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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 11-Aug-19 06:13:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a cloudy but less windy but also dry here in Brackley this morning.
I have made a lamb curry in the slow cooker for lunch today etc.
Otherwise a quiet day in.

Beechnut Sun 11-Aug-19 06:33:28

Good Morning everyone.
Same here on Severnside weather wise Mick and looks like it will brighten up.
I didn’t watch the wax jacket making programme that was on tv last week but the saw that it was somewhere in your area gillybob. Perhaps there was good reason for setting up the business there with your weather reports for this summer.
I am going to a ukulele festival today.

I hope you all enjoy the day 🌺

NotAGran55 Sun 11-Aug-19 06:34:16

Good morning Michael. Looks like a bright start here in West Berkshire and the wind has dropped. Absolutely no plans at all today which is unheard of here , but I’m sure something will come up . Enjoy your curry Michael .

NanKate Sun 11-Aug-19 06:47:20

Morning Mick and All.

Your curry sounds nice Mick hope you are having a dollop of mango chutney with it. We are having chicken with mango and coconut for our lunch today.

Bright sunny day in South Bucks.

Going up to relatives for a few days tomorrow so had better get packing.

BlueSapphire Sun 11-Aug-19 06:59:16

Good morning everyone from another wet morning in the Lakes. I am sitting in bed at the moment and would have a wonderful view were it not for the weather. As it is, I can see the closest fell, but everything else is shrouded in a thick mist.

DS and family arrived yesterday afternoon, so we have a full house and three dogs. DD cooked a delicious Spag Bol last night, quite the best I have ever had, and red wine was taken. Then we all played silly family games with the DGDs, which was fun.

Don't know what the plans are for today,but I expect someone will have a bright idea after breakfast. Hope everyone has a good day.

Sar53 Sun 11-Aug-19 07:00:42

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. It's still a little windy out there.
We had a fabulous day at my daughter's yesterday celebrating her and my granddaughter's birthdays.
There must have been twenty children there ranging from about 10 months to 12 years and not one argument or falling out. It was lovely to see the older ones, boys and girls looking after and playing with the little ones.
It was a bit gusty at times and we did wonder if the gazebo was going to hold but my husband and son in law had done a great job in securing it !!!
A bit of shopping later and a visit to step daughters and step grandchildren to round off a lovely weekend.

Ginny42 Sun 11-Aug-19 07:05:32

Morning Mick and everyone. I'm enjoying being home for the weekend, but the rain is pouring down the windows and I have to pack the car soon to return to the Midlands. M6 travel isn't great, but in the rain it's even more unpleasant.

I'd had several painting jobs done whilst I was away, so it was lovely to come home to all the external woodwork painted, including the fence. Just got to pay for it now.

Got the hairdresser later and then the drive south and into brighter weather I hope going on the posts upthread. Have a good day everyone.

Urmstongran Sun 11-Aug-19 07:20:05

Good morning everyone from Malaga. Wall to wall sunshine again and surprisingly a bit of a cool breeze this morning too. The palm trees in the garden are dancing.

We went down to Benalmadena marina last night and ‘fed the fish’ which the children love doing, then over to our favourite Italian restaurant for dinner at 10pm. Late but cooler to eat. The children were well behaved - and hungry! As we were leaving more families were arriving - whole groups of Spanish from grandmas to babies settling to eat at 11:30pm - and we thought we’d had a late night!

Looking forward to hearing from Marydoll about her daughter’s wedding yesterday.

Man Utd play their first match of the season late afternoon and my husband and son in law intend to watch it in a local bar then we shall all eat at a nearby Chinese - no need for taxis this evening!

Hopefully Sunday will be good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

EllanVannin Sun 11-Aug-19 07:36:49

Good Morning All from a damp dreary NW x

Sorry to moan but this weather is getting me down, a solid week of rain/gales and soggy surrounds outside. In fact very little summer to speak of. I'm very much hoping for an Indian summer to take us through to winter----some hope eh ?

