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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 12-Aug-19 06:11:49

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but its cloudy this morning this in Brackley.
Looks like the weather forecast is changing to a more bearable temperature this week.
Usual day for me bits of housework, then watch TV.

Minniemoo Mon 12-Aug-19 06:14:20

Morning! Woke up far too early today so I might be popping back for a snooze. No actual plans today

Grannyflower Mon 12-Aug-19 06:20:47

Morning everyone. Hope you all Make the most of Mondaysmile

ninathenana Mon 12-Aug-19 06:27:10

Good morning all.

Looks like the sun is trying to show it's face in Kent, and not a leaf moving.
I've been awake since 4 am and need to continue the decorating. I won't need rocking tonight.
Have a good day.

Beechnut Mon 12-Aug-19 06:31:26

Good Morning everyone.
Grey and damp on Severnside this morning.
The ukulele performance I went to yesterday was enjoyable. Mid afternoon there was a thunderstorm and started to rain again just as I got back to my car.
Just a bill paying thing for me today and then seeing my brother later.

I hope you all enjoy the day 🌹

RosieLeah Mon 12-Aug-19 06:36:18

Good morning all...quite chilly up here in Lancashire. I'm actually debating which jumper to wear today! It sounds as though we all woke early this morning..I woke with bees on my mind.

Bellasnana Mon 12-Aug-19 06:57:24

Good morning all from Malta where it is very hot.

Have an appointment with the doctor in an hour so I had better get going.

Hope everyone has a lovely start to the week.☀️☀️

PS. Photo is from my car yesterday. It was very hot!

Resurgam123 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:04:19

Good Morning All.
Its been quite cold and cloudy here in Cheshire for the last couple of days.
Then I have just noted that the previous weather post was from Bellasnana who is in Malta and very warm.

NannyJan53 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:18:49

Good Morning from a cloudy Black Country.

Had a lovely few days in Coniston with DD, SIL and DGD's.
Only rained once! Thursday we climbed the 'Old Man', phew! Girls and SIL raced ahead, myself and DD plodded slowly, but made it in the end!

Walking for health walk this morning, then Dentist this afternoon.

Have a good day everyone

Pantglas1 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:24:32

Morning all from a grey north Wales coast - it is meant to brighten up later - we’ll see!

Off shopping for bits and pieces this morning and pop in to see a couple of grandchildren on way home. Baking this afternoon- I rather fancy fruit crumble for pudding tonight!

BlueSapphire Mon 12-Aug-19 07:27:25

Good morning all from a brighter Lake District. It's not raining yet today! And I can see the further fells this morning. A dull morning is forecast, but supposed to be sunnier this afternoon, so we going out for lunch followed by, hopefully, a bit of a walk out afterwards.

Miserable yesterday; we drove over to Keswick, but it rained for most of the day. Think everyone else had the same idea, as Keswick was very busy. The four AC between them cooked a most delicious roast chicken dinner, and more wine was taken.... Us girls had G&Ts while we watched the rugby highlights. Glad to see our Northampton Saints boys, Lewis, Piers and Courtney playing well, and a good result for England.

Well, I can hear people are moving to take the dogs out for an early morning walk, so I might go and make a cup of tea. DDil has promised pancakes for breakfast!

Hope the day is pleasant for all.

PS the sun is shining!

kittylester Mon 12-Aug-19 07:28:02

Morning all, its brightish in North Leicestershire.

A day at home for me with admin, tidying and tackling the dreaded list.

NanKate Mon 12-Aug-19 07:49:11

Morning Mick and All.

Having a cuppa in bed before finishing my last minute packing before we leave to spend a few days in Leicestershire with relatives and I am sneaking out whilst there to meet up with a GN pal 😉

Cloudy and cooler here in South Bucks.

Marydoll Mon 12-Aug-19 07:50:11

Morning all from a much cooler Glasgow. It's 46° at the moment.
I'm having a catch up day today and hopefully, not leaving the house.

