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CaroDane Sat 24-Aug-19 08:33:52

I must confess to occasionally getting an attack of palpatations that have nothing to do with a badly digested jammy dodger when certain CHAPS appear on the telly.
Even at my advanced age I'm not immune to a celebrity crush!

Mine are - Monty Don
Kim Bodnia (thanks to Lessismore for reminding me)
Michael Portillo
Jeremy Paxman
Simon Schama
Andrew Scott ( I know, black armbands all round ladies)
And the winner of my Nobel Prize for Hunk of the Year.......DAVID OLUSOGA ( A House Through Time)
I just love to see him staring gravely at the camera when he's about to announce another resident wiped off the face of the earth by typhoid, bankruptcy or lunacy.

I keep a picture of him I cut out of the paper stuck in the back of my diary. He's between my Sacred Heart prayer card, and my Farmfood coupons.

Who do you secretly long for?

Sara65 Sat 24-Aug-19 08:38:30

For the last 50 years, there’s only been one man for me, Paul McCartney.

Minor crushes come and go, but he’s my constant.

Beckett Sat 24-Aug-19 08:47:06

Have to admit to a crush on Ryan Reynolds - handsome, funny, self deprecating - what's not to like

love0c Sat 24-Aug-19 09:01:41

Bobby Ewing in Dallas. But then he appeared on a breakfast programme and I thought he (Patrick Duffy) was not a nice man at all!! Never felt the same about him after that.

Luckygirl Sat 24-Aug-19 09:11:35

Michael Portillo! Jeremy Paxman! - I think a trip to the doctor is called for here!

For me it is Bob Mortimer - he just seems like a really decent warm-hearted bloke.

CaroDane Sat 24-Aug-19 09:12:43

love0c oh no, it's awful when you get your dreams shattered.

In what seems like another life now, its so long ago, I spent a fair bit of time at what used to be London Weekend Television. Any illusions I had about celebrities personalities matching their good looks were well and truly shattered there, but even now I daren't name the worst offenders!

But I know in my heart of hearts that this wouldn't apply to David Olusoga smile

I thought Patrick Duffy was a Nichiren Buddhist? I would have expected him to be a living Saint!

Yorksherlass Sat 24-Aug-19 09:14:18

James Martin for me 💕

Grannybags Sat 24-Aug-19 09:15:23

Sean Bean - the Yorkshire accent helps!

CaroDane Sat 24-Aug-19 09:16:07

Luckgirl I am wounded to the core over you callously slagging off Michael and Jeremy angry Shame on you, you brazen hussy!

Beechnut Sat 24-Aug-19 09:22:18

Luckygirl I was thinking along similar lines to you about Bob Mortimer last night while watching him with Paul Whitehouse on Gone Fishing. I’ve no interest in fishing, I just like watching them for the banter they share.

Ngaio1 Sat 24-Aug-19 09:28:20

Rafael Nadal - headbands, eyes and legs! Roger Federer ditto!
Voices matter lots so Nathaniel Parker, Jeremy Irons, Richard Burton.

Sara65 Sat 24-Aug-19 09:31:48

Bill Nighy is very watchable, I think I would like him, used to have a thing about John Major, which my friends used to find hysterical, but I always thought he looked very kissable.

Sara65 Sat 24-Aug-19 09:32:47

Oh, I forgot, John Humphries!

CaroDane Sat 24-Aug-19 09:43:24

Almost forgot -
Edward Bennett ( RSC production Love's Labour's Lost/Love's Labour's Won)
I saw it twice.
And bought the DVD.

sodapop Sat 24-Aug-19 09:43:48

Sean Bean for me too Grannybags
Of course Rufus Sewell.

Luckygirl Sat 24-Aug-19 09:43:51

Bill Nighy!!! - lord above - he is a big turn-off. And as for his "acting" - he plays every character in exactly the same way and with that dull, droning voice!

KatyK Sat 24-Aug-19 09:51:48

James Martin for me too. There may be a row *Yorksherlass" grin

Yorksherlass Sat 24-Aug-19 10:07:31

Fighting talk is it ? KatyK bring it on girl 😜

Jane10 Sat 24-Aug-19 10:07:34

David Olusoga for me too. Can't remember the last time I felt like that about anyone on TV. Just lovely.

Sara65 Sat 24-Aug-19 10:10:42


How rude! I love his dull droning voice!

Anniebach Sat 24-Aug-19 10:34:01

John Humphries

Davida1968 Sat 24-Aug-19 10:36:09

Sam Neill. And he owns a vineyard!

Boosgran Sat 24-Aug-19 10:36:37

I’m with you on David Olusoga he is
My dream man too..we’ll share him😍

Ceaser15 Sat 24-Aug-19 10:44:12

Martin Shaw
Sam Elliot

ninathenana Sat 24-Aug-19 11:31:53

I had to google David Olusoga easy on the eye but not really my type, now Idris Elba is a different story.

George Clooney is my crush there are others who's names escape me at the moment.