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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 08-Aug-19 06:14:21

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry but looks like there is some cloud in the sky over Brackley this morning.
My trip out again today to my haunts for coffees and small shops.

Beechnut Thu 08-Aug-19 06:24:27

Good Morning everyone.
We’ve a lovely patterned cloudy sky over Severnside this morning and it is dry.
I’m going to have a haircut first thing (in front of those mirrors that make us look awful gillybob) and then to an independent shop for some wall brackets.

I’m hoping that you all have a good day 🌺

ninathenana Thu 08-Aug-19 06:28:05

Good morning Mick and everyone.

I'm still in bed but I think we had some rain over night in Kent.
Lazy day today. DH will cook breakfast, I will clear up and Hoover and that's about it.
Enjoy whatever your doing.

ninathenana Thu 08-Aug-19 06:29:14

Morning Beechnut

BlueSapphire Thu 08-Aug-19 06:34:57

Good morning from Northampton where it looks to be set fine for the day.

Cats being collected to go to the cattery this morning. Then I will cut the back grass so that it won't look like a jungle when I get back from the Lakes. Managed to trim the front hedge yesterday. Blood pressure check at the surgery this afternoon, and I must find time to pack. Unfortunately the weather doesn't bode well for the next few days.

Hope everyone enjoys today.

Marydoll Thu 08-Aug-19 06:41:06

Good morning Mick all from a very grumpy angry Marydoll. (DH's snoring etc.) If you hear of a domestic incident in Glasgow, you will know who it is involves. grin

It's only 50F at the moment and it feels quite cool.

We have our wee grandaughter today and heaven knows where I will find the energy to play football, pirates, doctors and vets and go on a bear hunt, with pretend dog and a stick!
Oh and she will probably want to bake a cake for daddy and papa. (She likes the men) grin

Enjoy your day, everyone. Hope Harri has managed to get some sleep.

NfkDumpling Thu 08-Aug-19 06:45:55

Morning All

A lovely, still, sunny morning here in the north of Norfolk.

Hopefully we’ll get a short sail in this afternoon/evening with DS and family before that band of stormy weather gets here. And hopefully that stormy weather will deflate before it reaches the UK as DD and family are camping on a cliff top site in Cornwall!

kittylester Thu 08-Aug-19 06:49:10

Morning all from a bright North Leicestershire. The forecast looks a bit iffy for the rest of the day.

We had a lovely day with DD2 and co yesterday. Their new house will be perfect.......when its finished! Or even started! And we went for a carvery - a favourite of the dgds - not mine or the birthday boy's though.

Sainsbury's and ironing for me today.

Have a great day everyone.

NanKate Thu 08-Aug-19 06:54:20

Morning Mick and All.

Sunshine here in South Bucks but I suspect the heavy rain is due here by the end of the day. So sorry for all those youngsters who have arrived in Cornwall ready for a weekend concert/festival to find it has been cancelled.

Off to meet a friend for lunch an have a good old catch up.

I think Mary your DH may have to be banished to sleep on his own for a night or two to give you a chance to catch up on your sleep 💤

NanKate Thu 08-Aug-19 06:55:22

Morning Kitty.

Newquay Thu 08-Aug-19 07:02:26

Morning from a sunny Staffs. For the third night i’ve Had a reasonable night’s sleep-no idea why-after about 10 days awful insomnia. So more energy today! Will varnish “bonsai theatre” DH has made from some old pallets to display bonsais i’ve Planted over the years for DGC.
DD2 is in France, due to come home Calais-Dover ferry Saturday but now going to get tunnel Friday instead cos of storm. Hope your DD “evacuates” from Cornwall toi Dumpling!

Marydoll Thu 08-Aug-19 07:07:24

Kate, I gladly would have gone and slept in the spare room, but I have laid out the newly ironed clothes for the wedding and over night stay on Saturday.
I decided to be super organised in case I didn't have time tomorrow.
This house can be like Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday night at times and plans never work out! grin

Mapleleaf Thu 08-Aug-19 07:21:49

Good morning,
A pleasant looking morning so far, though a tad chilly at the moment.
Off to the surgery in an hour to give some more blood, then when I get back I’ve got a pile of ironing waiting to be tackled.
A quiet day planned today. Hope you all enjoy yours. 🙂

Greyduster Thu 08-Aug-19 07:21:51

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A bright day in prospect for South Yorkshire. We are supposed to be going for a walk, if I can stop sneezing this morning and if we can agree on somewhere to go! If we go into the Peak District I expect parking will be a nightmare. We’ll see.
Have a good day folks!
Marydoll soak it up like a sponge while you can. You will so miss those doctors and pirates and bear hunts when she’s too old to want to play such games!