We had non-stop rain yesterday on our journey back from the wedding, it wasn't the most pleasant of drives home.
Our plan was to spend the day at the coast, having lunch and a stroll along the beach! The very large Scottish breakfast and the torrential rain put paid to that. sad

Am I correct in seeing a couple of new faces to the thread this morning, whom I've seen on other threads? If so, welcome!

Have a good day, whatever your plans.

Lins1066 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:51:43

Good Morning all.
A bright and sunny start on the S Welsh coast, but cooler.
Second load already in the washing machine, have changed the bed. DS and Dil bringing their laundry over as their machine has broken and their new one doesn't arrive until tomorrow.

Shopping later. Hope everyone has a pleasant day.

Brunette10 Mon 12-Aug-19 07:55:56

Good Morning from a bright and sunny Fife, although a bit cooler than of late. It poured all day yesterday so have lots of outside chores to do today. Another week started! Have a good day all.

aggie Mon 12-Aug-19 07:57:47

Good Morning from a lovely dry sunny , but nippy , Co Armagh .
Yesterday went visiting an open garden in the National trust scheme . My Goodness ... how the other half lives , it was beautiful but huge , with ponds , woods , raised beds full of gorgeous plants and flowers and just lovely ................. but no teas served sad we had to visit M+S at Sprucefield for sustenance and then had to wander through the shop where a t shirt , some food and a few towels appeared in my trolly ;)
So far I have hung out washing and put on the breadmaker , out this pm for a bit of less expensive shopping in Lidl lol

Urmstongran Mon 12-Aug-19 07:58:19

Good morning everyone from a very windy Malaga. Not sure what the plans will be for today. Maybe not the gardens as it’s so blowy. We shall all decide later what we are doing!

Hope Monday is good to us all whether we have plans or (like me at the moment) none. x

harrigran Mon 12-Aug-19 08:12:01

Good morning from a reasonably bright NE, the rain has stopped too.
We collected GD last night for a sleepover and the rain was torrential. No plans yet for today but at least we don't have to take her home during the rush hour tonight.

Sprout Mon 12-Aug-19 08:12:03

Morning Mick and all. Weather cloudy but dry in Kent. Busy day for me. Shopping for my D birthday present the lady who has everything is hard to buy for. Then lunch with my best friend. Normal shopping then home. Hope everyone has a good Monday.

gillybob Mon 12-Aug-19 08:12:33

Good morning from the NE coast where it is not raining yet. (Forecast later though). It rained heavily non stop yesterday from morning until late into the night without a single break so yet another wash out of a weekend.

Off to “that place” in about 20 minutes for a day of non stop fun, then 2 days childcare (Tuesday and Wednesday) for my 4 DGC, I’ve given up hoping the weather will be fine as it just never is.

Dreams of winning the lottery and being able to take us all off to somewhere warm where children can play outside in the sunshine. Sigh.....

Have a good Monday x

Barmeyoldbat Mon 12-Aug-19 08:13:59

Morning all, another one up early this morning so I might be going back for a sleep a bit later. Its dull with the sun trying to come through so there is hope for a good day. Thinking about going for a swim but only if its the women only period as I didn't want to share with a load of excited kids.

Have a lovely day one and all.

Greyduster Mon 12-Aug-19 08:22:20

Good morning, Michael and all GNs! The sun is shining in South Yorkshire. GS is in residence and we may go for a swim later this morning. We are having an item of furniture delivered this afternoon, so can’t go far, but I have promised him some blackberry picking if the weather holds. Have a good day, folks.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 12-Aug-19 08:40:25

Goodmorning all from a grey S E Essex, the sky looks as if it is trying to brighten up.

On Granny duty today, not sure of plans as GC was up and own all night so will be tired and tetchy today (I know I am).

Have a good Monday, stay dry and don't get blown away!!

Anniebach Mon 12-Aug-19 08:52:23

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x