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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 01-Aug-19 06:11:43

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry but a grey start here in Brackley this morning, put my watch on to find it had stopped an excuse to get a new battery whilst out today in Bicester and Buckingham.

aggie Thu 01-Aug-19 06:20:15

Good Morning All , bright and sunny in Co Armagh

Beechnut Thu 01-Aug-19 06:24:18

Good Morning everyone.
A bright start to the day on Severnside.
Off to u3a class later.

I hope you all have a good day 🌺

kittylester Thu 01-Aug-19 06:25:07

Good morning from a calm North Leicestershire.

Last of this session of Carer's courses today so I have to take cake. Luckily, I had one in the freezer or I would have been panicking. Sainsbury's this afternoon.

Beechnut Thu 01-Aug-19 06:25:38

After class I will do some really exciting stuff.....put the bins out 😂

BlueSapphire Thu 01-Aug-19 06:27:32

Good morning Mick and everyone. Overcast in Northampton but the forecaster on the radio has just said it's not going to be too bad today.

DGDs here today and tomorrow; not sure what we're doing today. Sainsbury's delivery coming late morning. Hoping they've got everything I've ordered as I'm relying on it for some of the girl's meals.

Had a lovely relaxing pedicure yesterday and nails look lovely, but the beautician recommended I use a chiropodist to get rid of the really tough dry skin. (Luckily there is one right next door to the beauty salon!)

Book club went ok yesterday, but I have been asked to lead a future discussion on Margaret Atwood - help! Must do some swatting up.

Hope everyone's day goes well.

Bellasnana Thu 01-Aug-19 06:29:08

Good morning all from a hot, sunny Malta.

This morning I have to take the dog to kennels as tomorrow DD3 and I are going to Sicily for four days. Then need to do some ironing and packing.

Hope everyone has a good day.sunshine

BlueSapphire Thu 01-Aug-19 06:29:13

swotting, I meant to write!

Lins1066 Thu 01-Aug-19 06:37:57

Good Morning Mick and all from S Welsh coast.
Beautiful morning here with a clear blue sky. The sky is crisis crossed with vapour trails from all the Trans Atlantic planes bound for Heathrow.
Lovely morning yesterday, we went to Swansea Market and bought some very nice salmon for me, laverbread and cockles for DH.
A walk later, then listen to the Ashes match on the radio.
Have a good day everyone, including gilly in 'that place'.

Pantglas1 Thu 01-Aug-19 06:43:08

A cooler morning here in Spain today - so much more pleasant to plan the day. Starting to pack a few presents for return to uk next week - looking forward to seeing loved ones. Have a good day all.

Resurgam123 Thu 01-Aug-19 06:52:35

Good Morning All
There were a lot of flash floods in parts of Cheshire yesterday.
I have friends just a few miles north who have had their gardens damaged.
It is really a mess in some places.

ninathenana Thu 01-Aug-19 07:15:34

Good morning everyone.

A grey start in Kent this morning. We have been lucky weather wise in S.E. we had a 15 min shower at 9am yesterday and then a warm sunny day. I feel for those suffering horrendous floods or even just heavy rain.
No plans for today as yet. Enjoy whatever your doing.

Brunette10 Thu 01-Aug-19 07:18:07

Good Morning from Fife. It's rather dull here at the moment but not raining. Terrible rain down south, hope everyone is ok if they've had heavy rain. Out early this morning for the day. Hope everyone's day is good for you.

Marydoll Thu 01-Aug-19 07:23:25

Good morning all from a cooler Glasgow, ( Urmonstongran, 12°F), but 53F sounds much warmer to me! grin

I had a lovely few hours on my own yesterday, apart from the phone calls from the doctor's surgery and to inform me of the deaths of two people I know. sad.
I am becoming very aware of my own mortality at the moment. Six people I know have died in the last fortnight, I don't usually dwell on things, but this has really shocked me.

We have DGD today and plan to take a trip down to a garden centre on the coast, as she loves to see the animals there.
Driving down the motorway, the views of the Clyde Estuary are amazing However, I hope the expected rain stays off until we get back up the motorway.

Bellasnanna envy envy envy. Please say hello to Commissario Montalbano for me!
Scicily was on our bucket list, but I don't think it will be possible now, due to my health problems. sad

Enjoy your day, everyone, whatever your plans.

