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What would you change?

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TwiceAsNice Sun 11-Aug-19 09:39:28

What would you change re common retail purchases to make it more convenient for you? For example mine would be :

Multipacks of clothes/chocolate/toys on even not odd numbers ( I buy for twins!)

Lyrics printed on inserts of all CD,s (like to sing along sometimes , don’t always know words)

Adult clothes sometimes to be available in in-between sizes ( I am a size 15 bottom)

What would you choose?

henetha Sun 11-Aug-19 09:55:42

Don't sell men's shirts in wasteful packaging. Just hang them on hangers like women's blouses are.

KatyK Sun 11-Aug-19 10:03:46

The size 15, 13 etc would be great. Marks and Spencer used to do it years ago.

TwiceAsNice Sun 11-Aug-19 10:09:05

I remember that KatyK I was an odd size for awhile when I was younger too.

ninathenana Sun 11-Aug-19 10:12:09

For manufacturers of plus size clothing not to assume we all have ridiculously long arms.

FarNorth Sun 11-Aug-19 10:16:59

Sorry, not retail but I'd love for tradespersons to do a job without causing some small annoyance e.g. taking away the manufacturer's leaflet, or removing a light fitting and putting it back squint.

Mauriherb Sun 11-Aug-19 10:17:16

Goods to be sold at half price rather than buy one get one free
No multipacks, it's a waste of plastic

FarNorth Sun 11-Aug-19 10:19:27

No shop staff to snatch my credit card & swipe it on contactless.
Happened to me once - apparently all her other customers were okay with it.
So now I keep a firm grip on it, but shouldn't have to.

FarNorth Sun 11-Aug-19 10:20:28

Massive reduction in use of plastic.

Paperbackwriter Sun 11-Aug-19 10:43:35

You can google the lyrics!

I'd love to do away with the awful gendered clothes for children. It's all unicorns and pink and 'Be Sweet' for little girls and dinosaurs, cars and 'Be adventurous' for boys. I know we don't have to buy into this but it's VERY annoying that it happens at all. It wasn't like that 40 years ago when my girls were born. We're going backwards.

On similar note, I can't imagine why M&S think adult women want nightwear with cutesy hearts and ickle bunny rabbits on them. Dear lord. I'll stop now before I come up with a LONG list.

Cambia Sun 11-Aug-19 10:52:47

I would just love standard sizes made mandatory in every bl**dy shop, so I do not have to try absolutely everything on before I buy it!

Septimia Sun 11-Aug-19 10:53:27

Ladies clothes sized 10-12 and 14-16 when I need a 12-14! (or a 13).
10-12 looks like I've got my little sister's clothes on, 14-16 and everything is far too baggy (it is underneath, too, but that doesn't show grin).

I agree with a lot of the points other people have made, too.

EthelJ Sun 11-Aug-19 10:56:40

I agree with paperbackwriter clothes, toys and all children's things seem to be much more gender specific now than they were 30 years ago. I was very upset when I heard my 3 year old GS say pink was for girls only. This despite his parents and GPs saying that is not true.

midgey Sun 11-Aug-19 10:57:22

Now there are more old people than young people I would stop having ‘child proof’ lids on medicine bottles.

inishowen Sun 11-Aug-19 11:00:02

In trouser length I am between short and medium, so I have to adjust every pair I buy.

Last night we were about to cook a lasagne which was from the chilled section. We took the lid off then looked for cooking instructions. Where were they? on the base of the package. I had to hold it up while husband tried to read what it said. Now that's plain daft.

BradfordLass72 Sun 11-Aug-19 11:01:21


I made my grandson laugh the other day when I put on my 'gorilla suit' which is a rather nice, very deep grapey purple, sort-of bouclé jumper.

Unfortunately, when I am standing upright, the sleeves are about 20cm longer than my arms, so have to be folded back with a very deep cuff. But it's so cosy.

TwiceAsNice Sun 11-Aug-19 11:02:41

Thanks for your interesting replies. Keep them coming!

BradfordLass72 Sun 11-Aug-19 11:04:33

PS: all clothing should be labelled with the actual measurements, because 2XL, 3XL or worse, S, M, L mean absolutely nothing and can differ between manufacturers by as much as 3 sizes.

BettyBoop49 Sun 11-Aug-19 11:08:58

Stiff cardboard coat hangers that can be recycled.

GagaJo Sun 11-Aug-19 11:11:09

Ooooh so many things.

Dresses suited to my age and body shape. High waisted, below knee length and with sleeves!

Comfortable high heels (not sure this is even possible!).

YES! Get rid of all packaging. We're killing the world with totally unnecessary packaging.

Gender free children's clothes and toys. Why indoctrinate them? They'll be who they are anyway.

Many, many more healthy food choices. 4/5 of our supermarkets are filled with junk food. Living in China was illuminating. Their supermarkets don't have 3/4 of the junk food ours do.

Speaking of supermarkets. Cut the sound track! I can't bear the constant radio / chatter.

Curlywhirly Sun 11-Aug-19 11:29:46

Shops that put size 3 shoes on the very top shelf - I don't know any 5' 10" women with size 3 feet! Also wish manufacturers would make swimming costumes in shorter length (after all they do make longer length ones!). I also wish they would only put zips in the centre back seam of dresses; so if the hips are too big (M and S seem to think we all have huge hips) we can easily alter the side seams.

Nanny41 Sun 11-Aug-19 11:33:40

Medicines you need to push the tablet out of the blister should be banned, they are so difficult to manage sometimes, you end up with broken tablets, not to mention anyone having artthritis in their hands it must be impossible to extract the medicine.

Minniemoo Sun 11-Aug-19 11:36:41

Ooh I agree with that Nanny. And I often end up with the pills flying out and landing on the floor. Thereby causing a militart manoeuvre to find the things before children, dogs and rabbit find them.

Also those containers for the washing pod things. I have been seen attacking those with a knife before now.

Minniemoo Sun 11-Aug-19 11:37:17


But I quite like militart.

Curlywhirly Sun 11-Aug-19 11:41:44

Minniemoo - militart - love it 🤣🤣🤣