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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 23-Aug-19 06:12:52

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey misty but dry autumnal start here in Brackley this morning.
Today will be a quiet day, weekly shop in Waitrose, plus usual stuff , maybe get a take away Fish & chips for a change.

BlueSapphire Fri 23-Aug-19 06:34:48

Good morning Mick and everybody to come. Nice clear blue sky in Northampton this morning. Hoping it's set for a few days as I have a skip arriving this morning and I set about clearing the garage of years of accumulated junk, mainly late DH's. Still have boxes which we haven't yet opened since we moved here in 1993!

Have to go into town first though as I need some veg off the market and to collect my prescription from the chemist and get a few odds and ends.

Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Fri 23-Aug-19 06:36:12

Morning Mick, morning All. Clear sky over our corner of Somerset, looks like a nice day ahead. Food shop for us too mick and some faffing then with luck a relax in the garden. Fish and chips sounds good mick. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

dragonfly46 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:04:49

Good morning from a bright Leicestershire.
Had a restless night so taking it easy today.
Shopping for the weekend and some admin. I ought to clean the house as cleaner not coming while bathroom is being installed.

Pantglas1 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:05:35

Hello Mick, BlueSapphire, cornergran and all who follow.

That fish n chips sounds tempting- we have a bar run by English folks who do the best fish supper and usually treat ourselves on our last day as I don’t cook after all that cleaning.

Might have to check a little sooner that standards haven’t dropped since I’ve been away....

Have a great day everyone, whatever’s planned.

ninathenana Fri 23-Aug-19 07:06:01

Morning everyone.
Blue skies in Kent and the forecast for next few days is sunshinesunshine typical as GC go home Sunday.
Today I will be washing machine shopping and hopefully getting it delivered later. We also need to do our usual Friday food shop.
Have a good day everyone.

Urmstongran Fri 23-Aug-19 07:06:54

Good morning everyone from Malaga where the sunrise 20minutes ago brings another fine day ahead. I can hear seagulls screeching and wood pigeons. The sky is a wash of pale pink and baby blue and I can smell the pine trees.

No particular plans for today just more of the same I expect. It’s been a joy spending these 3 weeks with the family. We are truly blessed.

Oh BlueSapphire all those boxes! You will feel pretty emotional going through them all I expect.

I only had a very small supper last night. I was babysitting the 2y old in their apartment and didn’t plan ahead - silly really. So Mick your supper of fish & chips has set me off already thinking about food.

A cooked breakfast this morning is called for I think!

Hope Friday (already gillybob!) is good to us all whether we have any plans or none. x

Resurgam123 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:09:25

Good Morning All. There is actually some sunshine to be seen here in Cheshire today.
We have been under cloud here for a while.
I might now manage to get my back moving now. It was really bad earlier. A brew is needed now.

kittylester Fri 23-Aug-19 07:09:32

Morning all from a bright North Leicestershire.

Bed changing, washing and baking today before DD2 and co arrive.

Fish and chips sounds fabulous mick especially to someone who has a gluten intolerance. Enjoy!

Brunette10 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:15:10

Good Morning to all and to those who follow. Well it's quite bright here in Fife today and according to weather it's to be a nice day warm too. Tired from journey yesterday but up early as fencer is coming to put fence up between neighbour and ourselves so he will begin very soon. DH at docs this morning so no breakfast for him. Will catch up with some housework etc today. Mick even early as it is fish and chips take away sounds yummy - enjoy! Hope today is good to everyone. Gilly I know you will be jumping for joy this morning wink

Marydoll Fri 23-Aug-19 07:18:25

Good morning all from a damp and breezy Glasgow.
Now my PC weather app, says it's sunny outside, I know who is correct and it isn't my computer!

DH has offered to come to LIDL with me, as I'm feeling a bit yukky. My medication is making me nauseous and has given me mouth ulcers and sore gums, but it certainly won't stop me talking! grin
What DH is unaware of, is we are not going to our local LIDL, we are going to the huge, new one, in the next town! wink
I also haven't mentioned the new road layout (one way system) as he will not be a happy bunny!
Oh the wiles of we women! grin

Later I intend to continue my charity shop clear out. I have managed five bags, DH has given me one sweater!

Happy Friday, everyone and an extra special one for our Gillybob.