RosieLeah Thu 08-Aug-19 07:26:58

Good morning everyone. Nice bright morning here in Lancashire. A day to make the best of as storms are forecast for the week-end.

Brunette10 Thu 08-Aug-19 07:30:22

Good Morning from a dull and coolish Fife today. Think we have been allocated our time of warmth and sunshine, feels as if we are moving very quickly into autumn, I certainly hope not though. Tired today after our time with DGS's yesterday + we have a trip today to make which takes quite a while. However tomorrow is another day. Hope everyone has a good day.

Bellasnana Thu 08-Aug-19 07:30:58

Good morning all. It’s very hot here in Malta.

I’m feeling on top of the world after getting to talk to my beloved DGD for the first time in 8 weeks. She spends summer with her father who does not let her call any of her mother’s (my DD2) family.

She had flown from Reno, changed at Chicago where there was a two hour delay, and then home to Florida. She’s 8 and flew as an unaccompanied minor. I think she was quite proud of herself! She looks so grown up, bless her. I wish I could cuddle her, but it’s such a long way from Malta to the US and I haven’t got unlimited funds.

Marydoll, I laughed at your post! My late DH used to drive me crazy with his snoring too, but I wish I had him here now, snores and all.☺️

Must get up. Car needs cleaning and I’ve a much needed hair do in an hour.

Have a good day all.sunshine

Grammaretto Thu 08-Aug-19 07:31:55

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Rather cold but dry here.

Marydoll I was thinking of comedy in the Fringe today but I may call on you instead. grin

Swimming pools have popped up all over our town after the downpour yesterday. It's ironic as the real one is closed . Why? in the school holidays?
I guess the cooncil is not on gransnet. More's the pity.
Keep cheerful everyone.

Urmstongran Thu 08-Aug-19 07:41:42

Good morning everyone from Malaga where from teatime yesterday we have the Terral wind. It’s cold air coming from the north through the mountains around the Malaga district. If you imagine standing in front a hairdryer blowing very warm air on you, you’ll get the picture! It lasts 2-3 days and the worst is, it doesn’t cool down after dusk.

Tired today because of a hot muggy night (probably everyone is - I feel for the locals who go out to work this morning although I suppose an office, supermarket or pharmacy with air con will be pleasant!).

Hope Thursday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 08-Aug-19 07:42:12

Good morning from Dymchurch, bright with a bit of cloud. Got caught out by the weather yesterday; had just arrived at our first venue of the day (an old crypt full of skulls and bones as GD is interested in such things) and it absolutely tanked down for about 15 minutes. After that visit, decided to keep going to the country park a few miles further along the coast and by the time we got there, out came the sun and dried it all away. Also got the obligatory fun fair out of the way yesterday evening. Today we’re aiming for a trip on the little railway and a climb up the lighthouse at Dungeness and then it’ll be packing ready for going home tomorrow. Have a good day.

cornergran Thu 08-Aug-19 07:45:10

Morning Mick, morning All. It’s cloudy in our corner of Somerset. Sun promised for later before the storms arrive this evening. Physio this morning then I hope the beach for a while or maybe just a sit in the garden. Energy low today. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

Nannytopsy Thu 08-Aug-19 07:57:24

Good morning everyone. Very bright here in Leicester and I think we should make the most of it, looking at the forecast for the weekend. I didn’t finish the ironing yesterday, so plenty to get on with. Hope you all enjoy your days.

Lins1066 Thu 08-Aug-19 08:08:34

Good Morning, a sunny morning on S Welsh Coast.
Didn't sleep well and not much planned.
Hope you all have a pleasant day.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 08-Aug-19 08:17:15

Good morning from to one and all. Its going to be a lovely warm sunny day here in N. Somerset.

I am another one who had problems during the night and ended up sleeping in the spare room. The reason being it was me, my body hurting, especially my legs and I kept moving around. So off I went to the spare room and funny enough slept like a log. Quiet day today, going to nay Patchwork group to have a lovely chat and add a few patches to my quilt. Enjoy today.

Harris27 Thu 08-Aug-19 08:18:15

Lovely sunny day in th ne. Hope it lasts been thinking about the garden and getting it done but it always seems to rain on the weekend when I can do it! Must win the lottery and get a gardener! Happy Thursday all!