Usual Sunday dinner and a letter to write later, other than that just televiewing a repeat of one of Catherine Cookson's novels.

Crumpets are calling, stomach's rumbling ! Cats are fed and watered and have all gone out, even the old stray is asleep outside in its cat-kennel which was the best buy ever. I'd bought a cheap fleece for his comfort as he's a pretty old animal.

Hope everyone's day is a peaceful one.

Pantglas1 Sun 11-Aug-19 07:38:13

Morning Mick - I’ll be along later for the lamb curry and I’ll bring the mango chutney wot I made yesterday!

Very wet here in north Wales- that’s why it’s so green and lush looking at the moment, so different to scorched Espana! Not a lot planned - we’ll see what turns up! Happy Sunday to all who follow.

Bellasnana Sun 11-Aug-19 07:41:58

Good morning from Malta. It is hot and sticky. I try not to complain because I do enough of that in winter, but August here can be a bit of a challenge.

Urmstongran, it’s the same here with people going out to eat very late. We had a restaurant for thirty years and we always had families strolling in after 11pm when we were so tired and wanting to close. Then we’d be up again to start at 8am, seven days a week. I don’t miss it at all.grin

No plans today except to try to keep cool. Later I will run my Pal to the hospital again to visit her husband, and pick her up. Her car is stuck in the hospital car park until she can get a mechanic to it tomorrow. Good thing she has a blue badge or the charges would be sky high.

Hope everyone has a good day.☀️☀️

cornergran Sun 11-Aug-19 07:59:56

Morning Mick, morning All. The best I can say about weather in our corner of Somerset is it’s dry. Still very windy with low, grey cloud. Can see some branches down, leaves and petals everywhere. Not sure what the day will bring, so a wait and see one, nothing strenuous for sure. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

ninathenana Sun 11-Aug-19 08:00:34

Good morning.
It's bright and sunny but not quiet so windy as yesterday in Kent.
DH had to rescue one pot after the other in the garden and there were two reports on local FB page of flying inflatable paddling pools.
We saw tbe GC briefly yesterday for the first time since December. Will see them more next week when DD is on hol.
Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Sun 11-Aug-19 08:05:42

Morning all from a bright but slightly cloudy North Leicestershire.

We saw DS1 yesterday and are expecting a visit from DS2 today. We are lucky to have most of our children close enough to just 'drop" in. I also need to do some gardening if there is no rain.

Gammon cooked in cola served with new potatoes and salad later.

Marydoll Sun 11-Aug-19 08:07:11

Good morning from a damp Seamill in Ayrshire.
We had a fabulous time at my friend's son's wedding.
wedding. (Urmonstongran , my daughter's wedding is not until March).

The meal was the best meal I have ever had at a wedding and he views across to Arran from the function suite were absolutely stunning.
I have pictures of the views on my phone, but I can't get the WiFi on my phone to work. I will post later.
Outside on the terrace, overlooking the beautiful, sunny beach, was an old fashioned ice cream cart.
Despite not having eaten yet, I had to force myself to have a tub of tub Scottish tablet ice cream. Pure heaven!!😁

The bride's dress was very unusual. After the meal, she appeared in a white jumpsuit, the top of which looked very much like her wedding dress. It turned out that the skirt could be detached from the dress, to reveal the jumpsuit.
Does anyone remember Bucks Fizz in the European Song Contest, when they ripped off their skirts? It was just like that.

I looked the bride and groom's mothers and panicked about my own outfit for my daughter's forthcoming wedding.. Their outfits were stunning, no expense spared.
All the female guests were wearing, either hats or fascinators, I had hat envy 😁
Many of the gentlemen were wearing kilts, let's just say there were a few moments, when we had to avert our eyes, when they were birling round the floor during the Ceilidh.🤭

We went to bed at 2am, having sat chatting with friends.
Some of my ex pupils were there, it was so amusing, as they were talking to me as if I was still their teacher.
They couldn't bring themselves to call me Mary. One young woman gave me a big hug and said: Oh we must call you, " Mrs Marydoll", to show our respect.

