it in the car

GabriellaG54 Sun 28-Jul-19 17:12:48

It looks very good GrandmaKT
I suppose you can wrap it left to right or vice versa.
It would certainly be useful on LH flights but on shorter journeys of less than 4 hours, I'd be happy with mine which was 1/5th the price.
Yours would make a useful Christmas present for frequent flyers so I might buy a couple.

Grammaretto Sun 28-Jul-19 17:24:02

Yes I have had one and also the air cushion for long haul.
Even before these were sold I always took a small pillow on long journeys . I felt I was tricking my body into thinking if the head is comfy, nothing else matters so much
I cannot do the overnight coach to London from Scotland, anymore. It is just too uncomfortable and I get restless leg syndrome..

wildswan16 Sun 28-Jul-19 17:32:24

I have a Vogek inflatable travel pillow. It has a lovely soft cover and is slightly easier to carry around airports etc while travelling. I found it really comfortable on long haul flights. You don't actually have to blow it up as it has an integral pump thing to inflate, and you press on it to deflate.

SueDonim Sun 28-Jul-19 17:35:39

I've had a variety of neck pillows over the years. I've currently got a memory foam one, which is okay, but I think the ones filled with little beads are the best as they mould into any shape.

ninathenana Sun 28-Jul-19 17:49:02

I have an inflatable one but never use it as whenever I travel, I'm driving.

vena11 Sun 28-Jul-19 17:49:50

Keep one in the car for long journeys, we take turns in driving so when not my turn have a little a little snooze, it saves your head rolling from side to side.

TerriBull Sun 28-Jul-19 17:50:55

I've got one, I've taken it on long hauls, but it's never been much use as far as I'm concerned.

Ilovecheese Sun 28-Jul-19 17:52:43

I have an inflatable on in the car, but it is a bit scratchy, would prefer one like Gabriellas.

GabriellaG54 Sun 28-Jul-19 18:28:04

Mine was £5 from Primark. Lots of colours.

SalsaQueen Sun 28-Jul-19 18:57:39

I bought one, never used it. I got one each for my granddaughters - one with a teddy bear face, the other a panda.

NotAGran55 Sun 28-Jul-19 19:48:38

I bought an inflatable one in July 1990 for a 2 day each way trip to Berlin on a coach to see Roger Water perform The Wall at The Wall . It was very useful but has never been used again .

NotAGran55 Sun 28-Jul-19 19:51:19


Minniemoo Sun 28-Jul-19 19:59:39

Never used one myself but my youngest daughter, early 20s adores hers.

BradfordLass72 Sun 28-Jul-19 20:05:39

Years ago and it was inflatable. I wore it on long flights (any flight is long from NZ, even if only 2,000km to Australia) but with the open end behind me so I could rest my chin and sleep.

I don't fly any more and have never seen the memory foam type but I might look for one now smile

Callistemon Sun 28-Jul-19 20:09:44

Yes, but I haven't used it yet.
Mine is blue.

I did wonder if it's going to be a nuisance if I have to lug it around in transit as my old one was inflatable and fitted into hand luggage.

GabriellaG54 Sun 28-Jul-19 20:22:28


Wear it...😂

Callistemon Sun 28-Jul-19 20:28:43

It may squash into the top of my hand luggage with a bit of luck!