Nannytopsy Fri 23-Aug-19 07:21:21

Good morning everyone from sunny Leicester. Someone is coming to fix the chip on my windscreen some time today and it is a day for cleaning windows, including the conservatory. Not my favourite job! Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

Grammaretto Fri 23-Aug-19 07:28:29

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders where I can see pale blue sky through the trees. Yippee! We're going on our summer holidays and I've been joking about how many layers we'll need to wear. It doesn't rain much in Ireland does it grin

I'll be thinking of you Bluesapphire and Dragonfly and others having difficult times.

Grammaretto Fri 23-Aug-19 07:30:25

Marydoll grin

Marydoll Fri 23-Aug-19 07:30:59

Nannytopsy , when you are finished, please feel free to come and do mine! I have been nagging DH for ages to do ours.
I used to do them all, even hanging out of our upstairs ones, but these days, it's not safe for me. I'm so disappointed that I have had to hand the cleaning over to DH. wink

gillybob Fri 23-Aug-19 07:43:54

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a fine and bright start to the day.

DH and I had a lovely supper out last night at a cheeky little Sicilian restaurant in Newcastle . It was a rare treat and we even shared a bottle of red so I am still basking in the loveliness this morning .

It’s a half day at “that place” for me today “yipppeee” , oh how I do love that Friday feeling. At lunch time I’m like a bullet out of a gun I can’t get out the door fast enough, then it’s the usual taking my dad for a big shop and a coffee with him in town and any other chores he needs doing.

We still haven’t totally finished painting the fence so hope to get that done sometime this weekend if the weather stays dry.

To all those on holiday I hope you continue to have a lovely time, to those waiting to go on holiday I bet you are counting the minutes and to those like me not going anywhere I hope the days ahead are good ones.

Love to all x

Sar53 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:44:06

Good morning everyone from a very sunny Essex by the sea. It seems we are to have a lovely sunny weekend.
I'm off to the supermarket this morning, lucky me.
No other plans today, might go for a walk along the beach this afternoon.
Have a good day everyone.

NannyJan53 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:44:39

Good Morning from a warm but dull Black Country.

Meeting DD and DS and their 4 girls later this morning at Sandwell Valley Park.

We are away early tomorrow to stay in a 'posh' Beach Hut in Devon, so need to pack for that as I didn't get a round tuit yesterday smile

Wow BlueSapphire I thought we were bad, as still have a few boxes from when we moved in here in 2012! I am sure there will be some very special memories and perhaps a bit emotional for you flowers

You are an inspiration Marydoll all your health worries, yet you are still have that gleam in your eye!

Gillybob not only is it Friday, but it is a Bank Holiday weekend! grin

gillybob Fri 23-Aug-19 07:49:23

Gillybob not only is it Friday, but it is a Bank Holiday weekend! grin

I know and I’ve only just remembered NannyJan I will be walking around with a big daft grin on my face all morning !

Diddle Dee Dee, Dum Dee dum, Tiddlypom, Dee Dum Dee Dee......

Pittcity Fri 23-Aug-19 07:50:05

Good morning from sunny Colchester. A hot dry Bank Holiday weekend in the offing here. Back up to 30° by Sunday.
We have no plans and will be mostly relaxing in the garden.

Greyduster Fri 23-Aug-19 07:51:27

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Another sunny day in South Yorkshire. We will be joining you, Mick, in having fish and chips today - I am cooking up a storm for a family gathering tomorrow, so it will save me having to think about what to feed us! Have a good day, folks.

Greyduster Fri 23-Aug-19 07:53:28

‘I’ll name that tune in five’ Gilly!😁🎶🎵

harrigran Fri 23-Aug-19 07:54:50

Good morning from a dry, bright NE.
Penultimate diabetes prevention course this morning so have to leave at 9.30.
At 9am a glazier is coming to measure up for replacement window, one of the bedroom double glazed units has blown spectactularly.
GD's whirlwind tour of London was successful, she packed in museums, art galleries, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament and a play at the Globe.

Beechnut Fri 23-Aug-19 07:57:40

Good Morning everyone.
Dull and dry on Severnside this morning.
I was up early and have been out shopping already.
I’ve just had my breakfast and am going to sit for a bit with some cups of tea.

I hope you all have the greatest time this weekend 💐

Lins1066 Fri 23-Aug-19 08:11:39

Good Morning from a sunny S Welsh coast, warm too.
DD is having her car serviced and an MOT this morning, so DH will follow her and drive her back from the garage.
Have a good day, and Gilly 🎉🎉