I'm off now to have a full Scottish breakfast, the best part of the weekend.
Someone else will be doing the cooking.

Have a lovely Sunday, all. I know I will, among some of my dearest and oldest friends.
Oh, weddings make me so emotional and no alcohol was consumed!😭

Auntieflo Sun 11-Aug-19 08:07:16

Morning Michael, Annie to come and all others.
Your curry does sound good Michael, even though we are supposedly mid summer, as does your mango chutney Pantglas1.
DH's mum, used to make mango chutney, and the house would smell for ages afterwards.
I made a Gin & Tonic cake yesterday, for my GS's birthday, and his mum and dad will collect it later today (he is over 21) smile
The sun is beautiful, at the moment, but it can turn on a sixpence. and I think it is a bit breezy, as the trees are wafting about.
Just had my first cup of tea, up for a shower, then breakfast, and off to Church.
Hope Marydoll enjoyed the wedding yesterday.
Have a good day one and all.

Brunette10 Sun 11-Aug-19 08:09:05

Morning everyone. Today is looking rather dull at the moment, not sure if there is any more rain left up in these skies, it’s just been awful everywhere so I’m hoping we have a dry day today. Having a quiet day recovering from yesterday when we had our DGS’s. A bit if cleaning then relaxation time. Hope today is good for everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 11-Aug-19 08:11:43

Good or all from SE Essex.

Not sure what the weather is like as I haven't opened the curtains, but I cannot hear any wind.

Enjoy your curry Mick.

Pleased you has a good day Sar53.

I think the whole of the UK had "wind issues" yesterday.

A lazy one for us today, roast chicken for dinner around 7pm.

When my Mum lived in Spain we often when out for dinner 10.30/11pm as we were still on the beach at 9pm, our C just got used to their siesta on the beach beds under parasols!!

Urmstongran is "Tivoli" still up the hill in Benalmadena? that was always a "treat" for our Children.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 11-Aug-19 08:13:26

Sounds absolutely fun Marydoll.

Marydoll Sun 11-Aug-19 08:15:14

The photos.
The "gentleman" is Big Jim from the Argy.😉

Nannytopsy Sun 11-Aug-19 08:27:41

He scrubs up surprisingly well for someone from the Argy Marydoll! I rented my hat for my daughter wedding - not something I ever thought of but it was a cracker!

Lins1066 Sun 11-Aug-19 08:28:41

Good Morning from a dry (at the moment) S Welsh Coast. Yesterday's gale seems to have blown over though it is still a bit blustery.
Absolutely nothing planned today and I'm not cooking either, going to enjoy a laid back day.
Great photos Marydoll
Wishing all a peaceful Sunday.

Lins1066 Sun 11-Aug-19 08:30:37

Stunning hat and outfit Nannytopsy.

DoraMarr Sun 11-Aug-19 08:35:06

Good morning from a very warm but cloudy Birmingham. I had my two granddaughters to stay overnight - one will be three in November, and the other is just five months younger. They were understandably excited about sharing a room together, and were giggling and singing until just after nine, when they both just fell asleep. How wonderful to be able to drop off just like that!Neither was awake until eight, so I had my morning cup of tea in peace. Their parents and the new baby sister are coming for bacon sandwiches soon, so I had better get dressed!

GabriellaG54 Sun 11-Aug-19 08:37:03

A very good morning to all GNers from a formerly grey-skied but now trying to be sunny, Godalming.
I don't think it knows what to do but it did rain like the clappers yesterday and saved me watering plants.
Nothing on the cards today. I might wash the bath mats and one from inside front door but nothing exciting.
It might be an opportunity to bag up some clothes for the women's refuge that I haven't worn in a long long time. They usually arrange collection in the week. Sorted. 🙂
Lizi's granola with Greek yogurt and blueberries for brekkie at 10am so I'll have my coffee now and answer a few emails.
I hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far and the rain keeps off.
🌻🌻🌻 for those who are spending the day alone. 👋