Grammaretto Thu 01-Aug-19 07:23:57

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Dry so far and warm. I must stay home until after a charity comes to look at some furniture I wish to donate. They won't take just anything you know !😅

I have had a fitful night thinking should I buy a caravan or not.

I hope you'll be swotting today and not swatting flies Bluesapphire

You've reminded me that the council classes programme will be out soon. What can I study this winter?

Enjoy your Thursday everyone.

Grammaretto Thu 01-Aug-19 07:27:15

Marydoll flowers

NannyJan53 Thu 01-Aug-19 07:47:16

Good Morning from a cloudy and slightly chilly Black Country.

Had a lovely walk and breakfast yesterday along the canal with friends. The rain held off!

Today I am going to visit Mum in Wolverhampton, but stop off on the way to visit a friend we made on holiday in Lindos in June. They live 4 miles away on the way to Mums.

Thinking of everyone who has been affected by the heavy rain and flooding.

flowers Marydoll

Nannytopsy Thu 01-Aug-19 07:47:38

Morning all! Bellasnana can I carry your bags please? We want to visit Sicily too! Just kneaded a batch of wholemeal sourdough bread, so I am back in bed for a rest! Off to Shropshire later hospital visiting, so an opportunity to listen to the test match on the journeys.
Hope everyone has a good day.

gillybob Thu 01-Aug-19 07:49:06

Good morning from the NE coast where we have yet another miserable start to the day. 1st August and we have yet to see a summer. Heavy rain expected later again today, just for a change.

I’m off to “that place” in less than an hour but just enjoying a cuppa before hand . (thank you Lins1066) talk about wishing your life away .........

and then I have the dreaded hair appointment straight after. I have found an ancient little back street place run by 2 ladies (both called Susan) who are brilliantly normal and very funny. It’s much better than the place I used to go to, where they all fancied themselves as super models and made me feel even more uncomfortable than I already do. It’s the bloomin’ mirror thing that I can’t stand , sitting there staring at my own ugly mug. Then you have the “where are you going on your holidays? I’m going to the Caribbean again ....blah blah....” I’m such a misery guts.

I think you should go for the caravan Grammaretto (will send you a PM reply in a little while after I have spoken to DH as he was up and out at the crack of sparrows) .
They’re huge fun smile

Have a good Thursday everyone. x

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 01-Aug-19 07:50:44

Good morning from East London, cloudy and bright today. Off to help at the ‘new’ foodbank shortly; I’m told it works differently to the old one, just hope it’s as friendly. Mega clearing up in the house today, our bedroom is being decorated while we’re away next week and DP has warned we may have to empty both wardrobes etc. Hope you have a good day.

cornergran Thu 01-Aug-19 07:58:47

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright, sunny corner of Somerset. Unexpected visit to family this morning, looking forward to it then a trip to shops on the way home. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

Pantglas1 Thu 01-Aug-19 08:10:45

Ooh Nannytopsy - how do you make sourdough bread? I love the stuff and buy it from local bakers or Waitrose when I’m in Wales. I also buy masa madre here in Spain which I think is the equivalent.

Alygran Thu 01-Aug-19 08:15:15

Good morning from the High Peak where it has stopped raining (for now!). I am here on Grandma duty but DGS is still asleep. Off on a tour of the football stadium today.
Home to North Yorkshire tomorrow. The river near me was expected to burst its banks last night. It’s the same river that brought down the bridge and caused devastation in the Dale on Tuesday.
Ooh.. the sun has just popped out!
Have a good day everyone.

Persistentdonor Thu 01-Aug-19 08:18:01

Morning All, it's a beautiful morning here in Torbay.

BlueSaphire if you really wanted some help with book club, I googled "book club + questions for discussion".... lots came up......e.g. Book Club Questions:
How did the book make you feel? ...
How do you feel about how the story was told? ...
What did you think about the main characters? ...
Which parts of the book stood out to you? ...
What themes did you detect in the story? ...
What did you think about the ending? ...
What is your impression of the author?

oldgaijin Thu 01-Aug-19 08:18:40

Good morning from a slightly overcast Aberdeenshire, but the sun should break through later.
Am thrilled with the two lamp bases I made at my ceramics evening. I did them with exploding never know how they will turn out until they are fired, but are just the job for my bedside. Now I have to make a pair of lampshades.
Still haven't had results of scan but guess things are OK as chemo continues.
Have a great day everyone.